YUME DK11 Review

YUME DK11 Review: The Only Off-Road Machine I Need?

If you are in the market for an electric scooter tailored explicitly for offroad use, then you can undoubtedly nod that most of those cost North of $2500. 

When YUME was designing the new offroad contender, they narrowed it down to reliability and affordability. That is why the all-new YUME DK11 is seriously the best-rounded offroading electric scooter in late 2023. 

Don’t take our word just for the sake of it. As we will see from our comprehensive YUME DK11 review, making an informed buying position won’t be any hard.

But first things first…

YUME DK11 Specs

Disclaimer: These specifications are based on our tests and they may vary widely from what the manufacturer says. I weigh 198 lbs and depending on your weight, you may record a higher or lower top speed and range. 

With that out of the way, these are the YUME DK11 scooter specifications: 

Tested Top Speed54.3 MPH
Tested Top Range47.6 Miles
MotorsDual; 2800 Peak Power for Each
Battery60V 26Ah
SuspensionRear Springs, Front Hydraulic
BrakingHydraulic + EABS
TiresOffroad; 11-inch
Hill Climbing Ability40°
Weight32.5 Kg (71 lbs)
Weight Capacity150 Kg (330 lbs)

YUME DK11 Review: Getting Ready

YUME DK11 Review


Honestly, the pictures don’t do this e-scooter any justice. 

This beast is insanely huge and if you have a fear of weightlifting like myself, you will absolutely need another heavy adult to help you lift it or unbox it. 

To protect against any damage while transporting the scooter, YUME uses heavy styrofoam to make each DK11’s component safe. For the display, they use a softer wrapping material to keep it scratch-free. 


Like most of their scooters, they had pre-assembled my YUME DK11 electric scooter, and completing the process was the easiest. 

In the box, they had included the scooter, a kickstand, a charger, a seat, a toolkit, 2 headlights, two wireless remote keys, a voltage key, a head bag, a remote control for tweaking the lights, a seat, and a comprehensive user manual. 

Basically, assembling the YUME DK11 electric scooter is a cinch even for anyone who has never compiled one. Many thanks for the free bag, seat, and toolkit, YUME. 

How to Setup the Scooter for Use

Since YUME provides a toolkit with the necessary items you will use to assemble your ride, it’s easy to make your ride ready for crushing off-road terrains. 

  • Since this scooter has an adjustable height, set it to fit your height and tighten the safety pin for full stability
  • Lift the red clip on the folding mechanism to unfold the scooter
  • Attach the handlebars to the stem and tighten them
  • Attach the headlights to their position
  • Attach the kickstand
  • Inflate the tires
  • Charge the scooter until the charger turns green
  • Rip any Offroad terrain near you. 

Depending on whether you prefer seated-riding or stand-up riding, you may choose to or not to include the seat. 

It won’t take you more than 4 minutes to assemble your ride.

Our Full YUME DK11 Review

Tested Top Speed

While we tested most of the scooters on our database in ideal conditions (smooth tarmacked and flat surfaces), we subjected the DK11 to rough terrains to see its practicality and reliability. After all, this is an offroad beast that deserves no mercy. 

Surprisingly, we recorded 54.3 Miles per Hour as our top speed, a higher top speed than the manufacturer’s stated 53 MPH max speed. 

We recorded the top speed on our accurate speed GPS tracker. The display showed 54.7 MPH, which means there is a discrepancy albeit narrow. 

If I were lighter, there are higher chances that I would have hit more than 55MPH. If I were heavier than 250 lbs, hitting more than 50 MPH would be mighty.

So, depending on your riding experience and weight, know that this is one of the fastest electric scooters in its class.

To unlock the full riding speed, you have to ensure that you are riding on the Turbo and dual-motor modes. 

Tested Top Range 

While riding on the ECO mode (the slowest for that matter), I had 47.6 Miles as my top speed. 

Again, your weight determines so much how much maximum range you will record from a single charge. 

