What is the Best Electric Unicycle for Hills?

What is the Best Electric Unicycle for Hills? Our Top 5 List

If you love thrills, climbing hills or getting downhill on your EUC will certainly complete your joy. 

The problem is that not every other electric unicycle is ideal for crushing hills, and finding the most suitable ones could be an uphill task. 

After taking several Electric Unicycles for spins, and having interacted with different owners in our group rides, we are now ready to answer this question, “which is the best electric unicycle for hills?”

Cozy in as we delve deeper into it. 

King Song S22 Pro: The Best Electric Unicycle for Hills Overall

King Song S22 pro Overall Best Electric Unicycle for Hills

The 2023 King Song S22 Pro model has taken the EUC world by storm. 

From its torque to a powerful functional suspension, the S22 Pro will absolutely take you where you so wish without breaking any sweat. 

Why King Song S22 Pro for Hills?

4000W Motor

As you climb hills, you need sufficient torque. How best then can you have the much-needed torque if you lack a powerful motor? 

The Song S22 Pro model produces a peak power output of 4000W, enough to help you maneuver even the roughest terrains you might think of. 

Even better, this is a fast model with the potential to reach 43.5 Miles per Hour, a higher-rated max speed than most models in its class. 

Great Suspension System

The S22 Pro has such a great suspension system that we featured it as the best overall electric unicycle with suspension

This shock absorption aspect is perfect for climbing hills since the rider has better control of the climb. 

And just so you know, the King Song S22 Pro electric unicycle comes with the DNM Burner RCP-2S 240mm shock suspension type. It has a 130MM shock absorption travel with a spring travel of a whopping 75MM. 

A High Capacity Battery

As you go uphill, any electric ride will consume more power than when going on flat surfaces. 

For that reason, you need to ensure that any electric unicycle you choose features a high-capacity battery. 

The Song S22 Pro comes with a Samsung 126V 2220Wh battery, which is absolutely sufficient to provide you with the much-needed power to chew any hilly terrain. 

Spiked Pedals

It goes beyond saying that your feet need to be as comfortable as possible as you ride an electric ride up the hill. 

Now, spiked pedals are the real deal when it comes to better traction between your feet and the pedals. 

The S22 Pro model comes with massive 277 X 130MM spiked pedals, making riders of different foot sizes well-catered.

King Song S22 Pro Pros

  • The 20-inch wheel size is sizeable enough for perfect round clearance when maneuvering different terrain setups 
  • One of the most powerful electric unicycles in terms of voltage and torque
  • The build quality is superb 
  • The ride quality is perfect regardless of where the Song S22 Pro electric unicycle gets subjected to
  • The adjustable power pads are ideal for a more customized feel. 


  • This ride has no Bluetooth speakers, a feature cherished by most riders
  • Priced at around $3K, this price is steep for many. 

Inmotion V14 Adventure: The Best-Value EUC for Hills

Inmotion V14 Adventure Electric Unicycle for Hills

After finding success with the V13, Inmotion launched the all-new V14 Adventure, and owners swear that it’s the best value for the money. 

Compared to the King Song S22 Pro we featured above, you can nod that this EUC is its perfect alternative. 

Why the Inmotion V14 Adventure? 

High Peak Power Output 

The Inmotion V14 Adventure features a 9000W peak power output, and this is one of the highest motor power outputs we have seen in the EUCs on our database. 

With a nominal power of 4000W, the peak power output of 9000W is ideal for climbing steep hills without major cause for concern. 

This is more of a High-Torque electric unicycle than a High-Speed one, which is why it’s described as an adventure model. 

Swappable Battery Feature 

The Inmotion V14 Adventure electric unicycle with a swappable battery is ideal for further convenience. 

See, you can easily swap a used-up battery with a full one when you have to cover several miles of hill climb. 

Even better, the battery cells in these electric unicycles are the Samsung 50GB type, with 134V 2400Wh worth of power. As such, there is no cause for worry as you cruise uphill. 

50° Hill Climbing Ability

As an electric unicycle for hills, the Inmotion V14 Adventure has a 50-degree slop climbing ability. 

For the record, we haven’t seen any other electric unicycle with a higher climbing ability than this, which is why we rate it to be such a great hill climber. 

