Senada ROAMER Review

Senada ROAMER Review: The Best Full Suspension Folding E-bike Under $1500?

Do you want to roam the hills, streets, or sandy conditions? Senada manufactured the ROAMER for just this purpose – Roaming around. 

This ultra-powerful e-bike features a rear 1000W toothed brushless hub motor and a full-hydraulic suspension. 

After taking it for several spins across different terrain setups, we compiled this comprehensive Senada ROAMER Review. Cozy in as we take you through it and help you make an informed buying decision. 

Senada ROAMER Specs

Disclaimer: These specifications are based on our tests and may vary widely from what the manufacturer says. I weigh 198 lbs and depending on your weight, you may record a higher or lower top speed and range. 

With that out of the way, we find these to be the ultimate Senada ROAMER Specifications: 

Tested Top Speed28.7 MPH on Pure Electric Riding 
Tested Top Range 29.3 Miles on Pure Electric Riding 
Motor1000W Nominal Power
Battery48V 14Ah
Braking160MM Mechanical Disc
Charging Time6 Hours
Tires26 X 4-Inch
Weight69 lbs
Weight Capacity330 lbs 

Senada ROAMER E-bike Review: Getting Ready


Senada ROAMER Review
Credit: Patrick Long

Since some courier staff may fail to handle e-bikes with care even when the boxes are clearly marked “Fragile,” Senada decided to up their game and now include a heavier styrofoam for safely wrapping the e-bike. 

For the most delicate parts such as the LCD Display, they use softer wrapping materials to ensure that they are scratch-free. 

Since the ROAMER has a folding mechanism, you may or may not need an extra hand to help you unbox it. 

For the new batch of ROAMER electric bikes, Senada now uses the “SENADA” logo instead of “SMLRO”, the manufacturer. So, don’t get confused as you unbox your ROAMER and see a different Logo from what you see from Socials. 

Buyers of the first batch can also ask for free decals from Senada to do away with “SMLRO” from their bikes. 


We find it easier to assemble the Senada ROAMER than their unfolding e-bikes. For the ROAMER Senada electric bike, they ship it when it’s already 95% pre-assembled, making the final assembly more seamless. 

In the box, Senada includes a Wrench and Allen Keys, which makes assembling easier and faster. 

The pedals are properly marked with the L and R symbols to show which one fits the Left or Right, making it easy for you to join them fast. 

For the crank and pedal threads, we recommend that you align them properly to avoid cross-threading or mangling these components. After that, tighten all the bolts and you will have a fully-assembled ROAMER electric bike. 

There is a crucial hex bolt for you to tighten under the rubber grommet, which makes the handlebar properly tightened. Failing to tighten this one well might make the handlebars somewhat shaky. 

When you have properly assembled the e-bike, we recommend that you fully charge it and inflate the tires to the right pressure before you take your Senada ROAMER folding electric bike for the first ride. 

While the assembling is straightforward and you might not even need any special instructions, Senada provides a user manual that you can refer to ensure each part is properly tightened. If you find the instructions hard to follow, you can download the manual, which we find easier to follow.

Our Full Senada ROAMER Review

Tested Top Speed

As we test any electric ride on our database, we subject it to ideal riding conditions. 

By ideal, we mean that we ensure that it’s properly serviced, fully charge the electric bike, and take it on a smooth tarmacked flat surface for full acceleration. 

While testing the Senada ROAMER, our GPS Speed Tracker showed 28.7 Miles per Hour as the maximum speed while on the Pure electric riding mode. 

While riding downhill, we easily hit 34 Miles per Hour, but the speedometer quickly adjusted to 30 Miles per Hour. The top-selling Senada DRIFTER has a somewhat similar top speed, which is why we rate it as the ROAMER alternative.

Tested Top Range  

Before we go further, it’s crucial for you to note that the faster you go on any electric vehicle, the lower the maximum riding distance you expect to have. 

Now, while testing the Senada ROAMER for top range in ideal riding conditions, we had a top pure electric riding range of 29.3 Miles. While using the Pedal-Assist Mode, we had 52.1 Miles as the Maximum Range. 

If I were lighter, with the same bike condition and in the same riding conditions, chances are high that I could have had a higher range per single charge. 

Conversely, if I were heavier, the top speed and top range would have been significantly lower than these recordings. So, the rider’s weight again determines the top range and top speed you will have.

If you would love it more when you have a higher range than anything else and at almost the same price, you can consider the good ol’ Senada SABER all-terrain ebike as your perfect companion.


The Senada ROAMER features a 1000W Nominal Toothed Brushless Hub Motor. The peak output power is 1300W. 

This Motor produces 82Nm worth of torque, meaning it will properly chew different kinds of terrain setups. 

For reference, the nominal power and the torque are similar to what we have in the premium $1500+ Senada VIPER E-bike, making this an ultra-powerful electric bike with somewhat similar specs to the premium e-bike models. 


The first Senada ROAMER batch featured 48V 10Ah batteries. However, after numerous customer complaints about the low range, Senada decided to upgrade this model with an all-new UL 2849 certified 48V 14Ah Battery. 

This is the same battery capacity used in the top-selling Senada Drifter Step-over electric bike, and owners swear by how unproblematic it is. 

You can expect the ROAMER’s battery to last you up to 700 charging cycles, which is excellent. Again, to show that Senada stands by this component, they offer a 1-year warranty, so you have no cause to worry about this component dying so soon. 


Senada ROAMER Folding Electric Bike
Credit: Michael Haggerty

The ROAMER is one of the few electric bikes featuring a full-suspension system and costing less than $1500. 

