How to Remove the Speed Limiter on an Electric Scooter Easily

3 Incredible Chinese Electric Scooter Speed Limiter Removal Tips

It’s undeniable that Chinese electric scooters are more affordable than what we have in our country. 

If you love finding great deals like myself, then considering electric scooters such as the YUME models is a perfect choice. 

Depending on where you stay, though, it’s not uncommon for some Chinese electric scooters to come with a speed limiter. 

Other manufacturers send the scooters while they are still speed-limited regardless of the rules about max speeds in your country, and the buyer has to follow several prompts to unlock their ride’s full speed potential. 

As one of the electric scooter enthusiasts who has dealt with hundreds of electric scooters, I have had the honor to operate several Chinese e-scooters that were speed-limited and successfully removed this governor. 

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How to Remove the Speed Limiter on a Chinese Electric Scooter [3 Simple Tips]

Use the provided Remote Control to unlock it

When YUME shipped my electric scooter, I noticed that they had included two keypads in the box. (You can refer to the image below). 

Chinese Electric Scooter Speed Limiter Removal

I put them aside and decided to test what my new ride had in store for me. 

However, I noticed that this e-scooter didn’t go past 15 MPH (25 km/h). How could that happen to an electric scooter rated to go for a top speed of 50 MPH? I was gutted and even thought of returning my ride. 

However, I played my cool, grabbed the “keypads” and decided to mess with them. Little did I know that that was a remote control (and not keypads as I thought) responsible for enforcing or removing the speed limiter on that scooter!

I noticed that once I pressed the Remote Control’s lightning button twice, the speed limiter was on. Pressing that lightning button once more removed the speed limiter. 

That is actually a great feature and addition to have, especially if you live in a city or country that has capable speed limits. 

When you activate the speed limiter using the remote control system, the ECO mode loses its function. You have to remove the limiter for the scooter to use all its functionalities. 

It’s important for you to note that NOT all Chinese electric scooter manufacturers include a remote control for speed functionalities, so don’t fret if you fail to find one in your box. 

There are other ways to remove the speed limiter as we will elaborate below, but we find the remote control functionality easier and more convenient. 

You can talk to the seller about including it in your next purchase instead of the technical processes highlighted below. 

Remove the speed-limiting wire

Some Chinese electric scooters use a speed-limiting wire to lock the scooter from going at full speed. 

From what I have seen around, the wire is mostly White one and so you will have to open under the deck to look at the controller wires. 

If you see two white wires getting plugged in, then that is a speed limiter in place (some manufacturers use different colors but most use white). 

As such, you will have to mess around with the controller wires to see which wires seem to have been plugged together. This is a somewhat risky affair so be sure to keep all the wires properly plugged back.

Since most Chinese electric scooter sellers don’t include a remote control for speed limitation purposes, removing the speed limiting wire is the most common method of removing the speed limiter on electric scooters. 

When you remove the speed limiting wire, there are higher chances of having the controllers fried, especially when the scooter gets pushed to its limits like when getting ridden on steep hills or when it gets overloaded. 

Flash the custom firmware

This is the riskiest of all Chinese scooter speed limiter removal tips because it’s an irreversible affair. 

Again, it depends on the model since not every other scooter will support rewriting the firmware. 

If your Chinese scooter supports it, the process is similar to how you can flash the Xiaomi M365. 

Some factors to consider as you remove the speed limiter from your scooter

It may be illegal

We always recommend that you familiarize yourself with the local laws of your country before making any modifications to your electric scooter. 

If the local laws say that the maximum scooter speed is 25 Km/h or 15 MPH, it’s advisable that you avoid trying to circumvent the laws and going higher. 

Otherwise, you risk having the scooter confiscated, acquiring a lawsuit, or making the government enact stricter rules around e-scooter regulation. 

You will reduce the range

As a rule of thumb, the faster you go on an electric scooter, the lower the distance you will achieve on a single charge. 

For instance, if your electric scooter used to cover 30 Miles when it was speed limited to 15MPH, you will be lucky to record more than 22 Miles if you remove the speed limiter. 

The more you floor the throttle, the faster you drain the battery, making the range not only lower but also reducing the battery’s lifespan. 

You risk burning the electric components 

Just like riding a dual-motor electric scooter in Single Mode, removing the speed limiter, and especially disconnecting the speed limiting wire is a sure path to making the controller burn faster. 

Under extreme conditions, the motor will also have a lower lifespan due to more voltage getting injected. 

You will void your warranty

Top off my mind, there is no electric scooter manufacturer or seller I know of that covers damage from customization. 

Again, since some sellers have a limited warranty period for some electronic components, they may fail to cover your scooter if such components get damaged later than stated. 

As such, you will have to cough more money when your battery gets damaged or any other fried component. 

In conclusion 

There are many Chinese electric scooter speed limiter removal tips and finding that which is applicable to your e-scooter is paramount. 

You will need to be careful, though, not to void your warranty, damage your electric scooter, or break the local laws in your country. 

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