While on the market for a new electric scooter, one critical factor stood out – a futuristic design. 

The all-new YUME HAWK electric scooter ticked all my boxes and several features and specs stood the test of my curiosity. More on that later. 

With a Dualtron-esque, this new YUME model is a low-key low-budget “Dualtron” at its best. 

Before I go on and on, let’s begin this YUME HAWK Review with the vital specifications of the ride. 

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Tested Top Speed42.3 MPH (68 KM/H)
Tested Top Range41.7 Miles (67 KM)
MotorsDual; 1200W each
Battery60V 22.5 Ah
Water Resistance RatingIP54
Tires10-inch; tubeless
Weight 77 lbs (35kg)
Weight Limit280 lbs (126 kg)

Our Full YUME HAWK Review

YUME HAWK Electric Scooter


The Maximum speed recorded while cruising on an electric ride depends on various factors. 

These include the weight of the rider, the riding surface, the overall condition of the scooter, and the components used. 

I weigh 202 lbs, and while testing the YUME HAWK on ideal conditions (a smooth, fully flat surfaced tarmac), I recorded 42.3 miles per hour as my ideal speed. For tracking the speed, I used a GPS tracker. The Display showed that top speed as 42.6 MPH, which means there is some sort of discrepancy, albeit minor. 

If I were lighter, like say 170 lbs, then it goes beyond saying that I would have hit the stated max speed (43 MPH) and possibly higher. 

If you are looking for something faster, YUME has upgraded their top-selling YUME X11 and you can now enjoy the YUME X11+ model with Samsung branded battery cells.


While the manufacturer says that the HAWK can hit a maximum range of 43 Miles, I had 41.7 miles as my maximum range before the battery ran out of juice. 

Like the max speed, the top range you will record in a single charge depends on factors such as your weight, riding conditions, and battery status. 

If you prefer to ride a longer-range ride than the YUME Hawk e-scooter, you can consider the all-new YUME DK11 as your best choice.


The battery is the priciest component in any electric vehicle and finding a high-quality one would have solved most of your ownership costs. 

The YUME Hawk comes with a 21700-cell Lithium Ion battery. Its capacity is 60V 22.5Ah, which makes going past 40 miles seamless. 

A high-quality Lithium Ion battery such as the one used in the YUME Hawk model is perfect for providing constant power, which sorts out the dreaded power cut-out problems. 

For the battery to serve you even better, the Hawk comes with an efficient Battery Management System that is helpful in controlling the battery’s temperature and preventing the scooter from discharging and overcharging. 

The scooter has dual charging ports, making riders have a fully charged battery in 5 hours on average. This is one of the fastest-charging electric scooters for adults. 


The HAWK comes equipped with 2X1200W motors. These produce a peak power output of 2400W, which is why hitting a max speed of 40+ mph isn’t a big deal for this scooter. 

Even better, the HAWK has a split rim design, making it easy to work on the hub motors if need be. 

The motors have the hall sensor function, a vital component that detects how the rotating magnet gets positioned. 

The YUME HAWK scooter also has dual 27A Sinewave controllers. These are perfect components for riders who love silent motors and nimble acceleration patterns. 



The YUME HAWK is marketed as a city scooter and as such, they included tubeless all-terrain tires. 

With these ones, the flat resistance is better, and maneuvering different terrains is easier. 

Perfectly fitted on split rims, it’s easier to work on these tires, which is a convenience most budget rides lack. 

What are the YUME HAWK Features? 

Build quality

For an electric scooter with the ability to carry adults weighing up to 2870 lbs, it needs to have a superb build quality and thankfully, YUME didn’t disappoint in making this a reality. 

The frame material is an aviation-grade aluminum alloy, one of the sturdiest scooter frame-making materials. 

The stem is properly sturdy, and this scooter lacks the dreaded speed wobble problem. YUME has gone a step further to include a steering damper and this is a great UX for those who wish to keep their ride sturdier without spending further on a dampener. 


The HAWK weighs 35 kgs (77 lbs) when folded. 

