EVOLV City V2 Review

EVOLV City V2 Review: The Best Budget City Electric Scooter?

EVOLV City V2 Review

The base EVOLV City was one of the leading EVOLV models out there and enthusiasts asked for its upgraded version. 

EVOLV technicians heard their pleas, rolled their sleeves, and went all in to create the trending beauty of budget right now – the Black and Silver EVOLV City V2 scooter. 

And who said that e-scooters for adults have to be ponderous? Well, as we will see in our EVOLV City V2 review, this model is one of the most ultra-portable models for adults. 

Before we go further and further with the praises, how about we have a glance at the…

EVOLV City V2 Specs 

Our Tested Top Speed18.1 MPH (29.1 KM/H)
Our Tested Top Range 17.9 Miles (28.8 KM)
Battery36V 10Ah
BrakingFront Drum
LightingHeadlight, Taillight
TiresPneumatic; Air-filled
Water Resistance RatingIP54
Weight33 lbs (15 KG)
Weight Capacity220 lbs (100 KG)

Our Full EVOLV City V2 Review

EVOLV City V2 Electric Scooter

Tested Top Speed

We recorded 18.1 Miles per Hour as our maximum speed while testing the EVOLV City Version 2 under optimal conditions. 

For us, these conditions refer to when a rider is under the stated weight limit, with a fully charged battery, on a smooth tarmacked surface, and when the ride is in top shape. 

Something crucial for you to note is that the top speed you will record on the Odometer highly depends on your weight. I weigh 156 lbs and if I weighed say 120 lbs, chances are high that I would have hit the stated max speed of 19 MPH. 

Tested Top Range

I covered a max range of 17.9 Miles before the battery ran out of juice. 

As is the case with the top speed, the top range you will register depends on your weight, the battery status, and the riding terrain. 

The faster you ride, too, the more the battery gets drained, thus; you will record a lower max range if you floor the throttle. 

For the range, we used the slowest mode and that’s how we had 17.9 Miles as our max distance on a single charge. 


The EVOLV City V2 scooter is a single-motor electric ride. It comes with a 350W brushless hub motor that produces a peak power output of 600W. 

Since this motor isn’t as powerful, that’s why the maximum speed is below 20 Miles per Hour. 


The EVOLV City Version 2 electric scooter has a 36V 10Ah battery. 

With a charging time of between 3 and 4 hours, this scooter is surprisingly the fastest charging EVOLV model and equally one of the budget electric scooters with a single charging port that charge the fastest. 


With 10-inch pneumatic tires, you can rely on this minimalist ride to have one of the most practical ground clearances ever. 

These air-filled wheels play a crucial suspension role, which is why EVOLV didn’t use the solid type. 

While testing the City V2, we found 52 PSI to be perfect for these tires. The manufacturer says inflating the scooter at anywhere between 50 and 50 PSI is fine, though. 

Water resistance rating

This city electric scooter has an overall IP rating of IP54, meaning riding it under light showers is OK. 

However, we don’t recommend riding under the wet weather because there are high chances of damaging the electronic components, and also, no seller covers water damage under warranty. 

EVOLV City V2 Features 


Just like all the EVOLV models, they have used an aluminum alloy frame to create this upgraded EVOLV City vehicle. 

Aluminum alloy is one of the top electric scooter manufacturing materials and is praised for its sturdy, yet lightweight properties. 

You undoubtedly have no cause for alarm about this little beast breaking down on you owing to a weak frame. 

The deck is wide enough and manufactured with anti-slipping properties to keep your feet firmly fixated as you maneuver the different city streets. 

Safety features 

Your safety and that of the ride is of the essence and EVOLV has always created rides with some of the safest ratings in the electric scooter world. 

For the EVOLV City Version 2 model, they use a front drum brake for maximum stopping power. 

For nighttime riders, you have a bright headlight at your disposal and also a taillight to notify other road users of your presence. 


Folded EVOLV City V2 scooter

Foldability comes in handy for each e-scooter enthusiast and EVOLV hasn’t let us down with this new model. 

Its seamless clamp folds and unfolds in a matter of seconds, helping riders pack it or get going in a matter of a minute. 

When folded, the EVOLV City V2 scooter measures 43 x 18 x 19 inches (111 x 46 x 50 cm). With such measurements, this ride can fit in most compact spaces such as in your office, on a PSV, or in a tight space in your garage. 


The EVOLV City V2 electric scooter is certainly one of the lightest electric scooters for adults. Weighing only 33 lbs (15 KG), most adults won’t have any problem lifting this ride. 

If you live upstairs or have the task to lift and keep an electric ride in your car’s trunk, then the City V2 is absolutely an incredible choice for you. 

LED Display

EVOLV City V2 Display

Do you wish to always stay in the know about the battery status, your riding speed, your riding mode, or any other necessary info for you as a rider? The City V2 has an anti-glare center-mounted Display placed strategically at your disposal. 

To whom is the EVOLV City V2 perfect?

If you are looking for a perfect ride for city commuting and are within the stated load capacity, then the City V2 electric scooter is an ideal choice. 

It’s even better if you are a student or a commuter who wishes to ride for a couple of miles daily as this isn’t a gigantic scooter. 

If you are looking for something beefier that can compete in group rides or one that can chew all terrains, I am sorry but this is not the electric scooter for you. 

Instead, you can go for the all-new EVOLV Pro V2 model and enjoy what a real all-terrain electric scooter has to offer. 

Which is the perfect EVOLV City V2 Alternative?

The VSETT Mini is the closest EVOLV City V2 rival and it might be hard for most riders to choose between the two. 

Both models are equally good and regardless of which one you settle for, always remember to wear safety gear. 

EVOLV City V2 Pros

  • One of the most portable electric scooters available today
  • Among the fastest-charging models 
  • For the specs, this scooter is competitively priced
  • The sizeable tires in this model are a plus
  • The build quality is superb.


  • This scooter could have a rear braking system
  • Suspension is lacking. 

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