Senada ARCHON Review

Senada ARCHON Review: The Best-Value Electric Bike of All Time?

The ARCHON has been Senada’s best-selling electric bike for years now, and it is also one of the most positively reviewed e-bikes we have today. 

Initially, they used to call it the Senada ARCHON Pro, but they renamed it to just “ARCHON” after most customers insisted on the name change. 

Since it was one of the most common models in our group rides and owners had only great things to say about the ARCHON, I decided to order it and see what it could and couldn’t do. 

After several spins across different terrains, we hereby present our comprehensive Senada ARCHON Review. 

Senada ARCHON Specs

Disclaimer: These specifications are based on our tests and may vary widely from what the manufacturer says. I weigh 198 lbs and depending on your weight, you may record a higher or lower top speed and range. 

Having put that out of the way, these are the ultimate Senada ARCHON Specifications: 

Our Tested Maximum Speed28.7 MPH
Our Tested Maximum Range 32.1 Miles on Pure Electric Riding 
Motor1000W Nominal Power
Battery48V 17.5 Ah
Braking160MM Mechanical Disc 
Tires26 X 4-Inch
Charging Time7 Hours
Weight67 lbs
Weight Capacity330 lbs

Senada ARCHON Review: Getting Ready

Unboxing the Senada ARCHON Electric Mountain Bike

Senada ARCHON Unboxing

The full package weighs 84 lbs, so if you have a fear of weightlifting, you might need an extra hand to do proper unboxing. 

As Senada ships the ARCHON to the customer, they use styrofoam to properly package the ebike and protect it from physical damage while in transit. For the delicate parts such as the LCD Display, they wrap them using a softer padding material to keep them scratch-free. 

The other parts such as the battery and pedals come enclosed in their own boxes, so the protection against damage is excellent. 

Senada ARCHON Assembling

Just like any other electric bike in their catalog, Senada ships the ARCHON when it’s already 90% pre-assembled, so you won’t have any cause for alarm as you assemble it to 100%. 

Since they provide tools such as a wrench and Allen Keys, assembling the ARCHON e-bike to 100% won’t take you more than 30 minutes.

We recommend that you begin by fixing the front tires first and then the kickstand so that you can fully assemble the bike when it’s already in an upright position. 

The pedals are properly marked with the L and R symbols to show which one fits the Left or Right, making it easy for you to join them fast. 

For the crank and pedal threads, we recommend that you align them properly to avoid cross-threading or mangling these components. After that, tighten all the bolts and you will have a fully-assembled Senada ARCHON electric bike. 

There is a crucial hex bolt for you to tighten under the rubber grommet, which makes the handlebar properly tightened. Failing to tighten this one well might make the handlebars somewhat shaky. 

When you have properly assembled the e-bike, we recommend that you fully charge it and inflate the tires to the right pressure before you take your ARCHON Step-over electric bike for the first ride.  

While Senada sends out a user manual which is perfect for assembling and the bike’s features, you might find the instructions relatively harder to follow. We recommend that you download the user manual on their website instead. 

Our Full Senada ARCHON Review

Senada ARCHON Review

Tested Top Speed

While testing the Senada ARCHON in ideal riding conditions, 28.7 Miles per Hour was our maximum riding speed in Pure electric riding mode.

By ideal riding conditions, we mean that we subject the ride to a smooth flat tarmacked surface, with a full battery, a serviced e-biked, and the rider’s weight has to be below the rated weight limit. 

If a lighter rider tested this e-bike in the same conditions, they could have gotten a higher top speed. In the case of a heavier rider than me, the maximum speed would have been lower. 

That means that depending on your weight, the maximum speed you will get from the ARCHON might vary from what our GPS Tracker showed. 

Tested Maximum Range

While testing for the maximum range per single charge, we used 15 MPH as our maximum speed and maintained it at that with the cruise control feature. 

In Pure Electric riding mode, 32.1 Miles was our maximum riding distance before the battery. When we engaged the Pedal-Assist mode, 62.3 Miles was our maximum riding distance before the battery ran out of juice. 

If you are wondering why we settled for 15 Miles per Hour as our maximum speed while testing for top range, it was because we didn’t want to go so slow or too fast. And while at it, the faster you go on any electric vehicle, the lower the maximum range you will have. 


Before Senada upgraded the ARCHON, they initially used 750W Bafang motors. 

However, most customers complained about these motors being too torquey. Now, Senada decided to manufacture their own motors which they now call the XY Motors, and the upgraded ARCHON models have XY 1000W toothed brushless hub motors. 

These produce 1300W Peak Power Output and 82Nm worth of Torque. From our tests and what others report, this is the perfect motor combination for the e-bike, as it comes with an equally compatible 48V 25A controller. 

If you would rather have a relatively higher peak power output at almost a similar price, the upgraded Senada SABER might be worth your time. 


