King Song S22 pro Overall Best Electric Unicycle for Hills

What Is The Best Electric Unicycle With Suspension? [Our Top 5 List]

If there is any great favor you will do to yourself as an ardent EUC rider, it is finding the best electric unicycle with suspension as your favorite ride. 

When a EUC features suspension, the rider has better insulation from any rugged terrain. Even better, the ride quality is superb and the rider has better control over their device. 

As fate would have it though, there are tens of electric unicycles with suspension systems, and finding the right one for you could be an overwhelming experience. 

In our today’s series, we will look into the best EUCs with suspension and their best use cases. Read on for the finer details.

Our 5 Best EUCs With Suspensions List

King Song S22 Pro: The Best Electric Unicycle With Suspension Overall

Best Electric Unicycle With Suspension

King Song is one of the leading EUC manufacturers and from their beloved S18 model (their first to feature a suspension system), they have made mega strides. 

In the first quarter of 2023, they decided to upgrade their top-selling premium model – the S22 Eagle and now, here comes the lovely S22 Pro Eagle model, one of the most stylish and futuristic EUC models we can ever have. 

Below, find the ultimate King Song S22 Pro electric unicycle specifications and features: 

Our Tested Max Speed41.8 Mph
Our Tested Max Range72.1 Miles
BatterySamsung; 126V 2220 
Suspension SystemShock
Charging Time 5 Hours
Tire Size20”
Weight77 lbs
Weight Capacity265 lbs

Why King Song S22 Pro EUC?

Functional suspension system

Since your aim is to find a EUC with a practical suspension system, the King Song S22 Pro Eagle doesn’t disappoint. 

This EUC features the DNM Burner RCP-2S 240mm shock suspension type, with a 130mm shock absorption travel. The spring travel is 75mm, which means you can conquer any rough terrain and this EUC won’t even bulge. 

Its functional suspension system is the leading reason why we rated it as the best EUC for hill climbing.

Powerful nominal power

Unlike the S22 Eagle which had a motor nominal power of 3300W, this powerful beast features a 4000W motor, making it one of the fastest electric unicycles in its class. 

From our tests, we recorded 41.8 MPH as the maximum speed. I weigh 198 lbs and this is to show you that if I were lighter like say 160 lbs, then I would have hit the stated top speed of 43.5 MPH. 

For a fast EUC such as this one, you can now see why it was a perfect choice to include a powerful shock absorption system in it. 

Spiked pedals 

Part of comfort while riding an EUC requires that the feet stay as comfortable as possible in their position. 

King Song used spiked pedals for this model and while at this, there is no cause for alarm about fatigued leg muscles or even sliding while riding on rough terrains. 

For the casings and the pads, they are adjustable, making this electric ride one of the most versatile EUCs you can rely on. 

King Song S22 Pro Pros

  • One of the leading electric unicycles with the longest suspension travel
  • The slider system is one of the most seamless in the EUC world 
  • The adjustable pad feature comes in handy for riders of different demographics 
  • The built-in adjustable power pads make the overall riding experience buttery
  • The 8500W peak power output gives this ride sufficient torque to conquer all terrains.


  • Priced at slightly above $3K, the S22 Pro Eagle is not the most affordable suspension Electric Unicycle
  • This EUC lacks Bluetooth Speakers, which may be inconvenient to music-loving riders. 

Extreme Bull Commander Mini: The Best Value EUC

Extreme Bull Commander Mini Electric Unicycle with Suspension

If you are the kind that doesn’t settle for less when it comes to EUC quality, then the all-new Commander Mini electric unicycle is right up your alley. 

Right out of the box, you can truly nod, “Yeah, this is superb build quality.” 

Even better, this feature-packed mini is a power-packed gem as we will see from its standing out specs. We have tabulated the specifications that set it apart from its worthy competitors: 

Suspension80MM; Travel
Max Speed50.2 MPH
Max Range71.2 Miles
Battery134V 2400Wh
Charging Time6 hours
Tire Size16”
Battery CellsSamsung 50E
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Weight88 lbs

Why Commander Mini?

High Peak Voltage

The Commander Mini EUC is one of the few 134V peak voltage electric unicycles we have under $3K. 

Having such a high peak voltage is one of the leading reasons why it won the best-value EUC in this round-up. 

Even better, they use 50e branded battery cells, to mean that durability and reliability are keenly taken into consideration. 


For long, we haven’t had a wobble-free electric unicycle until we test-rode the king of value – the Extreme Bull Commander Mini. 

