YUME HAWK Pro Review

YUME HAWK Pro Review

I thought the base YUME Hawk was the best value electric scooter for the money but it seems like I have rethought my conclusion after doing this YUME Hawk Pro review. 

One of the most stylish and futuristic electric scooters for adults with a Dualtron-esque, the YUME HAWK Pro electric scooter aims to please any rider worth their salt. 

The Hawk Pro was launched to the US Market at the end of the first half of 2023 and most customers are actually at a crossroads on whether to choose this one, YUME X11+ or YUME Y11+

These are the standing-out YUME Hawk Pro specifications: 

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Tested Top Speed49.7 MPH
Tested Top Range58.6 Miles
BatterySamsung; 60V 30Ah
MotorsDual; 3000W each
SuspensionHydraulic; adjustable
Braking Hydraulic 
Tire Size10-inch; 4.5-inch wide
Charging Time6 Hours 
Weight88 lbs
Weight Capacity280 lbs 

Our Full YUME Hawk Pro Review

YUME Hawk Pro Review

Our Tested Top Speed

While testing the Hawk Pro in ideal conditions, we recorded 49.7 MPH as the maximum speed using a GPS Tracker. 

Ideal conditions in this case refers to a completely smooth and flat tarmacked surface, with a fully-charged battery, and in the fastest riding mode.

The Display showed the speed as 49.9 MPH, which means there is a discrepancy, albeit meager. 

I weigh 185 lbs, and just so you know, the top speed you will record in your e-scooter highly depends on the rider’s weight. 

If I was lighter like say 170 lbs, then chances are high that I would have achieved the stated max speed of 50 MPH. Conversely, a heavier rider weighing say 250 lbs will automatically record a lower top speed. Welcome to the PEV world, pal.

Our Tested Top Range

Like the maximum speed, the maximum range you will record in a single charge highly depends on your weight. 

Based on my weight, 58.6 Miles was my maximum range. Heavier riders could record way lower range than that and for the lighter-sized ones, getting to the stated max range of 60 Miles is genuinely possible. 


The Hawk Pro is a dual-motor scooter with a peak power output of 6000W. Each motor has 3000W worth of nominal power. 

The motors come paired with 35A Sinewave controllers, the most premium controller type we know so far. 

These make the acceleration nimble and contribute to motor silence. In fact, when starting the YUME Hawk Pro, there is no dreaded noise associated with a starting electric scooter motor. 

Since this is a dual-motor scooter, you can rest assured that it’s your all-terrain predator of choice. 


The HAWK Pro has a Samsung 60V 30Ah battery. 

The battery is the most expensive electronic component in an electric vehicle and if you get it right, you have solved more than half of your riding problems. 

Samsung is one of the most premium battery manufacturers of Lithium-ion batteries and with this, you are dealing with branded 50e 21700 cells. 

Enjoy the convenience that comes with achieving the most range for years without worrying much about the charging cycles you have had. 


The YUME Hawk Pro is one of the few electric scooters that feature adjustable suspension systems. And not just any suspension, but the hydraulic type. 

The hydraulic suspension type is the most reliable type as we have concluded from the electric scooters on our database, and it’s one of the top-selling factors about the Hawk Pro. 

With this one, you can raise or lower the shock absorption depending on the terrain you are crushing or your overall preference. The YUME DK11 is the only true YUME HAWK Pro alternative.


YUME HAWK Pro Electric Scooter

YUME also went the premium way when it comes to the Hawk Pro’s suspension. For this model, they use the ZOOM hydraulic type, the most efficient for the safest stopping power. 

From our tests, it has a braking distance of 2.8 meters to run from 15 MMP to 0, a spec we find in premium-priced models such as the Nami Burn E2 Max. 

The 160MM rotors are sturdily manufactured to avoid warping and overheating in the case of sudden stopping, cooling fin pads are attached. 


While the 10-inch tires included in the YUME Hawk Pro scooter are not the largest size you will find, they are equally fat (4.5 inches wide), making anti-slipping better.

