VSETT Mini Review

VSETT Mini Review: The Best Portable E-scooter for Commuting?

VSETT is a household name in the electric scooter world, and especially considering that they pioneered manufacturing designs for reputable brands such as Apollo, Zero, and Turbowheel e-scooters. 

Their latest model, the VSETT Mini electric scooter, has been manufactured using a thoughtful process over the years, and it’s their most affordable model to date. 

In our VSETT Mini Review, we will look deeper into how it really is and our recordings against the manufacturer’s. Read on for the juicer details, will you? 

Vsett Mini Specifications 

Tested Top Speed17.2 MPH (27.7 KM/H)
Tested Top Range19.3 Miles (31 KM)
Battery36V 7.8Ah
Tires8 Inches
Braking Disc
Weight30 Lbs (13.6 KG)
Weight Capacity198 lbs

Our Full Vsett Mini Review

Tested Top Speed

On ideal conditions, we recorded 17.2 MPH as our top speed. 

The manufacturer claims that this scooter can hit a max speed of 18 miles per hour, but then the top speed from any electric ride primarily depends on factors such as the rider’s weight, the riding surface, and the overall state of the scooter. 

I weigh 172 lbs and it’s easy to conclude that the max speed would be as stated by the manufacturer if say I weighed 150 lbs. 

If you need something a little bit faster and within the same class if not better, you can check the all-new NAVEE V50 electric scooter.

Tested Top Range

Just so you know, the VSETT Mini comes in two battery versions: 

  • With a single battery 
  • With an extended battery. 

The VSETT Mini scooters with a single battery hit a maximum range of only 12 miles while the extended battery version goes up to 20 miles. 

From our tests using the extended battery version, we had 19.3 miles as our range before the battery ran out of juice. The price difference is only $100 and so it would be logical enough for us to bear that and extend our range. 


The VSETT Mini scooter comes with a brushless 350W hub motor. 

Since this is a single-motor scooter, you definitely won’t expect it to be the king of offroading but it will certainly move you from point A to B on street roads without breaking any sweat. 

If you would like a practical, yet the best value dual-motor scooter but at a higher price, you can consider the YUME HAWK model to complete your search.


The Mini has a 36V 7.8Ah. 

Its capacity is certainly ideal for making you move from point A to B without so much worry and what’s even better is that it fully charges in just 2.5 hours. 

The VSETT Mini is actually one of the few budget e-scooters that support fast charging. The extended battery is ultra-portable and attaching or removing it is a seamless act.


To diversify the risk of the dreaded flat tires, VSETT uses solid tires. The only time you will have to worry about your tires is when the treads get worn out. 

However, you will be sacrificing epic ride quality for flat-resistant tires, but we will see below how VSETT addressed that below.

Shock absorption

It goes beyond mentioning that solid tires lack perfect ride quality, and as such, it would be best if an e-scooter features some sort of suspension. 

For the Mini, VSETT uses front and rear dual springs. With these, maneuvering different terrains is easier and more comfortable than say if the scooter lacked any shock absorption properties. 

VSETT Mini Features


Like its premium models, VSETT has used an aluminum alloy frame material to make the Mini more durable. 

With such a frame, there is no worry about it breaking down on a rider. The deck is wide enough to comfortably accommodate riders of different sizes, a feature lacking in most budget models. 

Safety features

Electric scooter accidents are a common phenomenon and the least manufacturers can do is by equipping these rides with sufficient safety systems. 

Thankfully, VSETT excels when it comes to riders’ and the rides’ safety and that’s commendable. 

For the Mini model, they use disc brakes, the most premium braking type for electric rides. The rear mechanical disc brake is one of the best and from its strategic positioning, maintenance is better. We didn’t feature it as the leading electric scooter for women for no reason!

For nighttime riders, the VSETT Mini comes with a LED front spotlight and LED brake lights for added safety. These lights are bright enough, yet low consumers, which makes the batt not drain extremely fast. 

Like the premium VSETT models also, the VSETT Mini comes with an NFC Key lock immobilizer. With this one, the scooter gets protected from theft. 


The VSETT Mini folds and unfolds in seconds. 

There is no special prompt to follow for you to properly collapse this scooter. From its minimalistic build design, this scooter can perfectly fit in tight spaces such as in a car’s trunk, on public service vehicles, or at a corner in your office. 


VSETT Mini is one of the most portable electric scooters for adults. 

Weighing only 30 lbs, most old teenagers and light adults won’t have any problem lifting this electric ride. 

Cruise control

If you would like to maintain a specific speed, you can activate the cruise control feature on your VSETT Mini and get going. As such, you won’t have to keep your fingers on the scooter’s trigger throttle. This is a worthy comfort feature if you ask me. 

Load Capacity

The VSETT Mini scooter has a load capacity of 180 lbs and I feel like it should have been higher. 

If you are a heavy adult weighing above 180 lbs, this is absolutely not the right scooter for you. Riding a scooter with a weight capacity below your weight will make you overstrain the electronic components and could actually make you break it. 

Available colors 

vsett mini review

From the e-scooters in our database, the VSETT Mini leads in terms of color variations. 

You can choose it in Grass Green, Army Green, or Yellow. Even better, each of these models has the base model and the extended battery model, making choosing what best fits you simpler.

Worthy VSETT Mini Alternative

The all-new EVOLV City V2 Electric Scooter is the leading VSETT Mini alternative. In fact, choosing one over the other is a daunting process, but both are equally fantastic rides.

VSETT Mini Pros

  • The VSETT Mini is one of the most affordably priced electric scooters for light adults and teenagers 
  • This scooter is ultra-portable 
  • The plethora of safety features are assuring to riders 
  • The color variations and extendable battery feature offer the much-needed versatility
  • The rear and front suspension systems are ideal for improving the ride quality 
  • The solid tires mean there are no flats to be encountered. 


  • This scooter could have a higher weight capacity
  • The battery cells aren’t branded. 

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