Compared to its competitors in its class such as the King Song S19 we have mentioned below and the Veteran Patton, we can confidently say that this beauty has an upper hand here. 

Begode (Extreme Bull) seems to have heeded customers’ complaints while making this ride. 

Great suspension system

While this ride doesn’t have a huge tire size like most of the models that made it to this list, you won’t notice so much of a difference owing to its fantastic suspension system. 

This shock suspension system is adjustable, meaning riders of different sizes can tweak it to fit their favorite riding styles. 

And while this is an 80mm travel suspension EUC, you won’t notice much of a difference from those that feature above 100mm suspension systems while maneuvering tough terrains. You know what? This offroad ride has your back when crushing all-terrain riding setups. 

High Torque Motor

The High Torque C38 Motor used in the Mini is incredible. 

Unlike most of its competitors that focus more on using High-Speed motors, Extreme Bull used the High Torque variant to give this e-ride sufficient power to maneuver all terrains. 

After all, this is an offroad beast and only deserves to be sufficiently powered. How about the battery again? It is a powerful 134V component. Combine that power and the peak power output and you will understand why offroading is a breeze for this beauty. 

Commander Mini Pros 

  • For the features and specifications, this EUC is affordably-priced 
  • Premium build quality 
  • The High Torque Motor and Peak Power Voltage make this ride a perfect companion for all-terrain setups 
  • This e-ride features tons of safety features to protect it from crashing and keep the rider always safe 
  • The small compact design is perfect for owners who wish to keep it in compact spaces such as corners in their offices or in car trunks. 


  • Compared to its competitors, this wheel is bulky 
  • The manufacturing design is somewhat basic.

King Song S19Best Lightweight Suspension EUC for Adults

King Song S19 Suspension Electric Unicycle

Cheers to another King Song 2023 model. 

The King Song S19 electric unicycle is the ultimate S18 update and one of the lightest suspension wheels you will see around. 

The riders who we interact with from our group rider say that they love this beauty for its manageability and looks. 

These are the ultimate S19 specifications:

Weight70 lbs
Weight Capacity265 lbs
BatteryLG; 100.8V 1776Wh
Max Speed36.1 MPH
Max Range52.3 Miles
Suspension Travel130mm
Tire Size20”
Charging Time7 Hours

Why King Song S19 EUC?


Most adult electric unicycles are heavy, which is why there are more and more adults opting for lighter models. 

The King Song S19 EUC is one of those models, weighing in at only 70 lbs, which is tens of pounds lighter than most models in its class.

If you feel that you will need to lift your EUC at some point to maybe keep it in your car’s trunk, then 70 lbs isn’t too heavy for an adult. 

Branded Battery Cells

Batteries are the priciest components in electric rides and purchasing a vehicle with the branded type is a perfect idea. 

The Song S19 suspension EUC features an LG 50LT battery, one of the most premium in the market today. With this one, there is no cause for alarm about meeting the expensive replacement costs. 

The only downside here is that they used 100.8V peak voltage, making it relatively hard to compete with most non-suspension wheels in its price category that use 126V or 134V peak voltage. 

Great Suspension System

King Song S19 features a DNM RCP 2S 750 lb suspension system. 

Its X-shape is adapted for more enhanced stability across different terrain setups while making the ride quality more superb. 

Along with the motor’s 6500W peak power output, you can expect to smoothly maneuver any riding surfaces owing to this buttery-smooth shock absorption system.

Safety features

Safety might be the leading reason why this wheel seems to have a relatively higher price tag than most of its competitors. 

To begin with, this EUC features a smart Battery Management System (BMS) that helps with the monitoring of the battery status, which in turn keeps the battery safer. In short, you have no cause for alarm about this EUC catching fire owing to pathetic battery status. 

Again, charging and discharging are well taken care of by this BMS, making the safety operation environment more enhanced. 

Secondly, this ride has different sensors that help the rider to stay balanced and safe as they adore what it has to offer. 

The automatic motor shut-off system kicks in when the EUC tilts past an unsafe angle, which is a proper feature to have for both beginners and experienced riders alike. 

King Song S19 Pros

  • One of the lightest suspension wheels we have
  • The IP54 water resistance rating for the whole ride comes in handy for moderate wet weather
  • The fancy design makes this wheel stand out 
  • The 4 Speakers make listening to music more enjoyable 
  • The bright headlight and taillight make visibility and safety at night a breeze.
  • The peak voltage could be more than just 100.8V
  • This price-to-spec ratio is relatively higher than most wheels in its class. 

