YUME Predator Electric Scooter

YUME Predator: Here’s The CATCH!

YUME keeps pulling surprises in the electric scooter market, and we are here staring at their all-new flagship model – the YUME Predator

Released in the first quarter of 2024, one of the factors that set apart the Predator is its Premium-grade EV battery among other cool features. 

Everything About The YUME Predator Battery

YUME Predator Battery

The industry standard for premium electric scooter models has been the 21700 type battery cells. 

However, YUME took everything a notch higher by introducing 20 pieces of 3.6V 50Ah Panasonic cells to make the entire CATL battery unit. 

Instead of the 200 pieces of 0.36V 50Ah cells we used to see in the premium electric scooter batteries, Predator owners have safer and easy to work on battery packs. 

The other advantage we find about the YUME Predator’s battery is that it has a recharge cycle of 2000, which is 4 times more than the 500 recharge cycles we see from the regular 21700 cell type.

Based on a 75 kg rider and while riding at an average speed of 22 MPH (35KM/H), the tested maximum range for the new YUME Predator is 100 Miles (160 KM). 

Custom Designed Controllers

YUME Predator Controller

With 13-inch tires, the YUME Predator had to feature tuned and functional Sinewave controllers to provide the needed torque to propel this device forward. 

Now that this is a high-spec beast, it produces a significant amount of heat, making it necessary for riders to have a colled controller system. 

For this model, the controllers use an electronically controlled water cooling system that activates whenever it detects higher temperatures. 

We noticed that a pump turns on and circulates some heated low conducive liquid across all the cooling fins on the deckside. 

Such custom-made controllers help ensure that the e-scooter doesn’t overheat, which prevents chances of overheating happening. Overall, the ride is safer. 

YUME Predator Cooling Fins

How Is The Suspension System?

As we saw in the YUME X11+, the Predator features a C-type front suspension system to make the ride quality more nimble. 

As if that is not enough, YUME uses adjustable shock absorption mechanisms to make the ride quality even smoother. At the front, there is a single 2000-pound spring. 

At the rear, riders have adjustable double 1200-pound shock absorption springs within their reach.

YUME Predator Shock Absorbers

Piston Hydraulic Brakes

To add to premium stopping power, the YUME Predator electric scooter comes with a Quad-Piston hydraulic braking system. 

YUME has also included a roomy reservoir tank which helps to store a sufficient amount of brake fluid. 

How Is The Appearance?

The Predator comes with a single stem, unlike most of its premium models. 

YUME includes a steering damper for this scooter to prevent any stem wobble, which is common for most single-stem heavy-adult electric scooters. This spec is especially helpful as this is ride capable of riding at a maximum speed of 63 MPH. 

The LFT Display is massive enough and features anti-glare properties to help the riders access the details they so need even under the full glare of sunlight.

You can connect this scooter to the YUME APP or Bluetooth connection and access the finer details you so wish to have. 

Its beefy design helps heavy riders weighing a maximum of 150 KG (330 lbs) cruise in this model seamlessly, which is commendable. 

Where’s The Catch?

While the Predator has pure vibes and everything nice, these are some of the considerations you can check:

  • This model weighs 77 KG (177 lbs). It is heavier than 98% of single-stem electric scooters in the world 
  • The water resistance is just IP54. It would have been better if it had a higher IP rating such as IPX6
  • Priced at above $3500, and while worth it, few riders can spend such money on an electric ride. 

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