Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults 400lbs

What is the Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults 400Lbs? [Our Top 5]

Electric scooters are gaining popularity by the day and adults of different sizes wish to join this bandwagon. 

One of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive today is, “What is the best electric scooter for heavy adults 400lbs?” 

From what we have gathered around, there is no dependable guide available to help riders weighing 400 lbs and above to find their next ride. 

This is the most detailed 400lb capacity electric scooter guide and you can rely on it to make an informed purchasing decision. 

The Best Electric Scooters for Adults 400 Lbs List

OUTSTORM MAXX Pro Plus 3: The Best Electric Scooter 400 Lb Capacity Overall

OUTSTORM MAXX PRO Plus 3 Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults 400Lbs

Before we go any further, it’s crucial for you to note that any adult electric scooter 400 lbs is expensive. 

With that out of the way, the OUTSTORM MAXX Pro Plus 3 is the best electric scooter for heavy adults overall. Period. 

With a weight capacity of 575 lbs, this electric scooter is perfect for each veteran adult. Refer to the technical specifications below:

Weight Capacity575 lbs
Maximum Speed62 MPH
Maximum Range60 Miles
BatterySamsung; 60V 30Ah 
MotorsDual; 2500W each
ControllersDual; 4500W each
SuspensionFront Hydraulic; Rear Spring
BrakingDisc and EABS
TiresOffroad; 11-inches
Weight102 lbs

Why OUTSTORM MAXX Pro Plus 3  Electric Scooter?

High Load Capacity

In your quest to find an electric scooter suitable for you, you should look for a ride with a weight limit of way more than your weight. 

Now, if you weigh around 450 lbs or there about, purchasing a 575-lb capacity electric scooter such as the OUTSTORM MAXX Pro Plus 3 E-scooter is an incredible choice, especially if you will ever need to tag some luggage along. 

With this model, there is not much worry about overloading it, meaning all the components will work to optimal performance. 

Branded battery cells

The battery is the priciest of all electric ride’s components and replacing one is a nightmare for most e-ride owners. 

Now, this electric scooter weight limit of 400 lbs features a Samsung battery, one of the premium Lithium-ion battery sellers in the world. 

Have the peace of mind that you aren’t dealing with cheap generic battery cells while enjoying what this model has in store for you. 

High Torque

For heavy adult electric scooter riders like yourself, you will need more torque than the medium-sized rider out there. 

This beast features gigantic 9000W controllers and a peak motor power output of 5000W, making the power sufficient for the scooter to rotate its wheels and properly carry the heavy-weight you. 

All-terrain Tires

This all-terrain electric scooter for adults weighing 400 lbs will propel you everywhere, all thanks to its massive 11-inch offroad tires. 

These tires offer better resistance to flats and are sizeable enough to maneuver into different conditions without the scooter breaking a sweat. This model isn’t described as the king of offroading for no reason. 

Functional Braking

For a rider your size, your safety matters as truth be told, you lack cat-like flexes. 

This ride features an Oil pressure braking system along with an Electronic Anti-locking Braking mechanism to keep you always safer. 

Other safety features such as the ear-enticing horn and an array of lights (dual angel eye headlights, massive headlight, LED deck, and rear brake light) make your safety topnotch. 


  • This scooter is easily customizable. Customers can include a seat and the steering damper easily and fast
  • For the features and specs, getting this scooter at around $2500 is a steal
  • The fast foldability mechanism is ideal for riders who wish to keep it in tight spaces 
  • The premium build quality guarantees longevity
  • The high torque is perfect for riders to seamlessly stay on the go. 


  • Weighing in at 102 lbs, this model is heavy
  • It could have featured tubeless tires.

Arwibon Q13 Pro: The Best Value 400 Lb Capacity Electric Scooter

Arwibon is one of the newest kids on the block and their models are some of the best value in the electric scooter sphere. 

One of their best electric scooters for adults weighing 400 lbs is the all-new Arwibon Q13 Pro. 

