EVOLV Pro V2 Review: The Best Value All-Terrain Scooter?

EVOLV Pro V2 Scooter Review

The base EVOLV Pro was already a huge hit in the US and Canada and from its supreme build quality, fans asked for something beefier. 

EVOLV had no choice but to upgrade it to the highly anticipated EVOLV model of all time – the EVOLV Pro V2 electric scooter

As one of the leading EVOLV fans, I was among the first electric ride enthusiasts to order the all-new EVOLV Pro Version 2. 

After taking ample time testing and riding this beast, I have come up with this dependable EVOLV Pro V2 review. 

But first things first. Let’s have a glance at the…

EVOLV Pro V2 Specs 

Tested Top Speed42.7 MPH (68.7 KM/H)
Tested Top Range 35.9 Miles (57.8 KM)
MotorsDual; 1200W each
Battery52V 20.5 Ah
Tires10-inch; pneumatic
Water resistance rating IP54
Weight85 lbs (39 KG)
Load Capacity308 lbs (140 KG)

Our Full EVOLV Pro V2 Review

EVOLV Pro V2 Electric Scooter Deck

Our Tested Top Speed

The EVOLV Pro Version 2 comes in two varieties; the EVOLV Pro V2 and the EVOLV Pro-R V2

Basically, the Pro-R V2 Version is the base Pro V2 with bigger motors and a bigger battery. If you want something more rugged than the Pro V2, then you can highly consider the Pro-R V2. You can read our full EVOLV Pro-R V2 scooter review to get the finer details.

With that out of the way, we can now look further at the Pro V2’s tested top speed. 

I weigh 185 lbs and recorded a tested top speed of 42.7 MPH while riding the scooter under optimal conditions. 

By ideal conditions, I mean with a full battery, on a smooth tarmacked surface, and on the fastest riding gear. 

And just so you know, the maximum speed you will record on any electric ride highly depends on the rider’s weight, the riding surface, and the overall condition of the ride.

So, if I were lighter, like say 150 lbs, and subjected the ride under ideal conditions, there are high chances that I could hit the stated top speed of 44 Miles per Hour. 

Our Tested Top Range 

While riding the EVOLV Pro V2 in the ECO Mode (the slowest), I recorded a maximum riding distance of 35.9 Miles before the battery ran out of juice. 

Just like the top speed, the maximum range you cover on a single charge also highly depends on the rider’s weight, where you are riding the scooter, and most importantly, the battery status. 


The Pro-V2 comes with dual 1200W motors. These produce a peak power output of 2600W, which is why you can see this is a relatively fast scooter. 

For an e-scooter capable of carrying adults weighing more than 300 lbs, it’s only logical for it to have dual hub motors, which is something EVOLV put into consideration. 


The EVOLV Pro Version 2 comes with a 52V 20.5Ah (21700 cells) battery. 

This is the responsible component that makes the scooter go for a tested riding distance of 35.9 Miles on a single charge. The manufacturer says the scooter can hit 37 Miles on a single battery charge, a crucial spec to show you that this is a mid-range ride. 

This scooter gets its batt fully charged in 8 hours, which is, by all measures of standards long. If only EVOLV made this beast with dual charging ports. 


At the front and the rear, the EVOLV Pro V2 has springs as the primary suspension type. 

Since this is an all-terrain electric scooter, riders can enjoy maneuvering different terrains without worrying about speed wobbles or the discomfort that comes with poor ride quality. 


EVOLV Pro V2 Tire

The EVOLV Pro Version 2 has 10-inch pneumatic tires. Air-filled tires such as these play a crucial role in enhancing shock absorption, which is why this is a superb ride for offroading

Again, these shoes are sizeable enough to raise the ground clearance, making riders conquer bumpy terrains comfortably. 

We recommend inflating the tires to 52 PSI, but the manufacturer says anything between 50 and 55 PSI is OK. 

EVOLV Pro Version 2 Features


The EVOLV Pro V2 comes in a Black and Silver frame, a unique color we have never seen before. Unlike the Pro-R V2 which comes with an all-Black frame, you can rest assured that you will stand out from the crowd with the all-new Pro V2 model. 

Like all the durable EVOLV models out there, the Pro V2’s frame is manufactured using aluminum alloy, the most durable, yet among the lightest frame-making materials we have today. 

With this sturdy frame, riders can rest assured that the scooter won’t simply break down on them as they maneuver whatever terrain. 

This ride uses a quad lock clamp, meaning offroad riders have nothing to worry about as they chew the unforgiving outdoor terrains. 


Folded EVOLV Pro V2 Scooter

For riders who wish to conveniently lift or store their scooters in compact spaces, they are in luck because the EVOLV Pro V2 folds and unfolds in a matter of seconds. 

Even better, EVOLV includes an optional replacement quick-release clamp for riders who prefer this to the quad lock clamp, or those who simply want to make the foldability process easier and faster. 

When folded, the scooter measures 53.9 x 27.5 x 47.2 inches (137 x 70 x 120 cm) and so being aware of these measurements is helpful for you if you would wish to know what space you need in your car’s trunk, office, PSV, or even your home to keep the scooter.


Since this scooter weighs 85 lbs (39 kg), we can’t in any way say that it’s ultra-portable. However, most adults weighing around 200 lbs won’t have any problems lifting the ride without additional support. 

Safety features

Safety is of the essence and electric scooter accidents could actually be fatal. 

EVOLV did its best to include several safety features in this ride and we can comfortably say that it is one of the safest rides we have ever tested. 

To begin with, this scooter has a hydraulic braking system at the front and the rear. Hydraulic brakes are the safest and overall best electric scooter disc brakes. 

Again, this scooter comes with tons of lights to make visibility at night and get the rider noticed more seamlessly. The primary headlight is massive and strategically positioned to help the rider see clearly at night. 

The ride also has turn signal lights, running lights throughout the scooter, a tail light, and a front fender LED light. All these play a crucial role in getting the rider noticed by other riders or road users. 

While this e-scooter has tons of safety specs, we would like to remind you that wearing safety gear at all riding times is essential. 

Display and interface

The EVOLV Pro V2 has a large anti-glare Center Smart Display to show ride data such as the riding speed, covered range, battery status, and the switch to dual-motor riding pattern.

The interface is superior and riders can adjust the acceleration or the overall speed to what feels functional to them. 

EVOLV Pro V2 Pros

  • The Black and Silver Color is unique for riders who wish to stand out
  • The build quality is amazing
  • The tons of safety features come in handy for the rider, other road users, and the scooter
  • One of the best-value all-terrain electric scooters ever
  • The weight capacity is high enough to accommodate riders of different sizes. 

EVOLV Pro V2 Cons

  • The 8-hour charging time is long
  • The water resistance rating could be better than IP54.

New Upgrades on the EVOLV Pro V2 Video

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