NAVEE S65C Review

NAVEE S65C Review: The Best Budget Suspension E-Scooter?

NAVEE is steadily becoming a household name among electric scooter enthusiasts and one of their rides is killing it – the superb quality NAVEE S65C e-scooter

When I was in the market for a new ride, portability and range meant everything to me. I was also keen on a budget ride with suspension, while also factoring in a ride with a minimalist, unique, and futuristic design. 

After taking ample time to look into different 2023 models, I settled on the NAVEE S65C. I took it for several spins and in our NAVEE S65C Review, we will look at whether this model “hit the point.”

The Ultimate NAVEE S65C Specs

Tested Top Speed19.7 MPH
Tested Top Range39.1 Miles
Motor Peak Power800W
Battery36V 15Ah
BrakingDrum (Front); EABS (Rear)
Hill Climbing Ability22°
Water Reistance RatingIP55
Weight Capacity265 lbs
Weight60 lbs

Our Full NAVEE S65C Review

NAVEE S65C Electric Scooter
Pic Courtesy: Rev Rides

Tested Top Speed

Different factors come into play while determining how much top speed an electric vehicle records. 

The rider’s weight, riding surface, and the status of the electronic components play the most critical part. 

While testing all the electric scooters on our database, we always ascertain the test-rider is below the stated load capacity, the scooter has a fully-charged battery, the motor is in optimal condition, and the riding surface is smoothly tarmacked. 

Based on a 175lb rider, we recorded 19.7 Miles per Hour as the Maximum NAVEE S65C scooter maximum speed. 

The manufacturer claims that this scooter can hit 20 Miles per Hour and this is relatable if you subject this smart beast to a lighter rider weighing say 140 lbs.

Since this e-scooter has penetrated the US market if only it was faster than just 20 MPH for riders worth their salt to floor the throttle to higher speeds. Either way, we get what we pay for and for around $900, NAVEE considered range more than speed, that’s why the nominal motor power is only 450W.

Tested Top Range

As is the case with the max speed, the maximum range you will record from a single charge depends on factors such as your weight, the battery status, and the riding surface. 

For this NAVEE model, our GPS tracker showed 39.1 Miles before the battery asked to be juiced up.

One of the most unique selling points for this model is its range, where the manufacturer believes it can hit 40 Miles. 


The S65C features a 450W Brushless Hub DC Motor. With a peak power output of 800W, you can easily see how this powerful motor can propel this ride to hit a max speed of 20 MPH. 


This model features a Lithium 15V Battery with a peak voltage output of 36V. 

The battery comes with a smart Battery Management System, where riders are convinced that the component is free from overcharging, over-discharging, short-circuiting, and overheating. 


Most budget models lack suspension and thankfully, NAVEE ensured that riders on a tight budget won’t miss this crucial comfort feature. 

The suspension system in this model is the swing-arm type and it’s strategically positioned at the rear and the front. 

The fact that riders can comfortably maneuver tougher terrains with this gadget all thanks to the practical shock absorption gives it the upper hand against its worthy competitors such as the VSETT Mini

Without any doubt, we can confidently tell you that this is the best-budget electric scooter with suspension you can ever find.


Flat tires have been a concern for long and this is a primary maintenance hurdle most e-scooter enthusiasts face. 

NAVEE used 10-inch tubeless tires with a self-sealing feature to save customers from the burden of having to replace tubes every other time or having to incur the cost and time to seal this beauty’s tires. 

While it’s not the first electric scooter to feature self-sealing properties, we have to applaud them here as most models with this specification are premium models such as Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro. Great UX (User Experience) at this point.

IP Rating

Most electric scooters, including some premium models, have an IP rating of IP55. 

However, for NAVEE, they went a step higher and included a water-resistance rating of IP55 for their N65C model. 

With such protection, riding on dusty roads or under light rains is OK, even though we recommend that you avoid the wet weather as best as possible for obvious reasons – there is a high chance of damaging the electronic components and secondly, no manufacturer or retailer covers water damage under warranty. 

