How To Remove the Speed Limiter on an Electric Scooter

How to Remove the Speed Limiter on an Electric Scooter Efficiently

When you are an experienced electric scooter rider, the urge to go faster automatically kicks in. 

The problem is that your country could have a legal max electric scooter speed or a manufacturer could have included a speed limiter. 

Some of the electric scooter speed limiter removal tips no longer work as stricter measures are being introduced by the day. 

Either way, the question of how to remove the speed limiter on an electric scooter depends on various factors. 

But first things first…

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Where is the Speed Limiter on an Electric Scooter?

The speed limiter on an electric scooter is fixed on the controller, the crucial component that powers the motor and determines how fast it can spin. 

Under most normal circumstances, electric scooters that can be unlocked come with a speed-limiting wire on the controller. When such wire is unplugged, the speed gets unlocked, getting the scooter faster. 

The Latest Electric Scooter Speed Removal Tips

How to Remove the Speed Limiter on an Electric Scooter: Use a Remote Control

Initially, manufacturers and sellers used to leave it to the buyer to determine how best they could customize their scooter, including making it faster their way. 

However, as I have seen from the most powerful electric scooters on our database, there is a remote control getting included in the box.

The first time I had that encounter was when I purchased the upgraded YUME X11+ electric scooter. After assembling the e-scooter, I noticed that there were two remote controls that resembled keypads. 

How to Remove the Speed Limiter on an Electric Scooter Easily

I messed around with one of them and noticed that clicking on the “Lightning” button twice activated the speed limiter. After pressing that button again removed the speed limiter. 

Most latest Chinese electric scooters come with remote controls to set or unlock the speed limiters on these electric rides. 

As of the moment, I find electric scooter speed limiter removal by remote control to be the safest and the most effective method. With this one, you can set the speed limitation for say your kid or an inexperienced rider and remove it as you wish.

However, it’s important to know that not all manufacturers include speed limiter removal by remote control, and if your scooter lacks this functionality, be sure to consider the other methods we share below. 

Disconnect the Speed Limiting Wire

Unplugging the speed limiting wire while the scooter is off is the most common method electric scooter owners use to remove the speed limiter. 

While this method is effective for the applicable models, it’s also risky as some may disconnect the wrong wire and fry the controller. 

Unlike in the recent past when manufacturers used to rely on limiting the speed via a wire, this method isn’t as effective nowadays. 

In fact, for the latest models I have seen, only a couple can have their speeds hacked by unplugging a wire on the controller. For compliance purposes, manufacturers and sellers nowadays use more complex methods for speed limitation such as low-powered motors and batteries. 

This isn’t to say, though, that this method is completely dead. There are still a few models that you can unlock using the cable disconnection method. 

Most manufacturers use White as the color of the speed-limiting wires. If you see two White wires (or any other color for that matter) plugged together, you may begin by unplugging them. From there, test and see if there is any improvement in terms of speed. 

If none of the wires are plugged together, you will need to be careful about which wire you cut. Below, we have attached some videos that you can use as a guide to how you can remove an electric scooter’s speed limiter by disconnecting a wire. 

If you disconnect the wires, use a wire turner to cap the ends separately. By so doing, you will be avoiding the risk of the wires shorting and frying the controller board. 

Some manufacturers who don’t use a speed limiting wire on the controller have a jumper wire on the motor instead. So, be sure to open the motor and remove any open soldered motor that’s included there. 

Change the P-settings

We always recommend that you go through your new electric scooter’s manual to see what works for which function. 

Understanding the throttle Parameter Settings is of the essence and you might be surprised to find that hacking your scooter’s speed is as simple as tweaking the P-settings. 

To access the P-settings, most e-scooters use a similar approach. Press the Power and Mode buttons simultaneously and access the functionality that matters the most. 

If the manual’s P-settings don’t show anywhere about speed unlocking, avoid messing around with the default settings. 

Switch to the Fastest Riding Mode

Some e-scooters feature the ECO and Sport / Turbo riding modes. 

However, not every manufacturer labels where the switch buttons are, and riders have to either read the provided manual or mess around with all the buttons to know what mode they are riding at. 

Luckily, those details are readily available on the Display. When an e-scooter is on the ECO / Slowest mode, it means its speed is limited to go at a specific max speed. 

When it’s in the Turbo / Sport Mode, the full speed is unlocked and flooring the throttle will get you going at the full speed. 

Low-powered scooters can’t be unlocked

No matter how hard you try, you can’t unlock a low-powered electric scooter to ride faster than the electronic components can support. 

For instance, there is no way a 350W-motor scooter will go faster than 30 KM/H regardless of how you will strive to unlock it because this is an underpowered motor.

Again, the generic batteries used also tend to be low-powered and they can’t provide sufficient voltage to make the e-scooter faster. 

At that point, the best you can do is to retain the skeleton and use a new controller, a new battery, and a new motor, which is a tedious customization process and expensive. 

If you need more speed and your scooter can’t support any unlocking process, you have no choice but to upgrade to a faster model, pal. 

One of the e-scooters that you can’t unlock by removing the speed limiter is the Hiboy S2 Pro model. It only has 500W motors, which makes its full speed just 19 Miles per Hour and can’t be higher than that.

How to Make an Unlocked Electric Scooter Street Legal

One of the problems we mostly face when we unlock our electric scooters is how we can make them street-legal. 

The method we are going to share here requires some technical know-how and if you fear getting your hands dirty, you can as well utilize the services of an experienced mechanic: 

  • Buy a remote-controlled relay 
  • Find the speed limiter wires on your e-scooter’s controller
  • Connect that relay using the “Normally Closed” prompt in parallel to your e-scooter’s slowest mode button (this could be the ECO mode prompt)
  • Anytime you switch on the electric scooter, it will always be speed limited. To resume full speed, press the remote control once and get going
  • At this point, note that the e-scooter’s ECO Mode button won’t work unless you press the remote control to remove the speed limitation. 

For electric scooters that can be unlocked with remote control, that’s how the manufacturers have done it. 

Locking and unlocking the scooter’s speed with a remote control button not only makes it street-legal but also safer when kids wish to ride it. 

Some Risks to Consider

It may be illegal

We always recommend that you familiarize yourself with the local laws of your country before doing any modifications to your electric scooter. 

If the local laws say that the maximum scooter speed is 25 Km/h or 15 MPH, it’s advisable that you avoid trying to circumvent the laws and going higher. 

Otherwise, you risk having the scooter getting confiscated, acquiring a lawsuit, or making the government enact stricter rules around e-scooter regulation. 

You will reduce the range

As a rule of thumb, the faster you go on an electric scooter, the lower the distance you will achieve on a single charge. 

For instance, if your electric scooter used to cover 30 Miles when it was speed limited to 15MPH, you will be lucky to record more than 22 Miles if you remove the speed limiter. 

The more you floor the throttle, the faster you drain the battery, making the range only lower but also reducing the battery’s lifespan. 

You risk burning the electric components 

Just like riding a dual-motor electric scooter in Single Mode, removing the speed limiter, and especially disconnecting the speed limiting wire is a sure path to making the controller burn faster. 

Under extreme conditions, the motor will also have a lower lifespan due to more voltage getting injected. 

You will void your warranty

Top off my mind, there is no electric scooter manufacturer or seller I know of that covers damage from customization. 

Again, since some sellers have a limited warranty period for some electronic components, they may fail to cover your scooter if such components get damaged later than stated. 

As such, you will have to cough more money when your battery gets damaged or any other fried component. 

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