For the specs, saying that this electric ride is too good to be true is an understatement. Look at the technical specifications below: 

Weight Capacity440 lbs
Weight 123 lbs
MotorsDual; 3500W each
Battery60V 50Ah
Maximum Speed50 MPH
Maximum Range50 Miles
SuspensionHydraulic shock
Charging time10 Hours

Why Arwibon Q13 Pro Electric Scooter?

Hydraulic Brakes

Hydraulic braking is the safest type and since Arwibon recognizes that their riders need to be as safe as possible, they included Dyisland hydraulic brakes in this model. The rotors are 160MM, which further prevents warping from happening, making longevity a breeze. 

Superior Build Quality

For an adult who weighs more than 400 lbs, the worst that can happen to you is having an electric ride collapsing on you. 

Thankfully, Arwibon uses an aluminum alloy frame while manufacturing the Q13 Pro, which means sturdiness is guaranteed. 

Massive Tires

There are currently a few 13-inch tire electric scooters for adults and thankfully, Arwibon makes part of these. 

Its 13-inch air-filled tires are sizeable enough to offer better shock absorption and maneuverability across different terrain setups. Thanks to these tires, this is an all-terrain electric scooter that won’t leave you stranded. 

Massive Battery

This electric scooter has a 60V 50Ah battery. With such battery capacity, recording high range isn’t unusual and while the seller claims 40 Miles as the top range, we recorded 50 Miles while riding on the ECO Mode. 

A lighter rider like say 200 lbs will most probably hit around 60 Miles before the battery runs out of juice. 

If range matters more to you, you can switch to the ECO mode, where you will be riding at a maximum speed of 17 Miles per Hour, but then you will ride for a longer time than when you go fast (on the Sport Mode). 

While at that, don’t use the single-motor riding mode as you will strain the scooter more, making frying the controller easier. 

Hydraulic shock suspension

Arwibon uses HLT-100 150 MM hydraulic shock absorption to make comfort better while riding under bumpy terrains. 

Just like hydraulic braking, hydraulic shocks are one of the most premium suspension systems in an electric scooter. 

Along with the 13-inch air-filled tires, shock absorption is certainly better than most electric scooters in its class.

Bright Lights

Most electric scooter owners begin their customizations with lighting systems. In fact, most electric scooters lack bright lights and visibility at night is usually a nightmare. 

However, this isn’t the case with the Arwibon Q13 Pro as this model features a big and round ultra-bright headlight. Above it, there are dual angel eye lights that make visibility more standing out. The rear LED light is also bright enough for you to get noticed better at night. 

Arwibon Q13 Pro Pros

  • The torque is high, making heavy riders within the weight capacity commute with ease
  • The massive battery and high peak motor output are ideal for providing balanced worlds of speed and range
  • The hydraulic braking type provides safety to the rider
  • The hydraulic shock suspension along with the sizeable 13-inch pneumatic tires provide the much-needed shock absorption
  • The lights are bright enough for safe nighttime riding.
  • Dim turn signals
  • The battery cells aren’t branded. 

OUTSTORM TOND X1: The Fastest Electric Scooter 400 Lb Capacity

With a Weped-esque, the OUTSTORM TOND X1 is arguably the best OUSTORM model we currently have. 

This model is a couple of bucks shy of $4K and saying that it is affordable is ridiculous. But as is the case with all heavy-adult electric scooters, this gadget is expensive. No doubt about that. 

These are its technical specifications: 

Weight Limit610 lbs
MotorsDual; 6000W each
BatteryTesla; 60V 40Ah
Maximum Speed65 MPH
Maximum Range70 Miles
SuspensionFront Hydraulic; Rear Spring
Braking Disc + EABS
TiresOffroad; 11-inch
Charging Time8 hours
Weight135 lbs

Why the OUTSTORM TOND X1 Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults 400Lbs?

High Powered Electronic Components 

The OUTSTORM TOND X1 electric scooter is one of the few models with a peak power motor output of above 10000W. 

