Electric Unicycle Black Friday Deals 2023

Black Friday Electric Unicycle Deals 2023

Are you looking for the best Black Friday EUC Deals in 2023? If so, then you are in luck because Black Friday Deals came earlier this year.

Below, find the best EUC Deals.

BEGODE EUC Black Friday Deals of 2023

Begode EUC Name SellerDiscount Value
Begode EX30Rev Rides$500 OFF
Begode EX30Alien Rides$500 OFF
Begode Monster ProRev Rides$899 OFF
Begode Master ProAlien Rides$1000 OFF
Begode MasterAlien Rides$250 OFF
Begode T4Alien Rides$250 OFF
Begode EXTREME IbexAlien Rides$300 OFF
Begode A2Alien Rides$200 OFF
Begode Mten4Alien Rides$100 OFF

King Song 2023 Black Friday Deals

King Song EUC NameSellerDiscount Value
King Song S22 ProAlien Rides$200 OFF
King Song S22 ProRev Rides$200 OFF
King Song S16Rev Rides$300 OFF
King Song S19Alien Rides$400 OFF
King Song S19Rev Rides$500 OFF

InMotion Electric Unicycle Black Friday Deals

InMotion EUC NameDiscount Value
InMotion V8F$200 OFF
InMotion V12 High Torque$400 OFF
InMotion V12 High Speed$200 OFF
InMotion V13$800 OFF
InMotion V14 Adventure$500 OFF

Commander EUC Black Friday Deals

Commander EUC NameDiscount Value
Commander Mini$200 OFF
Commander Pro$200 OFF

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