The slower you go, the more riding distance you will have principle perfectly applies to electric scooters and any other electric ride you might think of. 

If you wish to go slowly, we recommend that you directly reach for the ECO mode and avoid riding in a single-motor mode on any given day of your e-scooter riding life. 


The all-new YUME DK11 electric scooter comes with dual 2800W motors. The peak output power is 5600W, which is similar to some of their more affordable rides such as the upgraded YUME Y11+.


The DK11 comes with a 60V 26Ah Lithium-ion battery. 

Compared to some other YUME variants such as the Y11+ or the upgraded YUME X11+, you will find that this model has a lower Amperage than the X11+, Y11+, and the YUME Hawk Pro, all of which are in the DK11’s class. 

For the charging part, this scooter features dual charging ports. They ship the scooter with two 3A chargers, which means the charging time is significantly lower if you use the two chargers. 

The YUME DK11 battery fully charges in 5 hours when you use dual chargers to juice it up. 


Here comes the interesting part now. 

The YUME DK11 features a 4-point suspension system to make cruising the rough offroad terrains easier. 

On the front, you have dual motorcycle-grade hydraulic shocks. On the rear, there are dual coil shock absorbers. 

These, along with the massive offroad tubeless air-filled tires make riding on tough terrains a breeze. 


The YUME DK11 V2 scooter comes with 11-inch knobby offroad tires. Even better, these are the tubeless type, which lowers the chances of battling with flat tires or changing the tubes every other time you encounter flats. 

Since you will be using the DK11 offroad, there are high chances of encountering punctures. With this tubeless type, the maintenance is one of the easiest as you will only need to change the sealant and keep going.

YUME DK11 Features


The YUME DK11 weighs 71 lbs. By all measures of standards, this scooter isn’t ultra-portable. So, if you stay or work upstairs, lifting this beast might be hard for most owners. 

Surprisingly, the YUME DK11 is the lightest heavy-adult YUME electric scooter we currently have.

For reference, their all-new YUME Hawk, a city scooter with a weight limit of 280 lbs weighs 77 lbs, which is 6 lbs more than the DK11. 


Folded YUME DK11 Scooter

This model folds and unfolds in seconds. 

When folded, it can easily fit in most compact spaces such as on SUV trunks, office spaces, or on a corner in your garage.

When you fold it, this model measures 48.5 x 9.4 x 21.7 inches, which means fitting on most tight spaces won’t be a problem.

When you unfold the YUME DK11 scooter, it measures 48.5 x 9.4 x 51 inches. 

Safety Features

YUME DK11 Scooter

The DK11 uses the hydraulic braking type. 

Hydraulic brakes are the most premium brakes in the electric scooter world and are ideal for super braking when need be. 

Now that this is an offroad machine, you can see how these come in handy as a lot can happen off the road, demanding instant stopping power. 

Even better, this model has the Electronic ABS. One of the crucial benefits of the EABS is that there is no chance of the wheels to lock and again, there is nothing to worry about your scooter skidding when you are riding on muddy slippery roads. 

To stop from 15 MPH to 0, we had a braking distance of only 3 Meters, a braking distance similar to premium models such as the Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro and Nami Burn-E 2 Max.

If you ever get caught up in the darkness, this scooter also has an array of lights to make your safety and that of others prioritized. 

On the front, there are Dual LED lights, an ultra-bright headlight, and front turn signals. On the rear, there are turn signals. For the sides, there are deck and stem lights that can be controlled with the remote function to give your preferred colors. 

Other lights you will find in the YUME DK11 comprise matrix spotlights, LED chassis lights, and running lights. 

The horn has an ear-enticing beep, and other riders doing offroading just like you will easily hear you regardless of how hard they are ripping the rough terrains. 

IP Rating

The YUME DK11 scooter has a water-resistance rating of IPX4. With such an IP Rating, you won’t have too much to worry about when you get caught up under light showers on your way home. 