With dual motors producing a peak output of 12000W, heavy adults like yourself can rely on this beast to offer the most torque to take you across any terrain you feel like. 

Even better, the premium controllers in this model help riders to keep going with the least disturbance. In fact, starting this model, you won’t hear the unnecessary noise normally attributable to a starting motor, meaning OUTSTORM got everything right here. 

Top-notch Shock Absorption 

It goes beyond saying that heavy adults need proper suspension and thankfully, OUTSTORM never disappoints in this. 

The TOND X1 features hydraulic suspension at the front and a rear spring to keep riders comfortable as they maneuver whatever terrain they feel like. 

Even better, this scooter comes with 11-inch air-filled tires. These massive tires are perfect for optimal shock absorption, and while at it they raise the ground clearance to make chewing bumps or any offroad terrain much better. 

Tesla Battery Cells

As usual, you can expect Tesla-branded cells to be perfect. 

OUTSTORM had to go big here and include Tesla battery cells in this model for more optimal performance. With this scooter, you won’t have to worry about having to replace it anytime soon. 

Even better, OUTSTORM includes a premium Battery Management System in this model to ensure the battery is safe from undercharging, overcharging, or any incidences of fire occurrences. 

Safety features

Like most OUTSTORM models, the TOND X1 also features oil-pressure disc brakes plus an Electronic ABS. With these, you can rely on them for sudden stopping power in case need be, and still be safe. 

Do you also anticipate riding at night at some point? Well, the OUTSTORM TOND X1 electric scooter weight limit 400 lbs features a ton of lights to make visibility a breeze. These include Quad angel eye headlights, an LED-colored deck, and a rear brake light. 

Premium build quality

For an electric scooter that is capable of carrying more than 600lbs, the TOND X1 has one of the top-most build qualities you can think of. 

The standing-out aluminum alloy frame is sturdy and with it, there is no worry about this model breaking on you. 


  • The 25-inch wide deck is sizeable enough to comfortably accommodate riders of different feet sizes
  • The fast-folding frame is one of the most unique
  • With a weight capacity of 610 lbs, real-heavy adults can tag along their luggage in this scooter and it won’t bulge 
  • The build quality is superb enough to safely haul huge adults
  • This scooter is ultra-powerful by all measures of standards. 


  • One of the heaviest electric scooters in the world
  • The charging time could be faster. 

Arwibon Q06 Pro: The Best Budget Electric Scooter for Adults Weighing 400 Lbs

If you are on a tight budget but can’t help yourself from the electric scooter craze, then considering the Arwibon Q06 Pro model is an incredible choice. 

Find the technical specifications as we highlight them below: 

Max Speed50 MPH
Max Range52 Miles
Motors Dual; 2800W each
Battery60V 27Ah
SuspensionC-Spring shocks
Tires11-inch; Offroad
Hill climbing ability55°
Weight100 lbs
Weight Capacity440 lbs

Why the Arwibon Q06 Pro Electric Scooter?


The Arwibon Q06 Pro is one of the few heavy-adult electric scooters priced at around $1500. 

Compared to most electric scooters in its class, this is really the best-budget electric scooter we currently know. 

Aluminum Alloy Frame 

The frame material plays a vital role in how safe the rider is. The worst that can happen is having an electric scooter break on you while you are flying at full speed. 

The Arwibon Q06 Pro electric scooter features the aluminum alloy type, the most premium frame-making material in the e-scooter world. 

Safety Features

On the front, the Q06 Pro features dual U7 Angel Eye Headlights that are bright enough for nighttime riding. 

The front and rear oil braking type is also among the most practical, making this model one of the safest. 

The bright lights, premium brakes, and aluminum alloy contribute big time to the safety of the rider. 

Dual Charging Ports

Do you wish to get going in a few? Make use of the dual charging ports and get your battery juiced up faster. 

When you use the dual charging option, you will reduce the charging time from 10 hours to 6, which is an incredible feature for you to have. 

