NAVEE V40 Review

NAVEE V40 Review: The Most Portable Adult Electric Scooter?

Most electric scooters for adults are not ultra-portable. Period. 

But what if we tell you that the NAVEE V40 electric scooter weighs only 36 lbs? Even better, this e-scooter can carry heavy adults weighing up to 265 lbs!

When we received it, its weight-to-weight capacity ratio wowed us! How can an e-scooter weighing below 40 lbs support 250lbs+ riders? Is it durable enough? Those were critical queries we were asking ourselves. 

There are more impressive features and specs we will see in this NAVEE V40 Review. Read on for the broken-down details. 

Vital NAVEE V40 Specs [US Version]

Tested Top Speed18.7 MPH
Tested Top Range24.3 Miles
Battery36V 7.8Ah
BrakingRear Disc; Front EABS
Water-Resistance RatingIP55
Tires10-Inch; Pneumatic
LightsHeadlight, Taillight, Brake Light
Weight36 lbs
Weight Capacity265 lbs

Our Full NAVEE V40 Review

NAVEE V40 Electric Scooter Review

Before we even go further, you may need to check our full NAVEE V50 scooter review as it has a relatively longer range than the V40, weighs only 1lb more, and is relatively more powerful than the V40 in terms of torque. The price difference between the two is less than $100, and you get more range for that. 

With that out of the way, we now present to you our ultimate NAVEE V40 scooter review. 

Tested Top Speed

We speed-test each electric scooter on our database under ideal conditions. That is, with a full battery, a working motor, on a smooth tarmacked surface, and the rider has to be below the rated load capacity. 

For the NAVEE V40, we had 18.7 Miles per Hour as our maximum speed on our GPS tracker. The testing rider weighs 178 lbs, and this is to tell you that if he was lighter, we could record a higher top speed. If he was heavier like say 250 lbs, we would be lucky to record more than 17 MPH. 

The rated maximum speed for this e-scooter is 20 MPH, which means a lighter rider such as a 120 lb kid could hit it. 

While at that, we have to mention that for the NAVEE V40, V50, and their current premium model, the NAVEE S65C scooter, all have a maximum rated top speed of 20 MPH. 

However, it’s easy to ask yourself why as all these have different motor sizes. Well, those motors are tuned to go for that much speed, but the difference lies in the torque they produce. Basically, the S65C will produce more torque to conquer most terrains as it produces a higher peak output. 

Tested Top Range

Under ideal conditions, our test rider recorded 24.3 Miles as the maximum range on a full charge. 

This was while he was riding in the slowest riding mode (the Pedestrian mode). If he was to ride on the fastest mode (Sport), the final range would be lower. 

So, basically, the range you will record from your electric scooter, or any electric ride for that matter also depends on your riding speed. The faster you ride, the less distance you will cover. 


The NAVEE V40 scooter comes with a 300W nominal-power brushless hub motor. It produces a peak power output of 600W. 

For this peak output, it doesn’t produce sufficient torque to chew most offroad terrains, which is why the manufacturer provides 15% as the scooter’s hill climbing ability. 


The V40 comes with a 36V 7.8Ah Lithium-ion battery. 

By all measures of standards, this isn’t the biggest battery at this scooter’s price point, but we were surprised how it provides that much peak voltage to provide more than 20 Miles worth of range. 


Surprisingly, while this is a budget electric scooter, NAVEE used sizeable 10-inch air-filled tires here. 

With these ones, there is nothing much to worry about bumpy surfaces as the ground clearance is already great. 

Since this budget scooter, like every other budget ride, lacks a suspension system, these pneumatic tires play a crucial shock absorption role, making the ride quality great.

Water-Resistance Rating 

It’s possible for you to get caught up in light showers. If that happens, you have not much cause for alarm because this ride features an IP rating of IP55. Most electric scooters in its class and other premium models have IP54 as the water-resistance rating, making this ride a great deal. 

While at that, we don’t recommend riding under wet weather repeatedly as there are high chances of the electronic components getting damaged. Again, no manufacturer or retailer we know so far covers water damage under warranty. 

NAVEE V40 Features


NAVEE has used aluminum alloy as the frame-making material in their V40 model. Aluminum alloy is the sturdiest yet among the lightweight materials for making electric scooter frames, which is why this ride is so light yet so sturdy. 

The deck width is 6.3 inches, which is spacious enough for adults to comfortably keep their legs. 

For the accelerator, NAVEE uses a thumb throttle, and we are happy that this scooter is one of the few featuring thumb throttles that lack any dead zone. 

About the Display, it’s a 3.5-inch Ergonomic-suspended type. What we love the most about it is that it has anti-glare properties, meaning you can track different details even under sunlight. 

With the Display, you can check the riding speed, battery status, and the overall condition of the ride. This scooter also connects to the NAVEE APP, meaning you can explore more features and details about the ride from your phone. 


Do you live or work upstairs? Do you wish to keep your ride in your car’s trunk without additional support? Lightweight rocks, buddy. 

The NAVEE V40 weighs only 36 lbs, making it one of the most portable adult electric scooters. 

The main reasons why this scooter is so light are that it comes with a small motor and battery, and the frame material is aluminum alloy, which is light. 


NAVEE V40 Review

Few electric scooters have a seamless folding design, and NAVEE V40 seems to be one of those. 

We were surprised to fold and unfold this little beast in just a matter of seconds. When folded, the NAVEE V40 electric scooter can fit in most tight spaces you know of. We noticed that it measures 44.9*19.0*19.3” when folded and 44.9*19.0*46.8 inches when uncollapsed. 

Safety Features

Safety is paramount and thankfully, NAVEE left nothing to chance here. 

The rear has the disc type while the front is the Electronic ABS to prevent the wheel from skidding on slippery terrains or even locking up. 

Its bright 1.9W headlight has an automatic sensor, making it a helpful accessory at night. At the rear, this e-scooter also features a taillight, and also a bright LED brake light at any pressing of brakes. 

On the stem, they provide a secure Airtag housing for the rider to seamlessly track their ride and focus on more important stuff than just worrying about losing their e-ride. 

The battery incorporates the Smart Battery Management System feature, which means there is no cause for alarm about the scooter overheating, over-discharging, over-charging, or even low-temperature charging.

NAVEE V40 Pros

  • One of the best-budget electric scooters for heavy adults
  • The IPX5 water-resistant rating is perfect for when it’s dusty or when riders get caught up under light showers
  • The 10-inch air-filled tires are sizeable enough to improve shock absorption and come in handy for enhancing the ground clearance 
  • APP connection makes it easy for riders to always be in the know
  • Tons of safety features make the rider and the scooter safe. 


  • The range could be more
  • It could have featured a suspension system.

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