YUME Y11+ Review

YUME Y11+ Review: The Best Budget All-Terrain E-scooter?

The base YUME Y11 was already sick and as if that was not enough, YUME upgraded it to now become YUME Y11+ electric scooter. 

With tons of upgrades and features, the Y11+ still retails at the same price as the base Y11, which is actually a steal. 

As of the moment, there is no worthy YUME Y11+ competitor price-wise, making it to be the utter best scooter for the money. 

Before we proceed further and further with our unbiased YUME Y11+ review, it would be best if we begin with the ultimate specs. 

For a limited time only, you can buy the all-new YUME Y11+ at $150 Cheaper. We don’t know how long the offer will be viable, and so seize it fast.

Tested Top Speed49.6 MPH (79.8 KM/H)
Tested Top Range51.3 Miles (83KM)
Motors Dual; 3000W each
Battery60V 31.5Ah
SuspensionDual front shocks, dual rear coils
Braking Hydraulic
Tires 11-inch; Offroad tubeless
LightingDual front angel lights, turn signals, tail and brake lights 
Weight105 lbs
Load capacity330 lbs

Our Full YUME Y11+ Review


Tested Top Speed

Factors such as the rider’s weight, the terrain, the conditions of the electronic components, and the rider’s experience influence the max speed an electric ride hits. 

I weigh 202 lbs and on a smooth tarmacked surface while riding my brand new fully charged YUME Y11+, I recorded a max speed of 49.6 MPH on my GPS Speed Tracker. The Odomoter showed 49.8 MPH, which means there is some discrepancy, albeit negligible. 

If I weighed say 175 lbs, chances are that I would have hit the stated top speed of 50 MPH. 

Tested Top Range

Just like the top speed, the top range (total distance covered by an electric vehicle on a single charge) depends on factors such as the rider’s weight, the battery condition, and the riding surface. 

Under ideal conditions, I recorded the max range as 51.3 Miles on my GPS tracker, which is surprisingly beyond the manufacturer’s claimed top range of 50 Miles. 


The all-new YUME Y11+ Scooter has dual 3000W motors, making the peak motor power output to be 6000W. 

These dual-powerful motors are the leading reason why we classify this ride as one of the most practical all-terrain scooters for riders on a tight budget. Only the all-new YUME DK11 is a worthy alternative to the Y11+.


The YUME Y11+ has a 60V 31.5Ah.

That battery capacity is high enough to propel the ride to around 50 miles, making the scooter one of the leading long-range electric scooters under $2000. 


At the front, the Y11+ has dual oil-dampened forks. The rear wheel comes with dual coil shock absorption systems. 

These separate suspension systems make the ride quality superb, regardless of where the scooter gets subjected. 

Even better, this scooter has sizeable 11-inch tubeless offroad tires, helping to raise the ground clearance. The tires along with the shock absorbers make this eride chew sandy, muddy, icy, and grassy surfaces so buttery. 

YUME Y11+ Features

Safety features

To begin with, the YUME Y11+ electric scooter features the hydraulic braking type, the most premium in the e-scooter braking world. 

With this one, riders are assured that they are always safe whenever sudden stopping power is needed. 

From our tests, we recorded a stopping distance of 3 meters for the scooter to run from 15 miles per hour to 0. The Y11+ is one of the e-scooters with the shortest braking distances and functional stopping power.

The horn is an ear-enticing one and it is audible enough for riders and other road users to hear its beep. It actually sounds better than what we had from the previous Y11 generation. 

For nighttime riders, this scooter comes with dual front angel lights, turn signals, both sides side lights, tail lights, and brake LED lights. All these are your ultimate nighttime partners for your safety and that of others. 

This latest YUME Y11+ also features a Near Field Communication (NFC) prompt to help you lock and unlock the scooter more seamlessly. Again, this anti-theft system gets triggered should anyone scan the incorrect YUME NFC card. 


This scooter weighs a whopping 105 lbs. 

No “Ands”, “Ifs”, or “Buts”, but this scooter is in no way ultra-portable. If you prefer something lighter, you can consider the all-new YUME Hawk, at a more affordable price. 



Regardless of its massive size, the YUME Y11+ folds and unfolds in seconds. 

When folded, this scooter is 50 inches long and 19 inches high. When folded, keeping it in an SUV’s trunk or in tight spaces such as on a corner in your office is perfect. 

LCD Display

YUME Y11+ LCD Display

The leading reason why I disliked the base YUME Y11 was that it featured a cheap traditional round display and some cheap yellow and red buttons. 

With the all-new YUME Y11+, the LCD Display is sizeable, strategically positioned on the handlebars’ center, and it’s actually eye-catching. 

This anti-glare display works perfectly even under direct sunlight and riders can clearly see the battery status, engaged gear, riding speed, range, and odometer readings. 

Even better, owners can connect their Y11+ to Bluetooth and the YUME iOS or Android Mobile APPS via the very LCD Display. 


By default, YUME uses a thumb throttle for their Y11+ model. However, they also provide a finger throttle as a gift for riders who would like to alternate between the two throttle types. 

What I love the most about the thumb throttle they use in this model is that it has no dead zone, a unique feature lacking even on premium and expensive models. 

The throttles are swappable, making this one of the most versatile rides YUME currently has. 

Water resistance 

Like all YUME models, the Y11+ scooter has a water-resistant rating of IP54. 

Riding this scooter under light showers is OK, but we recommend that you avoid riding in the rain. Water damage shortens an E-scooter’s lifespan, and what’s worse is that there is currently NO seller or manufacturer who covers water damage under warranty. 

Additional items

YUME provides two motorcycle rearview mirrors for riders to always be in the know about what happens behind them. 

If you would also want to have somewhere convenient and safe to keep your smartphone, there is also a phone mount at your disposal for this model. 

Even better, YUME sends a tire pump as a gift for all Y11+ owners for free. A steal if you ask me. 

YUME Y11+ riding experience 

yume Y11+ top speed

The YUME Y11+ electric scooter comes with Sinewave controllers, the most premium type for nimble acceleration. When the motor starts, it lacks the noise mostly associated with a starting e-scooter motor.

The ride quality feels buttery and solid, regardless of the terrain to which the scooter gets subjected. The throttle is responsive enough, and since there is no dead zone whatsoever, the power peaks up consistently. 

The offroad knobby tires provide perfect traction on uneven road surfaces, but some riders won’t be comfortable with how grippy and knobby they feel on smooth tarmacked surfaces. 

However, since this is an all-terrain e-scooter, riders can swap the stock tires and purchase the street or racing tire types if they won’t participate in group rides or will exclusively be riding on the tarmac. 

YUME Y11+ vs. YUME X11+

Just how does the YUME X11+ compare to the YUME Y11+ Model? Well, these are the features and specs that set the two apart.

BatteryLishen; 60V 31.5AhSamsung; 60V 30Ah
Top Stated Range50 Miles60 Miles
SuspensionDual front fork; Dual rear coilsEnclosed shocks, Rear dual coils
Steering DamperNOYES
Weight105 lbs110 lbs

YUME Y11+ Pros

  • The large LCD Display is strategically positioned for riders to always be in the know
  • APP and Bluetooth connectivity come in handy for all riders 
  • The NFC functionality is ideal for the scooter’s safety
  • The different suspension types make maneuvering different terrains easier
  • For the features, this scooter offers excellent value for money. 


  • The water-resistant rating could be better than just IP54
  • This is a bulky ride.

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