NAVEE S65C Features



If you would like to keep your electric scooter in a compact space such as in a car’s trunk or at a corner in your office, it’s only logical that it features a seamless folding design. And NAVEE seems to have excelled at it here. 

The folding mechanism is one of the simplest, with it being strategically placed on the stem. Fold and unfold the NAVEE S65C scooter in just a matter of seconds. 

Just so you know, this electric scooter measures 48.4*20.9*22.2” when folded and 48.4*21.1*50.6 when unfolded. 


Again, if you wish to keep your electric scooter in compact spaces, foldability is a crucial feature to have. However, there is no great point in having a foldable ride that you can’t lift without additional support. 

For the NAVEE S65C electric scooter, it weighs only 60 lbs. In its class, this is certainly not the lightest ride, but while at it, most adults won’t have a problem lifting 60 lbs. If you need a more portable ride, though, the NAVEE V50 is right up your alley.

Safety Features

I know you lack cat-like flexes and as such, safety means everything to you. 

At the front, this e-scooter features a drum brake while the rear comes with an electronic Anti-locking braking system. 

A drum brake at the front plays a crucial role in the overall safety of the ride while an EABS has several functions.

Thanks to the rear EABS, there is a reduced risk of skidding when you subject this ride to muddy conditions, and secondly, riders have better control of their ride, all thanks to eliminating the risk of the rear wheel locking up. 

Do you love nighttime riding? The NAVEE S65C scooter also features a bright 2.5W headlight that’s strategically positioned to provide much-needed illumination at night. 

At the rear other road users can clearly see your presence all thanks to the taillight. Again, the LED brake light turns on automatically at any sudden pressing of the brakes.


For better management of your NAVEE Electric Scooter S65C, you can download the Android or iOS NAVEE where you can perform functions such as:

  • Connecting your e-scooter to Bluetooth
  • Switching the Cruise Mode ON/OFF
  • Checking the statuses of the Battery, Riding Mode, and the Speed
  • Switching the Battery Recovery Mode ON/OFF.

FAQs about NAVEE S65C Scooter

Which Throttle Does NAVEE S65C Electric Scooter Use?

NAVEE uses a thumb throttle as the primary component for accelerating your electric scooter. 

What we loved the most about it is that it lacks a dead zone, something most premium models have failed to create. 

How can I Remove the Speed Limiter on NAVEE S65C Scooter?

If your intention is to literally fly, then the NAVEE S65C electric scooter might not be your earth-plane as it has a rated maximum speed of 20 MPH. 

While at it, you may be wondering about how you can remove any speed limitation to ride faster. 

Well, the best way to remove the speed limiter on the NAVEE S65C electric scooter is to swap out the electronic components with more powerful ones. The controller used in this model, the 800W peak power motor, and the 36V 15Ah battery can’t provide any more speed than 20 Miles per Hour. 

So, this is to confirm that this electric scooter has no speed limiter. The stock components are not powerful enough to make it go faster than 32 km/h. 

How is the Quality Control for this Scooter?

QC lacks in most electric scooter models, and while riding the NAVEE S65C, one thing you will notice is that this ride has superb ride quality and it’s built like a tank. 

Even better, this model is UL Certified to mean that performance and safety standards have been taken into consideration. This is to say that the Quality Control of this e-scooter is top-notch. 


  • With self-sealing tubeless tires, riders can rest assured that there is not much worry about encountering flats
  • The 22% hill climbing ability is helpful for riders who will have to maneuver relatively sloppy terrains 
  • The IP55 water-resistance rating comes in handy when riders get caught up in light showers
  • The Smart APP is convenient for most riders
  • The 7.9-inch deck is wide enough for riders to comfortably keep their feet. 


  • If only this scooter could go faster
  • It could be lighter than 60 lbs. 

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