The Tractive Force is 850N, which tells you that there isn’t anywhere you can’t go with the all-powerful Inmotion V14 Adventure EUC. 

Inmotion V14 Adventure Pros

  • With a water-resistance rating of IPX6, riders can rest assured that when they get caught up under light showers, this all-terrain electric unicycle is safe
  • The swappable battery feature comes in handy when riders wish to keep going further, without worrying about opening under the controller
  • The different riding modes come in handy when riders have to go based on the gradient of the riding terrain 
  • The 85MM travel suspension is ideal for making the ride quality more buttery
  • Reaching an 80% charged battery in 2 hours, this is one of the fastest-charging electric unicycles we currently have.


  • This EUC could have come in two motor variations. Since it comes with a High-Torque motor, riders who prefer more speed could do with a High-Speed variant 
  • Its price is above $3000, which could be steep for many. 

Inmotion V12 Torque: Best Budget Electric Unicycle for Adults

Inmotion V12 High Torque Electric Unicycle for Hills

If you are on a budget of around $2K and can’t help yourself from owning an EUC for hills, then the Inmotion V12 is right up your alley. 

Again, having an EUC that you can actually lift and carry for several steps is a game-changer. 

One of the lightest electric unicycles we have and those that have stood the test of time is the Inmotion V12, which weighs only 64 lbs. 

While this model isn’t as ultra-portable, most adults won’t have any problem lifting it, all thanks to its integrated handle, which is a great feature. 

As expected, there are instances where you may need to carry your EUC. For instance, when you feel that the inclination is too steep for you, or when the battery runs out of juice. 

Why Inmotion V12 Torque?

Sufficient Torque

As you endeavor to climb hills, you need more of Torque than Speed, which is why we featured the Inmotion V12 Torque in this list. 

Since there is loads of pull of gravity backward as you climb hills, it can only be best if your electric unicycle provides high torque. 

If you prefer High Speed, though, Inmotion also provides an Inmotion V12 Speed variant for riders who swear by speed rather than torque. 

The V12 Torque has a hill climbing ability of 45°, so maneuvering steep slopes within that gradient won’t pose challenges to your EUC. 

More Forgiving

The Inmotion V12 High Torque electric unicycle has tons of features that perfectly cater to inexperienced riders. 

This EUC has won many accolades for being a beginner-friendly wheel, and due to its superb features, it’s more forgiving when ridden by mistake-prone riders, than most wheels in its class. Even better, it’s built like a tank, which means crashing it will most likely not kill it in the first instance.  

Adjustable Power Pads

As you climb hills, speed wobbles might be a serious risk. 

Thankfully, the Inmotion V12 Torque electric unicycle comes with adjustable power pads, which when tweaked to your right settings, there is nothing to worry about it developing any wobbly behavior. 

This is one of the most stable wheels out there, and even better, the 16 X 3-inch tires are wide enough to give you much-needed stability. 

Inmotion V12 High Torque Pros

  • The included 4 BT Speakers are perfect for riders who adore their music
  • The 16-inch wheel size makes it ideal for better maneuverability regardless of the terrain it gets subjected to
  • The build quality is excellent
  • Great price for the specs and features
  • This wheel fits riders of all experience categories 
  • Compared to the wheels in its class, the V12 High Torque version is one of the lightest. 


  • Since this isn’t a suspension wheel, its comfort is relatively lower than some wheels that feature suspension
  • The weight capacity could be higher than 265 lbs. 

King Song S22 Eagle: The Best Build Quality EUC

King Song S22 Eagle Electric Unicycle for Hills

If you prefer an EUC that has stood the test of time and quality, the Song S22 Eagle EUC is your perfect hill-climbing companion. 

There are tons of selling points for the S22 Eagle, especially now that most of its components were upgraded. 

Why King Song S22 Eagle? 

Large Tire

As an all-terrain wheel, it can only make sense that this model features a large tire for proper ground clearance. 

Coming with a 20-inch tire, you can enjoy accessing even the bumpiest terrains up the hills, and your Song S22 Eagle won’t break any sweat. 

Long Suspension Travel 

To begin with, this model comes with a DNM Burner RCP-2S 240mm shock suspension. The travel suspension is 130MM, meaning it’s among the wheels with the longest suspension travels. 

