YUME Osprey Review

YUME Osprey Review 

YUME Osprey Review

The YUME Osprey electric scooter is the latest premium model among YUME scooters. With a YUME M11 esque, this eride is simply an upgraded M11, with tons of newer specs and features. 

This ride is perfect for experienced riders who love the touch of balanced worlds of speed and range, making it an ideal commuting partner for a rider who won’t ever need to carry it alone (it’s bulky). 

Before we go further and further, it would be prudent for us to share the ultimate YUME Osprey specifications. 

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Tested Top Speed 59.2 MPH (95.2 KM/H)
Tested Top Range 92.2 Miles (148 KM)
MotorsDual; 3500W each
BatterySamsung; 72V 40Ah
Suspension Hydraulic
BrakingHydraulic Disc
Water Resistance RatingIP54
Tires11-inch; Offroad Tubeless
Weight 123 lbs
Weight Capacity330 lbs (150KG)

Our Full YUME Osprey Review

YUME Osprey Review

Our Tested Top Speed

On a smooth tarmacked flat surface, we recorded our top speed as 59.2 Miles per Hour (95.2 KM/H) using a GPS Tracker. The LCD Display showed 59.6 MPH, which shows there was a discrepancy, albeit small. 

The top speed you record on any electric ride depends highly on various factors such as the rider’s weight, the type of surface you are riding on, the overall condition of the electronic components, and your experience. 

I weigh 202 lbs and this means that if I were lighter like say 175 lbs, I would have recorded a higher max speed. Conversely, if I was on the heavier side, my recorded max speed would be lower. 

Just so you know, you may or may not be anywhere near our tested top speed depending on how heavy you are. 

If you would like a lighter YUME model, the all-new YUME hawk is also an ideal choice for you.

Tested Top Range 

From our tests with a fully-charged battery, we recorded the scooter’s maximum range to be 92.2 Miles (148 KM).

Just like the top speed, the range (total distance covered on a single charge) highly depends on the rider’s weight. The battery capacity similarly plays a critical role, which is one of the reasons why the YUME Osprey is one of the longest-range e-scooters available – it has a massive battery capacity. 


YUME Osprey has a peak power output of 7000W (3500W each). 

With such powerful components, you can easily conclude why it’s so easy for this scooter to hit a Max. stated speed of 60 MPH. 

Since this is a dual-motor scooter, riders can comfortably conquer different terrain setups without the worry of overworking the e-scooter. Even better, owners can conveniently select their preferred riding motor modes – do you wish to ride on a single or dual motor? Simply, press a button and get going. 


Like the new set of YUME scooters (YUME Hawk and YUME X11+), the all-new YUME Osprey comes with a Samsung Lithium-ion battery. 

Samsung is one of the leading Li-ion battery manufacturers, and with a scooter that features this, you can rest assured that you are moving on premium branded cells. 

For this model, it’s the only YUME ride that comes with a 72V 40Ah battery capacity, which is why the range is such high. 

We can’t insist enough that a premium battery is a perfect choice as it’s the most expensive component. 


The hydraulic suspension type is the most premium among electric scooters and YUME did an incredible job here. 

Even better, its rear and front hydraulic suspension type is adjustable, making versatility more enhanced. 

Do you wish to raise the height of your ride and possibly go over a speed bump or lower the shock absorption system to your desired specification? Adjust the hydraulic suspension and enjoy what versatility really is. The YUME DK11 is the only budget model that comes near this beast’s suspension system.


The YUME Osprey scooter comes with 11-inch offroad tubeless tires, making flat resistance better. 

These all-terrain tires will seamlessly maneuver rocky, muddy, grassy, sandy, or icy conditions without breaking any sweat. 

YUME Osprey Features 

Safety features

In the worst-case scenario, electric scooter accidents could turn fatal, making safety a priority. 

YUME uses the hydraulic braking type in this model, which is the best premium disc type in the e-scooter world. It also has the best stopping power within the shortest braking distance. 

While testing the braking distance, we recorded that this scooter goes from 20 MPH to 0 in just 3 meters!

For nighttime riders, there is also no cause for concern as this model comes with Dual aluminum front LED lights, deck side lights, brake lights, and side signals. 

If you wish to alert other riders and other road users, this scooter has an ear-enticing horn to keep everyone around you updated. 

For the safety of the scooter, this model comes with Near Field Communication capability. The NFC is an anti-theft function that gets triggered should any unauthorized person scan the incorrect NFC card.


The YUME Osprey scooter is one of the heaviest electric scooters in the world. 

Weighing a whopping 123 lbs (56 KG), FEW riders can actually lift this scooter without extra support. 


Folded YUME Osprey

Regardless of its size and weight, the Osprey actually folds and unfolds in 6 seconds!

When folded, this scooter is 56 inches long and 20 inches high. When unfolded, the scooter measures 53 inches long and 55 inches high. 

With assistance, this ride can fit in most SUV trunks and in most compact spaces in offices. 

The problem is when you have to push the ride across stairs for you to store it or if you work upstairs and for some reason have to use the staircases. 


YUME Osprey steering damper

Speed and stem wobbling is a dreaded occurrence loathed by most riders. It could actually cause a rider to flip over. 

Thankfully, YUME has done its part to ensure that wobbling is unheard of in their Osprey model. 

This scooter comes with a long steering damper to keep the stem free from any movement. Only the improved YUME X11+ can match this model’s stability when the accelerator gets floored.

Water Resistance Rating

The YUME Osprey scooter has an IP rating of IP54. 

By all measures of standards, this isn’t the most water-resistant e-scooter. Riding under light rains is OKAY, but we don’t recommend it. In case of any water damage, YUME doesn’t cover such under their warranty nor does any other manufacturer or seller. 

Smart Display

YUME Osprey Display

The YUME Osprey scooter is one of the few YUME scooters with a smart and large Rectangular LCD Display. 

This is a major upgrade from the M11 model which had a traditional round display and cheap red and yellow buttons.

This display has APP and Bluetooth connectivity, with NFC lock and unlock functionalities. 


The Osprey comes with two throttle types; thumb and trigger. 

Riders can select the accelerator that best suits them as this scooter comes with the Plug and Play throttle system. From all the electric scooters on our database, it’s actually YUME that provides an extra different throttle to their clients. 

Fancy features 

The YUME Osprey scooter comes with a phone mount to help you keep your mobile phone firmly in its right place. 

There are also rearview mirrors, which act as another safety feature along with them being more of a fancy feature. 

Riding experience 

The YUME Osprey e-scooter comes with Sinewave controllers, a type best praised for its buttery riding experience 

When you start this scooter, the motor is silent and lacks that small noise usually attributable to a starting motor. 

The acceleration feels nimble and the ride quality feels solid. 

With a hill climbing ability of 35 degrees, this e-scooter is a real offroad machine, a feature mostly lacking in most of its worthy competitors. 

YUME Osprey Pros

  • Considering the specs and features, this scooter is properly priced
  • The premium branded Samsung battery cells are ideal for a long life span
  • The NFC lock and unlock capability adds further to the scooter’s safety
  • High worlds of speed and range help commuters reach their destinations with ease
  • The steering damper makes the ride more solid regardless of the terrain it gets subjected to. 


  • This scooter is bulky
  • The water resistance could be better than just the common IP54 we see. 

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