While it isn’t the lightest electric scooter for adults, most medium-sized adults won’t have a problem lifting the scooter to say keep it in a car’s trunk or putting it down. 

However, it might be a problem to lift the scooter on staircases alone for riders who stay or work upstairs. 


Folded YUME HAWK Scooter

The YUME HAWK Scooter has a ring buckle folding mechanism that folds and unfolds in seconds. 

When folded, the scooter measures 51” by 8.7” by 21.7” (1300 X 220 X 550MM). 

That folded size is perfect for the scooter to fit in most compact spaces such as in a car’s trunk or in an office setup. 

When unfolded, this scooter measures 1300 X 720 X 1400mm (51” by 28.3” by 55”). 

Safety features

Brakes play a crucial role in ensuring the rider’s safety and the vehicle in general. 

The YUME HAWK scooter comes with dual ZOOM Hydraulic disc brakes and just so you know, Hydraulic brakes are the most premium components for the safest stopping power. 

Not only that, YUME has included cooling fin pads for the 160mm rotors to keep them free from warping or overheating. 

If you feel like you will be caught up in darkness someday, the HAWK comes with a plenitude of lights to keep you going. 

On the front, the HAWK has a bright LED light. For most riders, they can do with this stock headlight with no more customizations needed. The LED brake light along with the turn signals, deck, and stem LED lights will keep you standing out at night, which will also add further to your safety. 

To alert riders and other road users, the YUME HAWK also comes with a loud horn (and it sounds better than all the previous YUME models, LOL). 

The YUME HAWK electric scooter also has Near Field Communication cards (NFC) to help prevent the scooter from being stolen. Basically, this is an anti-theft system that gets triggered should someone fail to scan the right NFC card. 

Water Resistance Rating 

The YUME HAWK electric scooter comes with an IP54 water-resistance rating. 

We honestly expected better as this is the most recent YUME model as of the second quarter of 2023. 

That said, this scooter isn’t in any way waterproof and you might end up damaging the electronic components when you get caught up in heavy rains (riding under light showers is OK). 

And just so you know, no electric scooter seller or manufacturer covers water damage under warranty(: 

Rear View Mirrors

The YUME HAWK is one of the few scooters that come with rear-view mirrors. With these, there is no need to turn your head around to see what or who is behind you. 

What we love the most about these mirrors is that they are strategically positioned so the view at the rear is at the perfect angle for riders of different heights. 

Large LCD Display

Unlike the base YUME M10 from where the HAWK has been upgraded from, this scooter is the first ever YUME model to incorporate the large Display system. 

This anti-glare display system works perfectly even under direct sunlight and absolutely shows seriousness. 

Riders can always stay on the know about the speed at which they are traveling at, the speed mode engaged, the battery status, and the range they have covered On the Go, all thanks to this remarkable Display. 

Even better, riders can connect the Android or iOS YUME APPs to this Display and perform their intended functions. 

The Display also has a Bluetooth connectivity function, enabling riders to always be in the know of the statistics of all the connected devices. 

YUME HAWK Riding Experience 

Looking at the suspension system, the YUME HAWK comes with dual adjustable hydraulic coil suspension. 

Hydraulic coil suspension is the best premium suspension system among scooters. 

While riding the HAWK, the motors provide a continuous peak power output of 2400W, and even better, the motors don’t produce any noise, all thanks to the premium Sinewave controllers. 

The tubeless all-terrain tires are ideal for maneuvering different riding surfaces, and the ride quality is always smooth. 

Again, this scooter is one of the few YUME models featuring a thumb throttle. What we like the most about this model is that the throttle has no dead zone, a common disadvantage associated with most thumb-throttle e-scooters. 


  • The strategically positioned Phone Mount is perfect for safely holding the rider’s smartphone
  • For the specs and features, the HAWK is affordably priced
  • The ride quality is more superb than most scooters in its class
  • This is one of the most stable electric vehicles even at full speed
  • The thumb throttle has no dead zone.


  • The water-resistance rating could be better
  • This scooter is on the heavier side.

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