EVOLV Pro-R V2 Review

EVOLV Pro-R V2 Review: The Best Off-road Electric Scooter of 2023?

EVOLV Pro-R V2 Review

The base EVOLV Pro-R was the main selling EVOLV model for offroad enthusiasts and it reached a point where they asked for an upgrade. 

In the second quarter of 2023, EVOLV launched the all-new EVOLV Pro-R V2, and EVOLV lovers like myself couldn’t keep calm but purchase this all-new beast. 

After taking some ample time to test this beast over different terrains, I can say that this is the best 2023 electric scooter for serious offroading. 

We could go on and on with the praises, but how about starting with the most important part? Let’s have a glance at the standing out…

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EVOLV Pro-R V2 Specs

Our Tested Top Speed43.7 MPH (70.3 Km/h
Our Tested Top Range78.3 KM (48.7 Miles)
Battery60V 25aH)
MotorDual; 1400W each
BrakingDual hydraulic
Charging Time8 hours
Water Resistance IP54
Weight 39 Kg (85 lbs)
Weight Capacity308 lbs (140 Kg)

Our Full EVOLV Pro-R V2 Review

Our Tested Top Speed

EVOLV PRO-R V2 Display

While testing the EVOLV Pro-R V2 under a smooth tarmacked surface and with a full battery, we recorded 43.7 MPH as the max speed on our GPS tracker. 

I floored the throttle on Riding Mode 2 (The fastest) and I weigh 185 lbs. If I were lighter like say 150 lbs, then there are high chances that I could hit the stated max speed of 44 Miles per Hour. 

As a point of reference, the rider’s weight plays a crucial role in what their Maximum speed becomes. 

If you are heavier or would like performance similar to the Pro-R V2, then the other all-terrain EVOLV model, the EVOLV Corsa is the only perfect alternative.

Tested Top Range

We love describing range as the maximum distance an electric ride covers on a single charge. 

While testing the Pro-R V2 at the slowest riding mode, we recorded 48.7 Miles as the max. 

The range you will record before the battery asks to be juiced up highly depends on your weight and the battery status. The heavier you are, the lower max speed and range you can expect from a single charge.


Like the all-new EVOLV Pro V2 model, the Pro-R V2 model is a dual-motor scooter. 

This scooter comes with dual 1400W motors, and these produce a peak power output of 3600W. That’s how and why this ride can hit a max speed of more than 40 Miles per Hour. 


With a gigantic 60V 25aH (21700 cells) battery, the EVOLV Pro-R V2 sure will take you close to 50 Miles depending on your weight. 

For an all-terrain e-scooter like this one, having a huge battery and especially with 21700 cells is a plus. 


At the rear and the front, the Pro-R V2 scooter has a spring suspension system to make the ride quality superb. As such, there is nothing much to worry about as you maneuver uneven terrain setups. 


Shock absorption is always better with sizeable tires and since the EVOLV Pro-R V2 scooter comes with 10-inch air-filled tires, you can rest assured that no matter how uneven the ground feels, this scooter is up to the task.

Even better, the ground clearance is better and no matter if you are driving in grassy or bumpy conditions, you will always enjoy what this scooter’s ride quality has to offer. 

We enjoyed it when the ride had a 52 PSI tire pressure, but the manufacturer recommends anywhere between 50 and 55 PSI. 

Water Resistance Rating

The EVOLV Pro V2 scooter has an IP rating of IP54, meaning the scooter has dust protection, and riding under light showers is OK. 

However, we don’t recommend riding this beast under wet conditions as there are still chances of water damage, and in case of it, no seller covers it under warranty. 

EVOLV Pro-R V2 Features


The EVOLV Pro-R V2 scooter comes with an all-around black aluminum alloy frame. 

Aluminum alloy is one of the sturdiest frame-making materials and all the premium electric scooter manufacturers such as EVOLV use it. 

The deck is wide and grippy, making riders of different sizes and weights comfortably fix their feet there as they maneuver whatever terrain comes their way. 

The cables are properly sheathed, which makes this electric ride have a proper minimalist design for riders who loathe clutter. 

Safety features

Hydraulic disc brakes have the highest safety standards and EVOLV PRO-R seems to have capitalized on that. 

The calipers are properly premium and free from any warping, a feature mostly lacking for most claimed off-road rides. 

There are tons of lights to keep the rider and the vehicle safe, which is a major plus. The included lights are a luminous headlight, running lights throughout the scooter, turn signal lights, a taillight, and a front fender light. 


Folded EVOLV Pro-R V2 Scooter

For riders who wish to conveniently lift or store their scooters in compact spaces, they are in luck because the EVOLV Pro V2 folds and unfolds in a matter of seconds. 

Even better, EVOLV includes an optional replacement quick-release clamp for riders who prefer this to the quad lock clamp, or those who simply want to make the foldability process easier and faster. 

When folded, the scooter measures 53.9 x 27.5 x 47.2 inches (137 x 70 x 120 cm) and so being aware of these measurements is helpful for you if you would wish to know what space you need in your car’s trunk, office, PSV, or even your home to keep the scooter.


Since this scooter weighs 85 lbs (39 kg), we can’t in any way say that it’s ultra-portable. However, most adults weighing around 200 lbs won’t have any problems lifting the ride without additional support. 

Display and interface

The EVOLV Pro V2 has a large anti-glare Center Smart Display to show ride data such as the riding speed, covered range, battery status, and the switch to dual-motor riding pattern.

The interface is superior and riders can adjust the acceleration or the overall speed to what feels functional to them. 

EVOLV Pro V2 vs EVOLV Pro-R V2 

There are a few differences between the EVOLV Pro V2 and the EVOLV Pro-R V2 models. These differences are as we tabulate below:

Motor Peak Output2600W3600W
Maximum Range37 Miles (60 KM)50 Miles (80 KM)
Battery52V 20.5aH60V 25aH
ColorBlack and SilverBlack
Starting Price$2040$2540 

EVOLV Pro-R V2 Pros

  • The hydraulic disc brakes are perfect for optimal stopping power
  • The huge battery comes in handy for long-distance riders
  • The peak power output is high enough to propel the scooter across all terrains
  • The design is modern and futuristic
  • The tons of safety features come in handy for the rider, other road users, and the scooter.


  • The 8-hour charging time is long
  • The water resistance rating could be better than IP54.

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