Just so you know, the top-selling King Song S18 had 30% less suspension travel, and it emerged as the winner for different prizes. How about the S22 Eagle that has been fully upgraded based on the winnings of the S18?

Integrated Power Pads

The King Song S22 Eagle was the first-ever electric unicycle to feature integrated power pads. 

Riders can adjust these to ensure that they have the perfect riding experience even when going uphill or downhill. 

King Song S22 Eagle Pros

  • With a 7500W peak power output, the Eagle provides sufficient power for hill climbing
  • The massive 126V 2200Wh LG battery is powerful enough to ensure that there is little voltage sag when subjected to tough terrain setups
  • Dual charging system helps ensure that riders get up and running in no time
  • The 5W headlight is adjustable, giving optimal versatility to the rider, while the functional LED rear light is helpful to alert others when braking and turning are done
  • The adjustable pedals are perfect to keep riders of different sizes and weights accommodated. 


  • The weight capacity could be more than just 265 lbs
  • The 77 lbs weight is heavy for most adults to carry up stairs when needed. 

Begode Extreme Ibex: The Best EUC for Offroading 

Begode Extreme Ibex Electric Unicycle for Hills

If you endeavor to cruise hilly terrains that lack tarmac, opting for an offroad EUC is a perfect choice. 

Even better, if avoiding a voltage sag makes you excited, the Begode Extreme Ibex offroad beast features a gigantic 134.4V battery, providing you with sufficient power to keep riding and riding. 

Why Begode Extreme Ibex? 

Massive Battery Capacity

With a 134.4V 2400Wh battery, you have no cause for alarm about the battery dying so soon on you shortly after you start climbing a hill. 

As of the moment, the Ibex holds a sweet spot for electric unicycles that feature the highest voltages, and you can rely on it to be your companion for long-range commuting. 

C40 High Torque Motor

As expected, each true offroad electric unicycle should come with a high-torque motor. 

Extreme used the C40 type in this model, which tells you that you will get sufficient power for you to crush any offroad hilly terrains you find your way. 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is a slow ride, though. It has the potential to propel you to more than 40 Miles per Hour, all thanks to its 3500W nominal motor power. 

Air-oil Adjustable Damping

As you perhaps know, functional shock absorption is ideal for any true offroad electric vehicle.

Thankfully, the Begode Extreme comes with an air-oil adjustable damping with a 130MM Suspension Travel. With it, you can enjoy maneuvering different offroad terrains and any hilly gradients without overworking any electronic component in this ride. 

Begode Extreme Pros 

  • The high-torque motor that has been used is powerful enough to propel the ride to maximum heights
  • The high-capacity battery is ideal for riders who wish to enjoy long-range 
  • The Bluetooth Speaker at the rear is strategically positioned for riders to enjoy their music, with less wind disturbance
  • The 16-inch wheel is fat enough for optimal shock absorption
  • The stock 7000W lumen headlight is bright enough for nighttime riders. 


  • Weighing 77 lbs, this wheel is heavy
  • Some riders might not like how knobby the offroad tire feels on the tarmac. 

FAQs About Riding Electric Unicycles on Hills

Is It Normal to Find Descending Hills Difficulty? 

Yes. And especially if you are used to riding on smooth flat tarmacked surfaces. 

For some, they find braking hard when going downhill, and this is regardless of their EUC riding experience. 

We always recommend that you practice a lot of riding and braking to be more familiar with your EUC. Again, always use a softer riding mode when you find riding downhill a scary experience for you. 

Also, if your EUC didn’t come with power pads, we recommend that you order them. They are necessary for hill climbers. 

Why Don’t Electric Unicycles Run as Fast as the Other PEVs Downhill?

EUCs have rolling resistance and regenerative braking when going downhill, which is why they don’t run as fast.

Depending on the wheel, too, safety parameters are in place, making the wheels restricted from going past a specific speed, which is the opposite in most electric rides. 

Another important thing we have to mention is that you should avoid going downhill when the EUC battery is at 100%. 

Due to tilt back regenerative, the controller will prevent you from overcharging the battery. If you continue, there are high chances of the EUC overheating, which you should avoid at all costs. 

If downhill is the first place you will start riding, we recommend that you charge the battery at a maximum percentage of 95%. Due to regen, the battery will get fully charged to 100% soon, depending on the length of the slope. 

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