Best Electric Scooter for Ladies

What is the Best Electric Scooter for Ladies?

Electric scooters are only manufactured for men. Wrong! That would have been true ten years ago when e-scooters were new in the electric vehicle space, but not anymore. 

Each of us wishes to conveniently move from point A to B, with the least expenses incurred. And this is where e-scooters come in. 

When I developed my electric scooter riding hobby in 2018, I definitely loved me some company, which is why I bought one for my wife for her birthday. 

She has outgrown that one and now uses any premium model on the market to enjoy the thrill. You can be like her, too, by getting the best electric scooter for ladies. 

From my 100-hour research with her, we looked into the different models we have today and narrowed down on those that we find to be the most top-notch. 

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Our 5 Best Electric Scooters for Ladies List

1. VSETT Mini: Best Electric Scooter for Ladies Overall

The VSETT Mini electric scooter is the most affordable model in the VSETT lineup of e-scooters. 

Riders can select this model in Grass Green, Yellow, or Army Green depending on their preferences. 

Even better, riders who wish to get more range from their scooter can buy the Extended battery version. 

From our classification by weight, the VSETT Mini falls under the ultra-portable category, as you will see from the table comprising its specifications below: 

Tested Top Speed17.2 MPH (27.7 KM/H)
Tested Top Range19.3 Miles (31 KM)
Battery36V 7.8Ah
Tires8 Inches
Braking Disc
Weight30 Lbs (13.6 KG)
Weight Capacity198 lbs

Why VSETT Mini electric scooter for women? 

ALL the ladies we engaged about weights told us that they dread carrying heavy weights. Chances are also high that you are within that category. 

So, if you will have to store your electric scooter in your car’s trunk, in a corner in your office, or have to carry it upstairs, it won’t be so much of a problem to carry the Mini – it weighs 30 lbs only. 

Again, this scooter comes with Disc brakes at the rear and front wheel, which makes safety upheld. As we stated in our VSETT Mini Review, Disc brakes are the most premium components in the e-scooter manufacturing world. 

VSETT Mini Pros

  • Premium manufacturing materials have been used to make the Mini
  • Weighing only 30 lbs, most lady riders won’t have any problem lifting the Mini
  • The design is unique and futuristic 
  • There is no worry about flat tires as they are the solid type
  • Different colors and extended battery versions make choices more diverse. 


  • The weight limit could be higher than just 198 lbs
  • Air-filled tires could make the ride quality greater. 

2. TurboAnt X7 Max: The Best Value Ladies’ E-scooter

TurboAnt X7 Max is the best electric scooter for ladies when it comes to value

The TurboAnt X7 Max e-scooter has been a top seller since its release in 2022 and one of the reasons to explain that is that it’s practical. 

Several ladies, including my wife own the X7 Max and there have not been serious complaints about this model. 

The standing-out specs of the X7 Max folding electric scooter are as we tabulate them below: 

Tested Top Speed18.9 MPH
Tested Top Range30.7 Miles
Nominal Motor Output350W
Battery36V 10Ah
BrakingRear Disc; electronic front
Tires10-inch; pneumatic 
Weight34.2 lbs
Weight Capacity275 lbs

Why TurboAnt X7 Max Electric Scooter for Ladies?

If your budget is around $500, then we find no better choice than the tested and proven TurboAnt X7 Max e-scooter. 

This model has a high weight limit along with a sturdy Aluminum + Magnesium alloy frame; two of the most vital factors necessitating carrying riders of different weights. 

Its 10-inch pneumatic tires come in handy to raise the ground clearance, making accessing terrains such as muddy, icy, and sandy conditions much better. 

The battery is detachable and is conveniently attached to the stem, making riders easily swap it out should any need be. Even better, riders can choose to remove the batt and charge it, or charge it while it’s still on the scooter’s stem. 

The 3W headlight and Rear Red Led lights are also strategically positioned, making visibility at night fantastic. Riders have a loud bell at their disposal, which makes alerting other road users better. 

TurboAnt X7 Max Pros

  • The 3 different riding modes are ideal for the rider to select that which best suits them
  • The functional cruise control feature is perfect for riders to avoid finger fatigue
  • The fast foldability mechanism is handy for riders to keep the scooter in tight spaces
  • The IPX4 water resistance rating is ideal for added protection when it’s relatively wet
  • The 10-inch pneumatic tires offer great shock absorption and raise the ground clearance to a whopping 5.3 inches. 


  • A suspension system could make this scooter to be the most perfect mid-budget choice 
  • The braking distance could be shorter than 5M. 

3. InMotion Climber: Best all-terrain scooter for women

InMotion Climber Electric Scooter for Lady Riders

If you are looking for the perfect all-terrain electric scooter for ladies, then the InMotion Climber is the real deal. 

You will not only enjoy a long-range but also the convenience that comes with knowing that you are dealing with a dual-motor scooter. 

Below are the specifications that set apart the InMotion Climber from its competitors: 

Tested Top Speed22.5 MPH 
Tested Top Range33.1 Miles
MotorsDual; 750W each
Battery36V 533WH
Braking Rear Disc; Electronic on both tires
Weight 46 lbs
Weight Capacity286.6 lbs

Why InMotion Climber Electric Scooter for Ladies?

The Climber is the first-ever InMotion scooter model to have dual motors, and this is such a cool spec. 

Ladies who love some serious oomph and torque can consider this dual-motor scooter for women and conquer different terrains without much worry. Even better, dual-motor scooters offer more diversified risks than the single-motor type if one motor fails, the other can be utilized to get the rider somewhere more convenient.