Sizeable Tires

The Q06 Pro features 11-inch vacuum offroad tires. Since this is an all-terrain electric scooter, you can rest assured that there is not much worry about encountering flats. 

Arwibon Q06 Pro Pros

  • This scooter has a modern dual-screen antiglare LCD display to keep the rider always updated 
  • The sizeable tires and suspension offer great shock absorption regardless of the terrain the scooter gets subjected to
  • The wide deck is perfect for making riders’ feet as comfortable as possible
  • Balanced worlds of speed and range
  • For the features and the specs, this ride is perfectly priced.


  • This ride is bulky
  • The water resistance could be better.

OUTSTORM Z80: The Most Premium Long-range Electric Scooter Weight Limit 400 Lbs


Cheers to another OUTSTORM model that made to this list. 

As of the moment, OUTSTORM is one of the few electric scooter manufacturers that focus on creating real electric scooters for heavy adults. 

The OUTSTORM Z80 electric scooter is their most expensive product and buying it will make you an owner of one of the most unique models we have in the e-scooter market.

So, what makes this model cost around $5K? Well, begin with the technical specifications below: 

Weight Capacity490 lbs
MotorsDual; 4000W each
Battery60V 50Ah
Max Speed65 MPH
Max Range 95 Miles
BrakingOil Pressure Disc + EABS
Charging Time 8 Hours
Tires13-inch; offroad
Weight127 lbs

Why the OUTSTORM Z80 400 Lbs Capacity Electric Scooter?

Massive Street Tires

A few models come with stock 13-inch tires, let alone the street tire type. 

In fact, the OUTSTORM Z80 electric scooter is my first-ever 13-inch street tire electric scooter to see. The other 13-inch models I have tested featured the offroad tire type, making this a unique one. 

If you hate how knobby the offroad type feels like on the tarmac and aren’t necessarily looking for an all-terrain electric scooter model, then you can rest assured that the OUTSTORM Z8O model is your ideal choice. 

These massive air-filled tires are perfect for great shock absorption and raised ground clearance, especially when you are riding on a bumpy-tarmacked road. Again, the rear fender is safe from scratching the ground. 

Massive Battery and Range

Since this scooter features a branded Samsung 60V 50Ah battery, the range is equally high, with it going to as high as 95 miles on a single charge. 

While the maximum range you will record won’t be as much as if you were lighter like say 200 lbs, having a long-range electric scooter like this one is a perfect choice as the battery won’t run out of juice fast before reaching your destination. 


For a fast model like this one that can reach a 65 MPH top speed, being safe is of the essence. 

This model features Oil Pressure disc braking and Electronic brakes with a regenerative charging feature to keep the performance at peak. 

When it comes to nighttime riding, you can rely on the Quad Angel Eye Headlights, LED Deck lights, and brake lights to keep visibility or get noticed by others more streamlined. 

The horn is audible enough for others to notice your presence, which is such a cool safety feature for you to have. 

Great Shock Absorption

Along with the sizeable tires that offer proper shock absorption, the OUTSTORM Z80 electric scooter has front and rear springs to make the suspension perfect. 

Even better, this electric scooter comes with a free seat, making comfort better regardless of how many miles you intend to cover. Switch from seated to stand-up riding and get going with the Z80 Folding electric scooter. 

OUTSTORM Z80 Alternative

If stand-up riding is a problem for you and an electric scooter seat isn’t as comfortable to suit your needs, you can consider the EXTREME BULL K6 electric scooter as the best alternative to the OUTSTORM Z80. 

It’s relatively more affordable than the OUTSTORM Z80, too. 


  • The balanced worlds of speed and range are perfect for heavy riders 
  • The various safety features give peace of mind to the riders
  • The build quality is top-notch
  • One of the best street electric scooters of all time
  • Regardless of its size, this scooter has fast-foldability to fit in most compact places. 


  • This model is expensive
  • It’s bulky. 

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