An electric bike battery is the priciest component and cheapening out on it means there is a looming disaster. 

Thankfully, Senada uses a premium 48V 17.5Ah Dorado battery. Dorado is one of the leading e-bike battery manufacturers and you can rely on this one to last you 600 charging cycles. 

Even better, Senada provides a 1-Year Warranty for the battery, so should anything go wrong with it, there is no cause for worry about you replacing it so fast after a few weeks of riding. 

Senada ARCHON Tires

Senada ARCHON Electric Bike

The ARCHON fat tire electric bike comes with 26 X 4-inch air-filled tires, which means the ground clearance is also perfect. 

The shock absorption is ideal, and this means there is no cause for alarm when traversing different tough terrains. 

The grip and traction of these air-filled tires are perfect when you come across loose and slippery surfaces. Thanks to the adaptability of these functional tires, the frame is also safe from any ruggedness caused. 

Senada ARCHON Features


In terms of durability, you can’t be wrong to say that the Senada ARCHON electric bike has been built like a tank. 

For the frame, they use aluminum alloy, the most robust yet lightweight bike frame-making material. Other parts made of aluminum include the kickstand, the reflective pedals, and the crankset. 

When you engage the Pedal-Assist Mode, the ARCHON features a Prowheel 52T Crankset, which helps the chain to move freely and effortlessly. 

The front spoke is 14 Gauge 262 MM while the rear is 13 Gauge 207 MM, making it perfectly capable of transferring weight from the hub to the rim and vice versa.

In terms of comfort, the ARCHON features a front-suspension fork system for proper shock absorption while traversing different terrain setups. Even better, the saddle seat is a soft ergonomic type, and its post is seamlessly adjustable to cater to riders of different heights. 

If you wish to know your engaged PAS settings, Riding mode, the mileage covered, and power, the Senada ARCHON comes with a smart LCD Display to keep you always in the know. 

Is the Senada ARCHON Portable? 

In terms of its weight, the ARCHON is one of the lightest electric bikes for adults. However, this isn’t an ultra-portable model, especially considering that it weighs 68 lbs.

Lifting it to keep it inside a car trunk might be a challenge for some light adults. It’s even more challenging to lift it and take it a couple of stairs up. 

Depending on your preferences, you might think of a foldable electric bike such as the top-selling Senada ROAMER if foldability means the world to you. 

Safety Features

With 160MM Mechanical Disc braking, you can rest assured that you are looking into some of the easiest brakes to customize and work on. 

While mechanical disc braking is great, their power in the quest to have emergency stopping isn’t as great as the hydraulic type. If you value customizing your bike to your preferred taste, I recommend that you upgrade the brakes to this hydraulic type.

If you enjoy riding at night, the ARCHON features a 450-lumen and a 30-lumen taillight, which also acts as the brake light. Since lights consume some battery power, I recommend that you use a brighter and rechargeable headlight + taillight

The brake levers are the anti-slip type, and they have a motor cut-off switch, which comes in handy to also keep you safer. 

To alert others to give way, this e-bike also features an ear-enticing horn, which we find to be a crucial feature to have.

My Senada ARCHON Riding Experience


While the ARCHON comes with dual keys, this electric bike doesn’t use keys to turn on. Instead, these are usable for locking the swappable battery in its right compartment. 

Now, once you switch on the ARCHON and get ready to ride, you will notice that it starts gradually before it gains momentum. When you are in the Pure electric riding mode and after you floor the half-twist throttle, you will notice that this all-terrain fat tire electric bike just wants to keep going. 

The interesting part is now when you switch to the Pedal-Assist mode. Each PAS level has its rated high speed limit as we tabulate below: 

Pedal Assist SettingMaximum Speed (MPH)

While riding downhill, I noticed that it’s easy to hit past 30 Miles per Hour. In my case, I quickly hit 35 MPH downhill, but the Odometer slowly went back to showing 30 MPH before it showed a further drop in maximum speed after getting to a flat terrain. 

You can adjust the front suspension fork when preloaded, and you will notice that its up to 110 mm worth of suspension travel adds so much to the overall ride quality. Since this isn’t a full-hydraulic suspension electric bike, the ride quality isn’t at par with the full-hydraulic types such as the all-new Senada VIPER

The tires feel somewhat knobby when you are crushing on smooth tarmacked surfaces, but they are excellent as you crush logging roads, trails, and any other tough terrains. This is an excellent all-terrain electric bike for the money. 

Senada ARCHON Pros

  • The ARCHON has stood the test of time and build quality
  • Futuristic design
  • The motor and battery are powerful enough for the complete thrill
  • Different adjustable parameters cater to riders of different weights and heights
  • Great value for the money compared to most e-bikes in its class. 


  • The mechanical disc brakes feel relatively cheap. Hydraulic is better
  • More attention is needed when assembling, otherwise, the uncommon screws might cross-thread. 

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