NAVEE V50 Review

NAVEE V50 Review: The Safest Budget Electric Scooter Ever?

Electric scooters are prone to theft and owners try their level best to not leave their rides unattended. 

However, scooter thieves always believe the phrase that “every dog has its day” is applicable to them at some point. 

Now, for NAVEE, they didn’t take anything to chance and for that reason, they have included support for Airtag tracking in the NAVEE V50 model

In our NAVEE V50 review, we will look at whether it’s the safest budget model from theft and any other specs and features setting it apart from its worthy competitors. 

NAVEE V50 Specifications

Motor Peak Power700W
Battery36v 10.4 Ah
Tested Top Speed18.9 MPH
Tested Top Range29.2 Miles
Tires10-inch; Pneumatic
BrakingRear Disc; Front EABS
Water Resistance Rating IP55
LightingHeadlight, Taillight, Brake Lights
Weight Capacity265 lbs
Weight37 LBS

Our Full NAVEE V50 Review

NAVEE V50 Electric Scooter Review

Our Tested Top Speed

We use ideal conditions while testing any electric scooter on our database. 

By that, we mean that we test-ride it on smooth-tarmacked surfaces, with a full battery, an optimal working motor, and the test rider has to be below the provided load capacity. 

Now, while testing the V50, we subjected it to a flat and smooth-tarmacked road and the rider weighed 178 lbs. 

We recorded 18.9 Miles per Hour as our max speed on our GPS tracker. The display showed 19.1 MPH, which means there is a discrepancy, albeit minor. 

Basically, this ride isn’t the fastest you will find but then in its class, few of its competitors go past 20 Miles per Hour. Its max speed is somewhere near its more affordable sibling, the NAVEE V40 scooter

Tested Top Range

NAVEE focused more on range than speed while manufacturing the V50 electric scooter. 

Riders interested in moving from point A to B in the city can joyfully take advantage of its high range. 

We recorded 29.2 Miles on a single battery charge before the scooter went off. 

Just so you know, you will only record long-range when you ride in the Pedestrian mode. Flooring the throttle to go at full speed will give less range. 


The NAVEE V50 scooter uses a 350W brushless hub motor that produces a peak power output of 700W. 

If you are wondering about its elder brother – the NAVEE N65C that has a peak power output of 800W but goes for a rated max speed of 20 MPH, then know that this is all due to the minute difference in power ratings. 


NAVEE used a 36V 10.4Ah Lithium Battery while manufacturing the V50. 

Its 36V peak voltage is responsible for enabling the ride to hit a maximum stated range of 31 miles. 

IP Rating

This scooter features a water-resistance rating of IPX5. More premium models such as the YUME Osprey actually come with an IPX4 rating, meaning the V50 can withstand wet weather relatively better than most priced models we see today. 

Again, this IP rating means that the scooter has proper protection against dusty environments. 

Note that we DON’T recommend riding under rainy conditions. While this e-scooter is water-resistant, it’s not waterproof, which means it’s prone to water damage, and again, no retailer or manufacturer covers water damage under warranty. 


Featuring 10-inch pneumatic tires, these are sizeable enough to raise the ground clearance for riders who will maneuver bumpy terrains. 

Again, since this scooter has air-filled tires, the shock absorption is much better than models that feature solid tires. 

NAVEE V50 Features


Most electric scooters for adults are genuinely not portable and thankfully, NAVEE noticed that and decided to do what they could to come up with this portable electric scooter for adults. 

Weighing only 37 lbs, most adults and some teens won’t have any problem lifting this ride to possibly keep it inside a car’s trunk or climbing a couple of staircases to their office. 


Folded NAVEE V50 Electric Scooter

Foldability is a crucial feature for e-scooters to have and thankfully, NAVEE doesn’t disappoint in this. 

Its folding mechanism is one of the most unique, with it having a double rotation feature. 

The design is minimalistic and this beauty can fit in most tight spaces, all thanks to its rotating handlebars. 

When folded, this model measures 44.9*19.0*19.3” and we believe these are needful details if you would like to gauge if it will fit in a compact space of a specific dimension.

When unfolded, this e-scooter measures 44.9*19.0*46.8”.


NAVEE uses an aluminum alloy frame while manufacturing the V50 electric scooter. 

Aluminum alloy is the sturdiest yet light electric scooter frame-making material, and you can rest assured that this model won’t break down on you if you are within the stated weight capacity.

The deck measures 6.3” in width and this means adults can comfortably keep their feet in whatever position they so wish. 

The display is one of the most unique we have set our eyes on, as it’s the ergonomic type. Even better, it’s a sizeable one measuring 3.5 inches in terms of length. What we love the most about it is that it has anti-glaring properties, making visibility a breeze even under direct sunlight.  

Safety Features

Most manufacturers focus so much on the rider’s safety than the ride itself, and this is something NAVEE seems to have sorted out. 

They include an Airtag supporting holder on the stem where riders can place their tag for enhanced scooter safety. By including this feature, we can undoubtedly say that this is the best-budget e-scooter that prioritizes safety against theft. 

When it comes to the features that enable the rider to be as safe as possible, one of those is the functional braking system used in this model. 

At the rear, NAVEE includes a disc brake for proper stopping power. At the front, this scooter has an Electronic Anti-locking Braking System to keep the wheels free from locking up or even sliding on slippery surfaces. 

The 1.9W auto-sensing headlight is a vital feature to have for maximum brightness and safety for the rider and others. There is also a bright taillight and LED brake lights that switch on automatically at any brake pressing. 

Regarding battery safety, this model incorporates a Smart Battery Management System to protect the battery from over-charging, over-discharging, short-circuiting, and extreme temperature conditions. 

Large Display

The 3.5-inch Ergonomic Display in the NAVEE V50 electric scooter shows different functions. These include:

The Riding Mode: Riders can visibly see their engaged riding mode. Are they in the Pedestrian, Standard, or Sport Mode?

Riding Speed: What speed are you riding at? You can see it in real-time in the middle of this ergonomic suspended display.

Scooter status: Which parts need to be serviced? Are there components that have failed? Is the scooter on the verge of slightly overheating? You will be notified on this 3.5-inch Display for your action. 

Mobile APP

The V50 scooter seamlessly connects to the NAVEE APP where riders can access functions such as the Riding Data, any Faults on the scooter, Energy recovery, and lots more functionalities. 

NAVEE V50 Pros

  • For the features and specs, this scooter is affordably priced
  • This scooter is built like a tank – superb build quality
  • The compact build design makes it perfectly fit in most tight spaces
  • Weighing below 40 lbs, this scooter is ultra-portable 
  • Tons of safety features make the rider and the scooter properly safe. 


  • This unit lacks a suspension system
  • It could have featured tubeless tires. 

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