Senada OSPREY Review

Senada OSPREY Review: The Best-Budget Long-Range Electric Bike?

When I was in the market for a new electric bike, range mattered more to me than any other spec, and I had heard good things about Senada. 

I looked into their different offerings and decided to settle on their OSPREY Cargo Electric Bike

Did it meet my expectations 1K Miles later? Grab a seat as we look through our comprehensive Senada Osprey review. 

Senada OSPREY Specs

Senada OSPREY Review
Pic: Oleg

Disclaimer: These specifications are based on our tests and they may vary widely from what the manufacturer says. I weigh 198 lbs and depending on your weight, you may record a higher or lower top speed and range. 

With that out of the way, these are the ultimate Senada OSPREY Step-through electric bike Specifications: 

Tested Top Speed26.3 MPH
Tested Top Range38.2 Miles on Pure Electric Riding, 69.7 Miles on Pedal Assist Riding Mode
Motor500W Nominal Power
Battery48V 20Ah
Charging Time8 Hours
Tires20 X 4 Inches
BrakingMechanical Disk
Frame MaterialAluminum
Weight70.5 lbs
Weight Capacity350 lbs

Senada OSPREY E-bike Review: Getting Ready


No Ifs, Ands, or Buts, pictures offer no justice to the size of this e-bike. By all measures of standards, it’s bigger than seen from the pics. 

With the box weighing 92 lbs, you might need help, especially if you have fear in weightlifting just like me. 

To protect the e-bike from damage while getting shipped, Senada uses heavy styrofoam to ensure that each component is safe. The display is wrapped in a softer wrapping material to keep it scratch-free. 


Just like it is for each Senada Bike, the Osprey comes 90% pre-assembled, and completing the assembling takes just a couple of minutes. 

Even better, Senada includes a Wrench and Allen Key Set to make the assembly more seamless. 

So, after you remove the styrofoam, you only need to mount the front wheel in its rightful place, join the handlebars, assemble the handlebars, tightly screw each part as expected, and start riding!

If anything seems unclear, Senada provides an assembly guide in the box and you can refer to it to ensure that everything is joined as expected. 

Our Full Senada OSPREY Review

Senada OSPREY Electric Bike

Tested Top Speed

For each electric ride on our database, we use the ideal riding conditions for the testing. This means that we go for smooth-tarmacked surfaces, the ride has a full battery, all the parts are properly serviced, and the rider is below the rated weight limit. 

For the Senada Osprey, we recorded 26.3 MPH as our tested top speed based on the ideal riding conditions, and with a 198-lb rider. 

While riding downhill, the top speed was exactly 28 MPH. Depending on where you ride this electric bike and your weight, you can record more or lesser high speed than we had. 

As we mentioned above, this is more of a long-range electric bike than a fast one. If speeds above 30 MPH complete your thrills, you can opt for the beefy 1000W Senada VIPER Mountain Electric bike instead. 

As a rule of thumb though, the faster you go on an e-bike while using the Pure electric riding mode, the lower the max range on a single charge you will expect. 

Tested Top Range

While riding at 20 MPH and on the Pure Electric Riding Mode, I recorded 38.2 Miles as my Maximum Range. 

For the pedal-assist mode, 69.7 Miles was my top range per single charge. 

Again, depending on the riding conditions and your weight, you can easily cloak the manufacturer’s stated 75 Miles for pedal-assisted riding and 40 Miles for pure electric riding. 


Senada uses a 500W hub motor in their Osprey model. This motor produces a peak power output of 750W, explaining why it will reach a maximum riding speed of above 25 Miles per Hour without breaking any sweat. 

If you would rather have a higher peak output at nearly the same price, you can consider the all-new Senada GLADIATOR which has a nominal motor power of 750W and a peak power output of 900W.


Since the Senada OSPREY ebike is a long-range ride, it could only make sense if it came with a massive battery capacity. 

For this one, they use a 48V 20Ah UL-certified battery. In terms of battery capacity, only a few models such as the Senada SABER all-terrain e-bike have a higher rating and at relatively lower prices.

As usual, the battery is the most expensive electronic component of each electric ride, and thankfully, you have no cause for worry as you buy this ebike; it has a 1-year warranty on the battery. 

As such, there is no cause for alarm about meeting the high cost of battery replacement within the first year of proper use of your OSPREY Senada Bike. 

While Senada provides a range of between 7 and 9 hours for the OSPREY model to be fully charged, it took only 8 hours for me to fully charge the battery. 

