Hiboy S2 Pro Problems

Top 5 Hiboy S2 Pro Problems And Complaints

The Hiboy S2 Pro electric scooter is one of the most reviewed models we have today. 

With over 1100 reviews on the Hiboy website as of Late 2023, you know that there are thousands of owners for this model. This is especially true considering that there are many other dealers apart from the official site. 

As someone who organizes group rides and has taken the S2 Pro for several spins, I have my own experience and views from real owners about the S2 Pro. 

I decided to compile the different Hiboy S2 Problems and Complaints to help you find these on a single resource and make an informed decision faster. 

5 Hiboy S2 Pro Problems & Complaints

1. Weak Neck

One of the issues I noticed while riding the Hiboy S2 Pro was that it feels extremely unstable on the neck. 

As ill fate would have it, the owner of this ride told us the following weekend that the neck had snapped off from the deck. You can refer to the image below of this particular scooter. 

The worst thing about a weak downtube is that it can snap off from the deck at times, leading to an increased risk of biting the dust. 

From what I saw leading to the weak neck, Hiboy uses a thin aluminum and you will be lucky to ride this model for more than 6 months when you are near the scooter’s weight capacity. 

While Hiboy claims that they have fixed this problem by using thicker aluminum, some buyers still have the same complaint after months of use. 

So, while some reviewers might say otherwise and talk about the made upgrades, note that brands such as Hiboy send these models to them for review when they are brand new. 

Since reviewers use these affordable models for testing specs such as top speed and top range, they don’t have any experience with months of use, making any claims about the ride’s durability flawed. 

Yes, you get what you pay for. Don’t let an affordable price lure you into ignoring your overall health and life. 

If you can’t help yourself from owning the Hiboy S2 Pro e-scooter, we recommend that you make the necessary upgrades to make it more solid for your safety. 

2. Error Codes

One of the most common Error codes on Hiboy S2 Pro scooter is E3. 

Surprisingly, many have reported this error even when their S2 Pro electric scooter was a few days old. 

As part of great UX (User Experience), it means that the QC is somewhat lacking, and Hiboy has to do a better job here. 

We found that the owner has to replace the Display Controller Cable to solve the Error Code E3. Depending on the severity of the error, too, owners have to replace the entire controller. 

Other error codes faced by Hiboy S2 Pro owners include E1, E2, E4, and E5. 

To solve E1, you will have to replace the electronic brake since you are facing a front electronic brake error.

E2 Error shows that you have a throttle error, so you will have to replace it. 

You can refer to their troubleshooting page for more display errors and how you can solve them.

3. Generic Battery Cells

For any electric ride you see, no part or accessory is as costly as the battery. 

For reference purposes, the Hiboy S2 Pro battery costs $185 on their website. This battery features generic branded cells and sadly, it won’t go for up to 500 full charging cycles without developing major issues. Branded cells go for that and even more. 

Tom, one of my best friends who had bought the S2 Pro as his second e-scooter noticed that the battery didn’t hold charge as perfectly as it used to when new. And this was in the second month of use during fun weekend rides. 

More owners, as you will see on Reddit, have the same issue as Tom. 

The problem with generic batteries is that not only are they short-lived, but they sometimes stop charging for no reason. 

4. Incorrect Conversion 

The Hiboy App doesn’t convert the top speed well from Metric to Imperial readings. 

When Tom brought his S2 Pro to me complaining that he had fully charged his ride but it wouldn’t go at full speed when he engaged the Sport Mode, I dug deeper and noticed that the Hiboy APP functions had to be edited for him to go at full speed. 

To do that, I switched back the top speed to Metric and ensured that it was at 31 KM/H, and then back to imperial. 

When you don’t make the right switches, the scooter’s top speed stays at 12 MPH as the top speed despite you having engaged the Sport Mode.

This is just a minor complaint, but it can have you cracking your head if you fail to do the right edits. 

5. Solid Tires

This isn’t really a problem but a complaint. 

While honeycomb tires are perfect for their flat-free feature, they also make the ride quality poorer. 

It’s even worse when you are chewing those off-road terrains. While Hiboy uses dual rear shock absorption suspension systems, the ride quality isn’t as buttery when you encounter any uneven road surfaces. The pneumatic tubeless type would have been the real deal here.

While you will have solved the flat tire issue with these 10-inch solid tires, you will battle another – rough rides and a knobby feel when you are riding on smooth tarmacked surfaces. Not to forget that these solid tires are thin. 

The ride quality could have been better if Hiboy also featured a proper shock absorber on the front wheel. For a better riding experience, I found that lifting the front wheel as you approach uneven surfaces offers better control. 

Another crucial point for you to note is that these honeycomb tires lose proper traction when you ride on wet surfaces. You will need to be extra careful when you are riding on wet pavements, and as usual, always have the appropriate riding gear to add to your safety. 

Any Hiboy S2 Pro Speed Limiter Removal Tips?

Since the Hiboy S2 Pro electric scooter uses a custom controller, it’s impossible to remove its speed limiter. 

Again, its motor is only 500W and the battery is a low-voltage one, meaning the rated top speed is at full capacity. If you need to make your Hiboy S2 Pro scooter faster, your best bet is to upgrade these electronic components. 

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