Senada Gladiator Review

Senada GLADIATOR Review: The Best Folding E-bike for the Money?

Senada Gladiator Ebike

If you have a compact space somewhere and feel like your e-bike should stay there, consider a folding electric bike a great choice. 

The problem is that there are few reliable foldable e-bikes, and the available ones cost an arm and leg. 

Senada decided to sort out this misfit by introducing their all-new GLADIATOR model to the market. 

Right away, grab your pumpkin spice latte as you cozy in for our ultimate Senada GLADIATOR Review. 

But first things first. Let’s have a glance at the…

Senada GLADIATOR Specs

Disclaimer: These specifications are based on our tests and they may vary widely from what the manufacturer says. I weigh 198 lbs and depending on your weight, you may record a higher or lower top speed and range. 

Having kept that out of our way, we have compiled the Senada GLADIATOR specifications in the table below: 

Tested Top Speed26.7 MPH on pure electric riding
Tested Top Range 33.1 Miles on pure electric riding
Battery48V 15Ah
Motor750W Nominal Power
AcceleratorThumb Throttle
Tire Size20 X 4 Inches
Frame MaterialAluminum Alloy
Weight67 lbs
Load Capacity350 lbs

Senada GLADIATOR E-Bike Review: Getting Ready


Senada Gladiator Folding Electric Bike

From the pictures, you can wrongly think that the Senada GLADIATOR is a small entry-level e-bike, but you couldn’t be more wrong! It’s actually bigger than the foldable top-selling Senada DRIFTER step-over electric bike.

This is a sizeable heavy adult foldable electric bike and you might actually need some help to properly unbox this thing. 

For proper protection, while the ebike is getting shipped to you, Senada uses heavy styrofoam to keep each part intact. Parts such as the LCD Display are protected against scratching using a soft wrapping material. 

Basically, you are bound to receive an intact box with an intact GLADIATOR e-bike. Also, since Senada offers a 2-year warranty, you rest assured that if anything was damaged in transit, you can ask for a replacement. 


Senada provides a free Allen Key Set and Wrench to make assembling more seamless. 

Even better, the GLADIATOR comes when it’s already 95% assembled, making assembling the remaining parts more buttery. 

Assembling the GLADIATOR involves just putting the pedals in their right places, joining the bolts at their correct positions, and having a ready-to-ride e-bike. 

We always recommend that you fully charge your e-bike and inflate the tires to the stated PSI before the first ride. 

If you have any problem assembling, be sure to refer to the user manual that is included in each Senada electric bike purchase. 

Our Full Senada GLADIATOR Review

Our Tested Top Speed

Like each electric vehicle on our database, we tested the Senada GLADIATOR in ideal riding conditions. By this, we mean that the riding surface was smooth tarmacked, the battery was full, and each part was properly serviced since it was a brand-new e-bike. 

Now, our highest speed on pure electric riding was 26.7 Miles per Hour. While riding downhill, 28.5 MPH was the max speed, but it came back to 28 MPH in a short while. 

Now, if a lighter rider with my level of experience rode the GLADIATOR in the same riding conditions, there are higher chances that their max speed could be higher than what my GPS Speed tracker showed. 

Conversely, if a heavier rider tested this ride, their max speed would be lower say 25 MPH. 

As a rule of thumb, your weight and riding conditions determine the maximum speed big time. 

Secondly, always know that the faster you ride, the lower the maximum range you will record. 

Our Tested Top Range

We usually describe the range as the maximum riding distance one gets in an electric vehicle before it runs out of charge. 

Now, for the GLADIATOR, I traveled for 33.1 Miles before the battery ran out of juice. With the pedal-assist mode, 58.7 Miles was my maximum riding distance before I had an empty battery. 

In these two instances, I was riding at a maximum speed of 12 Miles per Hour. As usual, the faster you ride your electric bike, the lower your top range will be. 

If you wish to achieve more range, you can consider the all-new Senada OSPREY at a slightly lower price than the GLADIATOR. 


The GLADIATOR has a Chained 750W brushless hub motor. It produces a peak power output of 900W. 

This relatively high peak power output is the reason why you can expect your GLADIATOR to hit more than 25 Miles per Hour without any perspiration. 