King Song S18: The Best Budget Suspension EUC

King Song S18 Suspension Electric Unicycle

The King Song S18 electric unicycle is the first-ever King Song model to feature a suspension system. 

This is one of the oldest EUCs and thankfully, it has undergone tons of upgrades to reach where it is. 

The best point while purchasing this beauty is that you are not buying batch 1 – hundreds of riders already own it and raised all the needful concerns about it, making King Song work on it to produce this near-perfect machine. 

Below are the specs that set apart the S18 from her worthy competitors:

Suspension200 – 57 Suspension
Battery84V 1110 Wh
Max Speed29.8 MPH
Max Range 41.2 Miles
Hill Climbing Ability40°
Tire Size18”
Charging Time6 Hours
Weight48 lbs
Weight Capacity265 lbs

Why the King Song S18 Electric Unicycle?


When you ask around, most EUC owners will tell you that the S18 is seriously one of the leading wheels when it comes to reliability and we echo those sentiments. 

Having existed for around 3 years now, the manufacturer has done tons of upgrades to ensure that this beauty has reliable electronic components, making it durable. 

Even better, issues such as wobbling or even the dreaded weak rear fender have been sorted out to make this beast as maintenance-free as possible. 


Riders of different sizes and heights can now enjoy what the S18 has to offer, all thanks to its adjustable pedal design. 

Precisely, you can lower the EUC’s platform by a whopping 20mm, making shorter riders comfortably accommodated in this beauty. 

Unique suspension system

The S18 features a unique X-Shaped suspension, mostly seen in the premium models. 

The sliders of this EUC’s 200 – 57 Suspension system are manufactured using steel to enhance its longevity. 

The travel distance is 100 mm, making it possible for you to maneuver the roughest terrains you can subject this beauty to. 

King Song S18 Pros

  • Priced at around $2000, the S18 is one of the most budget-friendly electric unicycles 
  • One of the lightest rides in its class
  • The tons of upgrades made on the ride make it trouble-free
  • Its versatility makes it an ideal wheel for riders of different demographics
  • This wheel has many safety features to make it and the rider always safe. 


  • The design is somewhat dated
  • There are many owners, making uniqueness a problem. 

Begode EX30: The Best Premium Suspension EUC

Begode EX30 Electric Unicycle With Seat and Suspension

If spending over $3K to get high speeds of speed and range doesn’t shake you, then the Begode EX30 Suspension EUC is an incredible choice for you to make. 

This model is one of the few seated units, meaning riders who wish to explore the comfort that comes with seated riding have this stock feature at their disposal. 

The specifications that make it ideal are as we tabulate them below: 

Max Speed68.1 MPH 
Max Range95 Miles
Suspension 100mm travel 
Battery134.4V 3600 Wh
Tire Size20 inches
Charging Time6 hours
Load Capacity330 lbs
Weight101 lbs

Why Begode EX30?

Integrated Seat Design

Since this is a long-range EUC that can cover over 50 miles at full capacity on a single charge, it can only be logical for it to feature an integrated seat. 

Riders can avoid muscle tension and injuries by switching between seated and stand-up riding techniques. 

Powerful Electronic Components 

This ride uses a C40 4000W High Torque Motor and a 3600Wh Samsung 50E battery with a peak power voltage of 134.4V. 

When these two come together, they produce a power-packed ride that can crush all terrains. 

Superb Ride Quality

Begode relied on customer feedback to manufacture this beast and as fate would have it, this is one of the most reliable premium models we have in the EUC world. 

Featuring Samsung battery cells with a smart Battery Management System, there is little to no worry about any fire risks. The battery compartment is also made of pure metal to safely keep the batt in place. 

The spiked pedals are also adjustable, making riders of all sizes and heights fine-tune it to their preferred settings. 

Even better, the outer layer is made of foam, which makes this beast one of the most rigid EUCs ever produced. 

Begode EX30 Pros

  • High worlds of speed and range are convenient for riders who wish to have more without the urge to keep upgrading their rides 
  • The 100 mm suspension travel helps a seated or standing rider maneuver different terrains without breaking any sweat
  • Tons of safety features make this one of the safest EUCs
  • The build quality is high and the manufacturing design is unique 
  • The 20-inch tire is sizeable enough to conquer bumpy roads. 


  • Few riders can carry this beast without additional support 
  • Priced at above $3500, few riders can afford this ride. 

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