Again, this model comes with a rear disc brake along with electronic brakes on both tires, which adds further to the rider’s safety. 

This scooter also has a high weight capacity (130 KG), meaning medium and heavy ladies can comfortably travel in this ride in style. 

The scooter’s IP56 water resistance rating and IPX7 rating for the battery make the ride withstand riding under light showers without too much of a worry. We don’t recommend riding under wet conditions, though. 

InMotion Climber Pros

  • Since this scooter comes with 10-inch pneumatic tires, the ground clearance is also better, making it a perfect choice for penetrating different terrains 
  • The high load capacity is perfect for accommodating riders of different sizes
  • The frame is manufactured using aviation-grade aluminum alloy, making it sturdy enough and safe from breakage
  • The high water-resistance rating comes in handy when riders abruptly get caught up under light rains 
  • The branded Samsung battery cells are ideal for a guaranteed long lifespan. 


  • Since this scooter weighs 46 lbs, some ladies may find it heavy 
  • If only this electric ride had a suspension system. 

4. NIU KQi1 Pro: The Best Women’s Ride for Build Quality

NIU KQi1 Pro E-scooter for Women

The NIUKQi1 Pro electric scooter is one of the best value e-scooters in the world right now and we find it a great option for lady riders worth their salt. 

To begin with, this isn’t the scooter that will literally fly. When you purchase any NIU model, you are basically paying for premium build quality and then specs and features come second. 

The unique NIU KQi1 specs are as we tabulate them below: 

Tested Top Speed14.8 MPH
Tested Top Range15.1 Miles
Peak Motor Output450W
Battery48V 243WH
BrakingDrum Front; Regenerative Rear
Weight34 lbs
Weight Capacity220 lbs

Why Niu KQi1 Pro E-scooter for Women?

If you are interested in conveniently getting from point A to point B in balanced worlds of speed and range, the NIU KQi1 Pro electric scooter is right up your alley. 

With a stated range and speed of 15.5 and a little discrepancy between the stated and tested claims, this is the ride for female riders who wish to own something fancy, yet futuristic to keep them going. 

The frame material is the praised aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, a sturdy build quality that guarantees longevity. 

Again, this is one of the electric scooters with the most riding modes; E-Save, Sport, Custom, and Pedestrian. As such, riders can conveniently use the mode that best suits their type and mode of riding. 

The scooter also has APP access, where riders can select their riding mode, connect the scooter to Bluetooth, access their statistics, and lots more. 

NIU KQi1 Pro Pros

  • The ability to lock the scooter using the NIU APP is such a crucial security feature
  • The 4 different riding modes are perfect for riders to work with what best suits them at a particular time
  • The functional front and rear brakes are strategically positioned to offer top-notch stopping power
  • The Side Reflectors, Front and Rear LED Lights make visibility better at night, making the rider’s safety and that of others more enhanced 
  • The 5-hour charging time is short enough for riders to juice up and get going. 


  • The water-resistance rating could be better than just IP54
  • Other than the 9-inch air-filled tires, this scooter could use some shock absorption mechanism. 

5. TurboAnt M10 Lite: Best Budget Women Electric Scooter

TurboAnt M10 Lite budget electric scooter for ladies

TurboAnt is one of the leading electric scooter sellers and for a good reason. 

Along with their rides being ultra-affordable, TurboAnt uses premium manufacturing materials, making rider safety a priority. 

Their newest addition to their catalog is the TurboAnt M10 Lite, and it’s genuinely impossible for anyone to hate this active “Ant”. 

Before we go on further, it’s prudent for us to provide you with the M10 Lite specifications. 

Our Tested Top Speed15.6 MPH 
Our Tested Top Range 14.2 Miles
Battery36V 6.6 Ah
BrakingDisc + Electronic
Tires8.5-inch, pneumatic
Weight30.86 lbs
Weight Capacity220 lbs

Why TurboAnt M10 Lite Electric Scooter for Ladies?

Build quality, and particularly the frame matters a lot when it comes to an electric scooter. 

TurboAnt uses an aluminum alloy frame material to manufacture the M10 Lite, and just so you know, this is the sturdiest, yet most portable material. This is why this scooter is robust enough, and while it is highly portable – weighs only 30.86 lbs (14 KGs). 

The braking power is also on point, a crucial feature for ladies. This model uses an electronic front brake and a rear disc to shorten the braking distance. 

Even better, this scooter is sizeable enough to accommodate riders of different sizes. Its deck is actually wider than the M10 (measuring 6.3 inches in width and 17.7” in length. The handlebars are 20” wide 

TurboAnt M10 Lite Pros

  • The sheathed cabling system makes the design so minimalistic 
  • The pricing is perfect for those features and specs
  • The safety features such as great brakes, a loud bell, and a bright headlight are great for the safety of the rider and others
  • This adult electric scooter lies within the ultra-portable range
  • Two different riding modes help riders select how much speed they wish to achieve
  • The cruise control feature is ideal for riders who wish to maintain their speed without keeping their thumb on the throttle. 


  • The tires could be bigger than just 8.5 inches
  • The load capacity could be higher. 

Tips for Lady Riders

My wife has long hair and one of the problems we faced when we started riding together was how to do her hair so that she could also comfortably turn her head around. 

After scouting around, we found that getting the hair in a low ponytail and helmet up was a great choice. [#AD]

Depending on your preference, too, you can look for a High Pony, but regardless of the type you select, it would be best if you helmet up. [#AD]

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