For proper battery protection, it’s strategically placed beneath the rear rack, which is sturdy enough to withstand up to 100 lbs of weight. 

The battery life is longer with it reaching up to 800 charging cycles, all thanks to the torque sensor in this e-bike. You can refer to more details about this sensor down below.


For a long-range electric bike like this one, it can be best if they consider comfort and thankfully, Senada never disappoints. 

They use the fork suspension system for this model. Even better, this suspension system has the most seamless lockout system for enhanced performance as the bike absorbs rough impact or any kind of shock regardless of the terrain it’s subjected to. 

The functional suspension system along with the sizeable air-filled tires make shock absorption even more streamlined, a feature most of us are desperate to have. Only the Senada ROAMER folding full-suspension electric bike comes closer to what we have in the OSPREY model in terms of suspension systems.

Along with the fork suspension and massive air-filled fat tires, the Senada Osprey Step-through electric bike also features one of the softest ergonomic saddle seats we have seen. Chewing rough terrains won’t be an issue with this e-bike. Comfort is at its best right there. 

Senada OSPREY Features 



There might be a few instances where you will need to carry your electric bike. 

Including the battery, the Senada Osprey weighs 32 Kgs (70.5 lbs). Unless you are a big dawg, this weight isn’t ultra-portable by all measures of standards, but most adults won’t have much problems lifting this e-bike unassisted. 

If heavyweight is a deal breaker, you can have a look at the Senada DRIFTER folding electric bike, which weighs only 64 lbs, at a more affordable price.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount while riding your electric bike and Senada used different safety parameters while manufacturing the OSPREY. 

For the braking, they use 180MM Mechanical Disc brakes at the rear and the front to make the stopping power more functional. 

If you hope to ride at night someday, Senada uses 650 Lumens Headlight to make visibility a breeze. For the taillight, Senada uses a bright 30-lumen one to make other road users notice your presence. As such, your safety and that of others is enhanced while riding at night. 



Senada uses an aluminum alloy mountain bike frame, which makes this ride robust enough to conquer different rough terrains.

Fellow owners like describing the OSPREY’s frame as having been built like a tank, which we all agree with. 

The moped design helps to lower the Center of Gravity, even when you load the e-bike with up to 100 lbs of luggage on the rear rack. 

For the gear shift system, Senada uses a 7-speed shift to ensure downshifting or uphill riding is more buttery. Even better, adjust to your preferred speed, and your OSPREY will take you to your destination undisturbed. 

For the throttle, Senada uses the thumb type. Of all those featuring the thumb throttle type, few electric bikes have no throttle dead zone and the OSPREY is one of those. 

This thumb accelerator is highly responsive, something lacking in most electric bikes and electric scooters.

The Crankset is also made of aluminum, one of the sturdiest manufacturing materials for proper longevity. 

Do you want to have better protection while riding in muddy or dusty terrains? This e-bike has full-coverage rear and front fenders for optimal results. 


The Senada OSPREY comes with a Smart anti-glare LCD Display, which showcases crucial information such as the riding speed, range, battery status, and riding mode. 

Unlike most e-bikes we have today, you can easily see the writings on the display even under the full glare of sunlight. 

Torque Sensor

Unlike most electric bikes that feature Cadence sensors, the Senada OSPREY comes with the epic Torque sensor. 

With a Torque sensor, riders can enjoy maintaining a steady pedaling level regardless of where they subject their e-bike to. 

Unlike a Cadence sensor where the top motor speed is determined by how fast the rider pedals, the effort the rider makes in e-bikes featuring the torque sensor determines how much electric assistance the motor receives to keep going. 

Ideally, with this ride, you will enjoy what natural traditional biking feels like. This proportionate assistance makes riders achieve a more consistent pedaling effort without breaking any sweat. 

Senada OSPREY Pros

  • For the features, this is a budget-friendly electric bike
  • The Torque sensor helps to ensure that the battery is more efficient as it only needs to provide voltage when needed
  • The build quality is superb
  • Since the Senada OSPREY is a step-through electric bike, it’s easier to alight or mount it than is the case with a step-over e-bike
  • With a load capacity of 350 lbs, riders of different weight categories can enjoy what the OSPREY has to offer
  • The battery capacity is high enough to cater to riders who value long-range.


  • The 500W Nominal motor power is so low for riders who prefer riding at higher speeds
  • The brakes could have been the hydraulic type. 

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