These street tires are also the tubeless type, making flat resistance better. 

YUME HAWK Pro features

YUME Hawk Pro Electric Scooter for Adults


For this model, YUME uses an aluminum alloy frame, one of the lightest yet most robust frame-making materials. 

As such, there is little to no chance of having the scooter falling apart on you or being short-lived. 


The YUME Hawk Pro electric scooter weighs 88 lbs. 

By all measures of standards, this isn’t the lightest electric scooter for adults you will find, but then it is also not the heaviest. 

Most adults on the bigger side won’t have a problem lifting this scooter alone, but if only it was lighter than it is. 


Folded YUME Hawk Pro Scooter

The HAWK Pro, just like all YUME scooters folds and unfolds in seconds. 

When folded, the scooter measures 54.7” X 9.4” X 23.6. This is a logical size for owners who wish to store this scooter in compact spaces such as at the corner of their offices, in an SUV’s trunk, or transport it in PSVs. 

When unfolded, the scooter measures 54.7” X 9.4” X 54.3”. 

Water Resistance

The HAWK Pro electric scooter has a water resistance rating of IP54, just like every other YUME electric scooter. 

With such an IP rating, riding the scooter under light rains is OK, but not recommended. In case of any water damage, neither YUME nor any other manufacturer covers such damage under warranty. 

Central LCD Display

Until late 2022, YUME used to use the traditional round display with cheap Red and Yellow buttons, but not anymore. 

The HAWK Pro comes with a large LCD Display that is strategically positioned at the center of the scooter. 

This display shows the riding mode, engaged gear, riding speed, covered range, and lots more. 

Its anti-glaring functionality means that riders can stay in the know even when riding under direct sunlight, a feature that was particularly missing from the previous round display. 

Riders can also connect the scooter to their phone’s Bluetooth or the YUME Android or iOS APPS to access features such as locking and unlocking the scooter, confirming their stats, or accessing simple stats such as checking the batt status. 

Safety features 

Link to the Light in the Top Here.

Other than the hydraulic braking type used, YUME has also included an array of lights to make safety at night a priority.

For this model, YUME uses dual luminous aluminum front LED lights, dual Brake lights, Deck, Stem, and dual turn signal lights to make the rider and other road users safer. 

The horn is ear-enticing and loud enough to alert others of your monster’s presence, which is a cool thing to have. 

By default, this e-scooter comes with double rearview motorbike mirrors to keep riders in the know about what happens behind them.

Again, since this is a fast electric scooter, speed wobbles are a concern among some riders and YUME counteracted the scare by including a steering damper. 

Unlike some of their models where they install the damper horizontally or vertically parallel to the deck’s top, they have installed it diagonally for this model. For some, this may not be aesthetically pleasing, but that dampener efficiently does its job. No speed wobble for this model whatsoever. 

YUME Hawk vs YUME Hawk Pro

The table below shows some of the differences between the base YUME Hawk and YUME Hawk Pro:

YUME HawkYUME Hawk Pro
Motors1200W each3000W each
BatteryGeneric 60V 22.5AhSamsung 60V 30Ah
Top Speed43 MPH50 MPH
Top Range43 Miles60 Miles
Weight77 lbs88 lbs
Tires10 X 3.1510×4.5
Unfolded size51.2” X 28.3” X 55.1”54.7” X 9.4” X 54.3”
Folded size51.2” X 8.7” X 21.7”54.7” X 9.4” X 23.6

YUME Hawk Pro Pros

  • The stabilizing damper ensures a wobble-free ride quality
  • The silicone pads used on the deck make riders’ feet firmly grounded on the platform
  • The rearview mirrors included as a standard package make the scooter great value for money 
  • Branded Samsung cells enhance the seamless riding experience
  • The included finger throttle along with its thumb counterpart is great for tailored rider preference. 


  • The positioning of the damper is awkward for some riders 
  • The water-resistance rating could be better. 

If superb quality means anything to you, we find the EVOLV Pro V2 as the perfect YUME HAWK Pro alternative. You can look at it and see which that best suits your needs.

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