At the front, the Senada ROAMER foldable electric bike has an aluminum suspension shock system with a 100mm travel distance. Even better, this component has a seamless lockout operation to keep the rider safer. 

At the rear, this ride features a spring suspension system that is strategically positioned to function to the optimum. 

This full-suspension system helps riders maneuver even the roughest terrains on say hills, logging roads, on trails without any cause for alarm. 


Massive air-filled tires are crucial for providing much-needed comfort and stability while traversing different terrain setups. 

Since the ROAMER comes with 26 X 4-inch Chaoyang fat tires, the grip and traction are perfect when you come across loose and slippery surfaces. Thanks to the adaptability of these functional tires, the frame is also safe from any ruggedness caused. 

Along with the full suspension, these fat tires also play a crucial role in better shock absorption, which means your comfort is always enhanced regardless of how many miles you ride this model. 

Senada ROAMER Features 


The ROAMER deserves all the best accolades for being the best-value foldable electric bike featuring full hydraulic suspension. 

Even more premium models such as the Senada GLADIATOR lack these crucial features, making the ROAMER so special. 

Its folding mechanism is one of the most seamless, and you can fold or unfold this beast in just a matter of seconds. 

When folded, it measures 44.9 X 28.7 X 40.9 Inches, meaning it can fit in most compact spaces. Do you wish to keep this ride in your car’s trunk, a PSV, a corner in your garage, or a secluded place in your office? The ROAMER will undoubtedly fit in there.

If Senada included a handle to help riders seamlessly lift this ride when folded, that would be great. I find it a little bit awkward carrying my ROAMER without having a specified handle for that role.  


Weighing in at 69 lbs, the ROAMER isn’t the most ultra-portable folding electric bike you will ever find. Again, it’s not ultra-portable, which means not every adult can seamlessly lift it without breaking a sweat. 

Safety Features

Your safety and that of others matter a lot, and it should be prioritized. Thankfully, Senada has provided different safety features to necessitate this fact. 

The ROAMER comes with 160MM Mechanical Disc brakes at the rear and the front. The main benefit of these is that it’s easy to maintain and customize to your liking. 

However, these brakes aren’t exceptionally good for sudden stopping power, and it would have been best if Senada shipped it with the hydraulic braking type. You can decide to upgrade to pre-bled hydraulic brakes and enjoy a more superb stopping power. 

The headlight is a 650-lumen one which is bright enough for you to see clearly and get noticed by other riders. However, my ROAMER didn’t feature a brake light or taillight. You can make it part of your customization to buy an epic rechargeable headlight + taillight for more safety. 

To alert others of your presence, Senada includes an audible horn, which we find it to be a crucial safety feature for your ride. 


No Buts, Ifs, or Ands, the Senada ROAMER folding electric bike is built like a tank. 

They have used aluminum alloy to manufacture the frame, kickstand, and Crankset, which means this ride is robust enough and won’t break down on you as it hauls up to 300 lbs worth of weight. 

The rear rack is sturdy enough to carry up to 65 lbs worth of weight, which makes this e-bike your perfect companion for hauling groceries or even running errands on weekends. 

The front spoke is 14 Gauge 262 MM while the rear is 13 Gauge 207 MM, making it perfectly capable of transferring weight from the hub to the rim and vice versa. 

The gear shifter system is Shimano 7, which is adjustable and riders can tweak it to their preferred freewheel settings. 

The Prowheel 52T Crank, as expected, seamlessly helps to move the chain anytime you switch to the Pedal-assist riding mode. 

My Senada ROAMER Riding Experience 

Senada ROAMER Folding Full Suspension Electric Bike

Surprisingly, you don’t even need to use any key to power on the Senada ROAMER. The provided two keys are useful for locking the battery in its compartment. 

When I started my Senada ROAMER full suspension electric bike, it just wanted to go and go further after flooring the half-twist throttle. 

I particularly loved how comfy the ergonomic saddle seat felt and didn’t feel fatigued regardless of how many miles I covered before the battery ran out of juice. The seat, suspension, and air-filled tires provided me with much-needed comfort regardless of which terrain I subjected the ride to.

While going at maximum speed and decided to brake, the mechanical disc brakes rubbed a little bit and the braking distance was longer than when compared to electric bikes that feature the hydraulic braking type.

I noticed that when I use the Pedal Assist mode, each PAS setting has a speed limit. 

For instance, PAS 1 will limit you to 12 Miles per Hour. If you wish to literally fly, switch to PAS 5 and you will have unlocked the full speed while riding on the Pedal Assist mode. Changing any of the riding modes is simple, something adorable. 

While riding on all-terrains feels solid, we would also recommend that Senada consider using 4-ply tires instead of 2 to make it a multi-purpose offroad machine. Others want to pass through logging roads or for hunting, and 4-ply would be best for all terrains. 

Overall, the ride quality feels buttery, and the build quality feels solid. While riding the Senada ROAMER folding full-suspension electric bike, you feel like you are riding a small electric motorbike owing to how solid it feels. 

Senada ROAMER Pros

  • The price-to-spec and feature ratio is unbeatable
  • The full hydraulic suspension along with the sizeable tires and ergonomic saddle seat provide a perfect comfy riding experience 
  • The build quality is properly solid 
  • The folding mechanism is one of the most seamless in this ebike’s class
  • The high-quality battery and motor provide the assurance that there is nothing to worry about the electronic components dying so soon. 


  • The ROAMER could have featured hydraulic brakes for more optimized stopping power
  • Weighing 69 lbs, some riders might find it heavy to lift upstairs 

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