If you thought the base YUME X11 e-scooter was any beefy, you need to rethink your opinion as YUME has just upgraded it. 

The all-new YUME X11+ electric scooter has taken all the accolades from its predecessor and tons of upgrades later, it’s seriously the best YUME scooter overall. 

Before I go further and further with the praises, we will begin this YUME X11+ review with the standing-out X11+ specifications.

The YUME X11+ electric scooter is currently on offer and retailing at $200 cheaper. We don’t know how long this offer will be viable and so seize it fast.

Our Tested Top Speed49.2 MPH (79KM/H)
Our Tested Top Range59.1 Miles (95KM)
Motor Dual; 3000W each
BatterySamsung; 60V 30Ah
Braking Hydraulic 
Water ResistanceIP54
SuspensionFront Shock; Dual Rear Springs
Weight 110 lbs (48 KG)
Weight Limit150KG (330 Lbs)

Our Full YUME X11+ Review

Tested Top Speed

While testing the electric scooters on our database, we look for ideal riding conditions. 

As such, we do the tests on a completely flat smooth tarmacked surface, when the battery is full, and when the ride is in perfect shape. 

For this YUME model, we registered 49.2 miles per hour as the maximum speed and we used a GPS tracker for this role. On the LCD Display, it showed the top speed as 49.7 MPH, which means there is some discrepancy, albeit small. 

The overall maximum speed you will record from an electric ride majorly depends on the rider’s weight, the riding conditions, and the electronic components used in the manufacturing process. 

I weigh 202 lbs and as such, chances are high that lighter adults weighing say 170 lbs would record better max speeds than I did, given the other factors were constant. 

Tested Top Range

Under ideal conditions such as on a smooth tarmacked surface and with a full battery, we had 59.1 miles as our max range before the battery needed more juice. 

For the range test, we used Mode 1 (ECO Mode) and the scooter was fully charged. 

While at that, you will get the most range from a scooter when you go at the slowest mode. Engaging the Sport Mode will get you going faster, but the battery gets drained faster, making the total distance covered on a single charge low. 


The YUME X11+ scooter has dual hub motors; one on each wheel. Each is 3000W, making the peak power output 6000W. 

Since this is a dual-motor scooter, you can be sure that conquering different terrains is faster and more enhanced. 

Even better, you can engage the single or dual motor functionality depending on your preference. This is especially helpful when one of the motors is faulty and you have a mile to settle. (We don’t recommend single-motor riding in dual-motor scooters, though). 


The YUME X11+ is one of the few Chinese scooters that come with branded battery cells. 

In fact, this model has a 60V 30Ah Lithium-Ion Samsung 50e battery, giving you the peace of mind that you have premium cells that won’t die so soon on you. 

And just so you know, the battery is the most expensive component on electric vehicles, so never compromise on getting a model with a premium branded battery. 

The batt comes with a functional Battery Management System (BMS), which protects the scooter from discharging, overcharging, or overheating. 

This scooter comes with dual charging ports, making riders able to fully charge their vehicles in just 5 hours when they use dual fast chargers. 


The YUME X11+ scooter comes with 11-inch tubeless offroad tires. 

These are massive enough to conquer different terrains and their knobby build is perfect for traversing mud, snow, or even sand. 

Even better, these come fixed on a split rim, making it easy to change them or remove the motor. 

The flat resistance is better as compared to tubed tires, one of the most important factors to-be scooter owners consider. 

Unlike the base X11 model which had the rear tire sagging backward like is the case in a Cadillac, the new X11+ YUME scooter has balanced front and rear tires. 


For an e-scooter that is capable for all terrains, the suspension system should be great and thankfully, YUME didn’t disappoint. 

They use an enclosed shock absorption system at the front and dual springs at the rear. 

While it would have been better if they used the hydraulic type, this triple suspension system is up to the task and especially considering that the scooter comes with massive tires. 


The X11+ has Sinewave controllers. 

These are the most premium controllers. They make acceleration buttery and help in enhancing silent motors. In fact, you won’t feel the noise normally associated with an electric motor after switching on the X11+, all thanks to the 45A dual Sinewave controllers present in this scooter. 


While unboxing the X11+ YUME electric scooter, you will notice that there is both the thumb and trigger throttles. 

