Senada VIPER Review

Senada VIPER Review: The Best Budget Full Suspension E-bike?

Do you love vipers? Are you scared of them? 

If you answered “YES” to any of those two queries, well, the Senada VIPER is here to complete your thrill. 

This e-bike has viper colors and when exposed to the sun, the wheels spark on the sun. Even better, this is a full-suspension e-bike for riders worth their salt. 

After taking it for several spins, we now present to you our unbiased Senada VIPER review. Pull up a comfy seat…

Senada VIPER Specs

Disclaimer: These specifications are based on our tests and they may vary widely from what the manufacturer says. I weigh 198 lbs and depending on your weight, you may record a higher or lower top speed and range. 

Having put that out of the way, these are the Senada VIPER Specifications:

Tested Top Speed29.3 MPH on Pure electric riding
Tested Top Range32.1 Miles on Pure electric riding
Motor1000W Nominal Power
Battery48V 17.5Ah
SuspensionRear Spring; Front Suspension Fork
BrakingMechanical Disc
Tires26 X 4” Tires
Charging Time7.5 hours 
Weight70 lbs
Weight Limit 330 lbs

Senada VIPER E-bike Review: Getting Ready

Unboxing the VIPER

Senada VIPER Unboxing
Credit: Oleg Skurskiy

As you can see from the image, the VIPER isn’t in any way a small e-bike. What if we also tell you that this image never does any justice to the size of this beauty? It’s more sizeable than it appears here, and also larger than the top-selling Senada DRIFTER foldable electric bike for adults. 

If you have a fear of weightlifting, you can rest assured that you won’t succeed in unboxing this beast alone. 

Thankfully, Senada uses thick styrofoam to protect this ride from getting damaged while in transit. For the more delicate parts such as the LCD Display, they use a softer wrapping material to keep it scratch-free. 

Assembling the Senada VIPER Electric Bike

Like all the Senada E-bikes on our database, Senada ships the Viper when it’s 90% pre-assembled. 

Again, they provide a wrench and Allen keys. You will only need to mount the front wheel in its right place, fix the pedals, and tighten the bolts in their appropriate position to have a 100% assembled e-bike. It took us only 25 Minutes to complete the assembly work. 

When you have properly assembled the e-bike, we recommend that you fully charge it and inflate the tires to the right pressure before you take the VIPER for the first ride. 

As usual, Senada provides a user manual that has assembling instructions, and should anything be unclear, please refer to that guide. 

Our Full Senada VIPER Review

Senada VIPER Review

Our Tested Maximum Speed

Like each electric vehicle on our database, we test the top speed in ideal conditions. 

By this, we mean that the e-bike is fully charged, fully serviced, on flat tarmacked terrains, and with a rider below the rated maximum weight. 

From our tests, we had 29.3 Miles per Hour as the maximum speed in ideal conditions when riding at the fastest mode and on Pure electric riding. When riding downhill, the e-bike easily reached 35 MPH but shortly went back to 30 MPH. 

If a lighter rider with my experience rode in the same conditions, they could have recorded a higher max speed than what I had. Conversely, heavier riders will always have a lower tested top speed. 

Our Tested Top Range

While riding in ideal conditions, we recorded a top range of 32.1 Miles on the pure electric riding mode. 

As is with each electric vehicle, the faster you ride, the lower the top range you will record. For the VIPER, we used a top speed of 12 Miles per Hour. Now, if we went faster, our riding distance before the battery ran out of juice would be higher. 

While using the pedal-assist mode, we recorded 60.3 Miles as our maximum range before the battery ran out of charge. 

The top range is somewhat similar to what we have seen with the Senada GLADIATOR, but the VIPER cooks the GLADIATOR in terms of speed. 


While manufacturing the VIPER, Senada uses a Chained brushless hub motor with a nominal power of 1000W. This produces a peak output of 1300W, which is why you can see that this ride is in the range of relatively fast rides. 

Only the top-selling Senada HERALD produces a higher peak output than the VIPER (1500W vs. 1300W).


Senada VIPER Battery

The Senada VIPER comes with a UL 2849 Certified 48V 17.5Ah, which is quite surprising. For this beast, it would have been better if they considered a 20Ah or 21Ah battery, but all in all, its maximum range is amazing, so it’s all good. 

Since the battery is the most expensive component in any electric ride, Senada decided to take your worries away by providing a 1-Year warranty for the VIPER. As such, you have no cause for alarm about meeting the replacement costs shortly after the purchase.

If you would rather have a higher-capacity battery at a relatively lower price, the all-new Senada OSPREY Model is worth looking at. 