If you want a more potent ride, the all-new Senada VIPER Mountain electric bike produces a peak power output of 1300W, which means it’s a faster alternative.


The Senada GLADIATOR comes with a 48V 15Ah UL 2849 Certified battery. Since the battery is the most expensive component in any electric vehicle, Senada backs it up with a 1-year warranty. 

It took me only 6 hours to fully charge this battery and what I love the most is that it’s strategically positioned beneath the rear rack. At that position, it’s properly protected against most threats. 

Even better, this battery has a water-resistance rating of IPX4 to keep it safe from water damage, especially when riders get caught up under light showers. 

If a massive battery is your sweet spot instead, then the top-selling Senada HERALD is right up your alley. It has a 48V 21 Ah 1008 Wh battery.


The Senada GLADIATOR  folding electric bike has fat 20 X 4-inch air-filled tires. 

These are sizeable enough to penetrate different terrains. The shock absorption when riding on bumpy and rough terrains is also more enhanced, which makes it a perfect all-rounded all-terrain e-bike. 

Senada GLADIATOR Features


Senada Gladiator Foldable Electric Bike

Let’s face it; foldable electric bikes are much more convenient than the non-folding type. 

The Senada GLADIATOR foldable electric bike folds and unfolds in a matter of seconds, with one of the most seamless folding mechanisms we have seen just yet. 

With a foldable e-bike such as the GLADIATOR:

  • You can conveniently keep it in most tight spaces such as in your car trunk, in PSVs, or in a corner in your office/garage
  • Avoid theft as you can always keep this e-bike attended due to its minimalist design
  • Get around with your e-bike as the foldability design aspect allows you to comfortably carry it as you wish. 


Since the Senada GLADIATOR electric bike is foldable, you can accurately guess that it’s also conveniently portable. 

Even though it weighs 67 lbs, most heavy adults won’t have a problem lifting this ride and say keeping it in a car’s trunk. 

Safety Features

Your safety and that of others matter a lot, and it can only make sense that your electric bike offers a high degree of safety. 

To begin with, the GLADIATOR features 180MM Mechanical Disc Brakes at the rear and the front. With this one, the stopping power is appropriate and the braking distance is properly short. 

The grip levers are the anti-slip type and have a motor cut-off switch, meaning you can tweak your ride to fit your safe settings.

If you endeavor to ride at night at some point, this e-bike also features a 650 Lumen headlight which is bright enough to offer you the much-needed clear visibility. 


Senada uses an aluminum alloy mountain bike frame, which makes this ride robust enough to conquer different rough terrains.

Fellow owners like describing the GLADIATOR’s frame as having been built like a tank, which we all agree. 

The mountain bike design helps to lower the Center of Gravity, even when you load the e-bike with up to 100 lbs of luggage on the rear rack. 

For the gear shift system, Senada uses a Shimano 7-speed shift to ensure downshifting or uphill riding is more buttery. Even better, adjust to your preferred speed, and your Senada GLADIATOR will take you to your destination without breaking a sweat. 

For the throttle, Senada uses the thumb type. Of all those featuring the thumb throttle type, few electric bikes have no throttle dead zone and the GLADIATOR is among them. 

This thumb accelerator is highly responsive, something lacking in most electric bikes and electric scooters.

The Crankset is also made of aluminum, one of the sturdiest manufacturing materials for proper longevity. 

Do you want to have better protection while riding in muddy or dusty terrains? This e-bike has full-coverage rear and front fenders for optimal results. 

Senada GLADIATOR LCD Display

The Senada GLADIATOR comes with a Smart anti-glare LCD Display, which showcases crucial information such as the riding speed, range, battery status, and riding mode. 

Unlike most e-bikes we have today, you can easily see the writings on the display even under the full glare of sunlight. 


  • One of the most affordable foldable electric bikes on the market
  • The Senada GLADIATOR is one of the lightest electric bikes in its class
  • The aluminum alloy used in the frame, crankset, and kickstand makes each of these parts durable 
  • The thumb throttle has no dead zone, which makes accelerating a breeze
  • The soft ergonomic saddle makes riding more comfortable regardless of how many miles the rider covers. 


  • The Senada GLADIATOR ebike could have featured the hydraulic braking type 
  • The motor could have been at least 1000W. 

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