These two are swappable and YUME included them for you to choose the one that best suits you. A great deal if you ask me. 

YUME X11+ Features

YUME X11+ LCD Display


YUME uses an aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame material on their latest YUME X11+ model. 

This is one of the sturdiest, yet lightest scooter frame-making materials, and you can rest assured that the scooter won’t break on you. 

The handlebars are easily adjustable and riders of different sizes and heights can conveniently fine-tune these bars to fit on their softest spot. 

The massive deck (53-inch length and 10.5-inch width) is sizeable enough for riders to switch riding positions as they deem fit. Even better, this scooter supports seated riding and users can comfortably keep their feet regardless of how they choose to ride it. 

By default, this scooter also comes with a long steering damper that further adds to the stem’s stability even at full speed. Speed wobbles are among the leading causes of scooter accidents and with a free dampener, riders can rest assured that they are always safe. 

Large LCD Display

Unlike the base X11 YUME scooter that had a Round Traditional Display and cheap Red and Yellow Buttons to switch the riding modes, the YUME X11 has a large LCD Display with tons of functionalities. 

With this display, you will be in the know about the riding speed, range, battery status, and engaged gear. 

This Display has anti-glare properties, meaning you will be in a position to be in the know even when you are under direct sunlight. 

You also have Bluetooth functionality at your disposal where you can check statistics about your scooter. 


The X11+ YUME electric scooter folds and unfolds in seconds, making it easier to keep it in compact spaces such as in a car’s trunk or in a corner in your office. 

When folded, the ride measures 53” X 10.5” X 23”. If you unfold the X11+, it becomes 53” X 51” X 10.5”. 


Since the X11+ weighs 110 lbs (or 114.4 lbs when you include a seat), this scooter is in no way near to being called portable. 

This is one heavy ride and as such, few adults can lift it alone. It even gets worse when one has to carry it upstairs. 

However, since it’s foldable, most owners have no problem when it comes to storing it. You can look at their all-new YUME HAWK model if you need something more portable.

Safety features

While most manufacturers focus more on bringing models with sophisticated brakes and lighting systems, they tend to forget that electric scooters are prone to theft. 

YUME here didn’t disappoint. They include 2 Near Field Communication cards for their YUME X11+ models, making scooter theft protection more advanced. Ideally, the anti-theft alarm gets triggered should anyone try to move the scooter without having scanned the accurate NFC card. 

For the brakes, YUME uses the hydraulic disc type, which is the most premium component in the e-scooter world. Even better, the rotors are thick enough, making warping unyielding. 

The Front Light and Dual angel lights above the headlight are bright enough to enhance visibility at night. 

The deck LED lights contribute highly to the scooter’s beauty and get noticed by fellow riders and other road users, while the brake lights alert those behind you that you have engaged the braking system. The turn signals are also perfectly positioned.

For this model also, YUME included a better-sounding horn than the previous models that had some awful-sounding horns. 

Water Resistance

Like most YUME scooters, the X11+ model has an IP54 water-resistance rating. 

Riding this scooter under light rains is OK, although we highly discourage rain-riding. In case of any water damage, no seller or manufacturer we know covers such under warranty. 

It would be best if YUME worked with a better rating such as IPX6 as such would add further to a better UX. 

YUME X11 vs YUME X11+

So you might be wondering how the new YUME X11+ compares with the base YUME X11

To make the comparison easier for you, check the table below: 

Peak Motor Output6000W5600w
BatterySamsung 60V 30AhGeneric 60V 31.5Ah
Available ColorsGoldRed, Black
Anti-theft SystemNFC SystemVoltage Lock
ThrottleThumb or TriggerTrigger
DisplayLarge LCD RectangularTraditional; Small, Round

YUME X11+ Pros

  • The Dual 45A Sinewave Controllers make the acceleration so nimble
  • The steering damper makes stability better even while riding at full speed
  • The APP and Bluetooth connectivity features make owning the YUME X11+ scooter more fun 
  • The premium branded Samsung battery offers longevity 
  • For the features the scooter offers, it’s actually competitively priced. 


  • The scooter is bulky for most riders to carry alone
  • The water resistance rating could be better. 

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