One of the Unique Selling Points of this e-bike is that it features full suspension while keeping the final price significantly affordable. 

At the front, the VIPER has an aluminum suspension shock system with a 100mm travel distance. Even better, this component has a seamless lockout operation to keep the rider safer. 

At the rear, this ride features a spring suspension system that is strategically positioned to function to the optimum. The Senada ROAMER foldable full-suspension electric bike can only come closer to the VIPER when it comes to seamless suspension systems.

This full-suspension system helps riders maneuver even the roughest terrains on say hills, logging roads, on trails without any cause for alarm. 

Senada VIPER Mountain Electric Bike Suspension


The VIPER features large 26-inch tires. These provide proper comfort and stability regardless of which terrains the e-bike is subjected to. 

Again, these fat 4-inch wide tires have better traction and grip when subjected to loose surfaces, which means vibrations or slippery roads have nothing on the frame or the ride quality. 

Also, since these tires are air-filled, they add to the shock absorption effect, meaning the comfort and ride quality of this e-bike is unmatched among the rides in its class. 

Picture to yourself how a bike like this featuring such massive tires, full suspension, and ergonomic saddle seat will be comfortable to cruise in. 

Senada VIPER Features


For an e-bike that weighs 70 lbs, it’s impossible to describe it as ultra-portable. As such, many lightweight riders might struggle to lift this ride and keep it in a car’s trunk. 

Safety Features

Safety of the rider and that of others is crucial, and thankfully, Senada prioritized it while manufacturing the VIPER. 

To begin with, the Senada Viper electric bike features 160MM mechanical disc brakes, which means the braking distance is shorter than expected. Again, it’s easy to maintain and adjust these mechanical brakes. However, it would have been better if Senada used the hydraulic braking type while manufacturing the VIPER. 

So, if you love hydraulic brakes, we recommend the DEYING Zoom Brakes as they come when they have been bled already. 

If you ride at night sometimes, the VIPER Senada Mountain Electric Bike also comes with a bright 650-lumen headlight. For the taillight, Senada uses a bright 30-lumen one to make other road users notice your presence.

Senada E-bike Rear Light


Senada VIPER Electric Bike Review

For the frame, Senada uses aluminum alloy, which is one of the most robust yet lightweight electric bike frame-making materials we currently have. To describe the build quality, fellow VIPER owners describe this electric bike as having been built like a tank.

The Prowheel Crankset is a single-speed one and is made of aluminum, which tells you that it’s durable enough. Its guard is also a premium one, and protection to the chain ring is ultimate even when riders pass on rough terrains.

For the gear shift speed system, Senada uses the Shimano 21 Speed Freewheel, which is adjustable to the rider’s preference and depending on the terrain to handle. 

The accelerator is the half-twist throttle, which makes it comfortable for the rider to smoothly switch between the pure electric riding mode or the pedal-assist feature. 

How about the rear rack? Well, the VIPER features an aluminum rear rack that is robust enough to comfortably handle 65 lbs worth of weight. Beneath the rack, there is a rear fender. The rear and front fenders are the full-coverage type, which means protection against mud and dust is enhanced. 

The Backlight Smart LCD Display is sizeable enough and with anti-glare properties to show the riding speed, range, engaged modes, and lots more regardless of the weather. 

Senada VIPER LCD Display

My Senada VIPER Riding Experience

When I started the Senada VIPER, it just wanted to keep going. You will notice that immediately after flooring the throttle, the VIPER will easily go to more than 25 MPH without breaking any sweat. 

Regardless of the speed I was riding at, the ride quality felt solid. Even better, the frame is sturdy enough and you feel like you are riding a nice little motorbike whenever you press that half-twist throttle. 

Since this e-ride is super comfy, you won’t realize quickly that you are almost depleting the battery power when riding using the Pure electric riding mode, which is why we recommended to Senada that they go with a higher battery capacity than 48V 17.5Ah. 

They skimped on the brakes a little bit and can’t say it enough that it would have been best if they went the hydraulic way. All in all, this is a near-perfect electric bike for the price, and I enjoyed the superb riding experience. 

Senada VIPER Electric Bike Pros

  • For a full-suspension e-bike, the VIPER is budget-friendly 
  • Producing 82 Nm of Torque, the VIPER is powerful enough to conquer different terrain setups
  • The build quality is more superb than most electric bikes in its class
  • The massive air-filled tires are not only great for all terrains but also make the shock absorption perfect
  • The high weight limit along with the adjustable seat is perfect for catering to riders of different heights and weights.


  • If only the Senada VIPER e-bike was the folding type
  • This electric bicycle is heavy, especially for riders who have to lift it upstairs. 

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