Note that we don’t recommend riding under wet weather since there are higher chances of damaging the electronic components and the manufacturer or the dealers never cover water damage under warranty.

Again, while this is a water-resistant scooter, it isn’t waterproof. And for the record, there is currently no waterproof electric scooter in the world. 

4 Main YUME DK11 Selling Points

Massive Offroad Tubeless Tires

Since this is an off-road e-scooter, it can only make sense that it features off-road tires. YUME made these the tubeless type to reduce the risk of encountering flats and make the maintenance more seamless. 

Again, the 11-inch size is sizeable enough to raise the ground clearance, a crucial feature especially helpful when riding on rough terrains with mud, potholes, bumps, and hills. 

40° Hill Climbing Ability

It’s sensible for an offroad electric scooter to have a high max slope climbing ability. 

As you will be maneuvering rough and bumpy terrains, it’s ideal for such a scooter to feature a climbing degree of above 30 degrees. 

Scooters that have a similar or higher hill climb than the DK11 (think of the Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro and NAMI BURN E-2 Max) cost north of $3500. 

Four-point Suspension System

For a scooter to have better chances offroad, it has to have motorcycle-grade suspension systems and thankfully, YUME didn’t disappoint in this. 

The DK11 has a dual front hydraulic fork suspension design while at the rear, there are spring shocks to make the ride quality more comfortable.

The sizeable air-filled tires also play a crucial role in the shock absorption aspect. 

Free Seat

For a scooter that can ride up to 50 miles, it can only make sense when comfort is prioritized. 

Along with the suspension system, YUME took it a notch higher to make this ride more comfortable by including a free seat. 

With this one, you won’t have to bear the cost and stress of drilling holes to include seated riding or even have to spend around $200 to buy a seat for yourself. 

If you like stand-up riding, just unplug the seat and get going. Do you prefer to ride while seated? Use the provided screws and toolkit to assemble the seat and you will enjoy what comfort is all about. 

YUME DK11 Riding Experience 

I trialed this scooter on different surfaces to have a feel of how it fairs.

When riding the YUME DK11 electric scooter on smooth-tarmacked surfaces, I noticed that due to the knobby offroad tires, it had less grip and the ride quality wasn’t as great. 

I recorded maximum performance off the road instead. Loose gravel, sandy, muddy conditions…name it, the YUME DK11 electric scooter offroad tires dug into those loose surfaces and offered an epic riding experience. 

What I loved the most was that this is a high-torque ride without any speed wobbles regardless of how shaky the riding surface felt. 

If you would like to own this model and use it on buttery surfaces, I recommend that you swap the tires with the street type and you will get its optimal performance. 

You can also look into the YUME HAWK PRO for city riding as it features street tubeless tires and is ideal for street roads. 

How to Remove the Speed Limiter on the YUME DK11 Scooter

Depending on where you are in the world, local laws might hinder you from riding your scooter past a specific speed. 

If so, YUME has your situation under control as those two remote keys are tailored explicitly for setting how fast you can go. 

If you would like to enforce the speed limiter on your YUME DK11 electric scooter, pressing the remote key’s lightning button twice will limit your speed to 15 Miles per Hour. Pressing that lightning button the third time will remove the speed limitation. 

Use those keys to your advantage if your local laws restrict the scooter riding speed or you just prefer to ride slowly, especially when you are riding with your kid. 

5 YUME DK11 Pros

  • The most polished budget electric scooter for offroading 
  • It’s easy to enforce or remove the speed limiter with a click of a remote control
  • The comfort features such as the functional suspension systems and free seat make riding more enjoyable 
  • The tubeless air-filled tires make flat-resistance better
  • The dual charging ports significantly reduce the charging time to just 5 hours.

YUME DK11 Cons

  • YUME uses the traditional round LCD display and cheap Red and Yellow Buttons for this model
  • The water-resistance rating could be better than just IPX4. 

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